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dimanche 23 mai 2010

Goodbye my friend ♥ ♥

Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.

i think this lyrics could fit pretty much with what i want to say, LOST was/is the show of my life, it's like losing a friend even thought right now i'm in "peace", i know the end is coming, i know i'll probably cry and have to deal with the "after LOST" but i'm glad LOST bring me to meet such people, I wanted to thanks Hely, Su and Ale for their work here, this blog was created for fans and as fans i'm happy to say thank you for you all.

I know it's coming to end and now it's time to thanks Damon and Carlton and also JJ thought for me LOST belong to Darlton !
I'll miss the cast, they were all fantastic, they made LOST was the show is now so thank you Josh, Evi, Foxy, Jorge, Terry, Emerson and everyone else!

Don't worry for the blog, i've a lot of stuff to share with you and i'll follow the life of our losties too, i wish them good luck and i hope they'll success !
LOST will never end in my heart, there will be always a part of me thinking of Hurley when i'll play the numbers, I'll think of Sawyer when i'll be sitting my bed reading a book, i'll think of Locke when i'll see orange remembering his cute/creepy smile in the Pilot, I'll remember Kate and her freckles, I'll remember Sayid 'cause when i'll need someone to repair something i'll be Sayid could do it and I'll remember Jack when i'll go to doctor and wonder if he'll say I WILL FIX YOU !! I'll remember the "DOC" episode for personnal reason and how much Sun and I were close, i'll think of the cage when i'll eat strawberries, i'll remember Ben when i'll drink milk, i'll just remember everything, everytimes i'll look at my room and all those LOST items/gift i'll cherish forever.

Lost is part of my life and it will never end, my friend is leaving me but i still know there is a place where i could find him : MY HEART ♥

So Goodbye LOST my lover, my friend, my everything
thank you for those 5 years of my life
thank you for make me cry, laugh
thank you for give me faith
simply I love you LOST and i'll love you forever !

Damon's mom interview about LOST

I'll put only part related to LOST, she seems such a nice woman :) let's enjoy what mama Damon thinks of the show !


Her commentary starts with the recap of previous developments on "Lost" — specifically, the tragic scene in which the beloved Jin and Sun died together on a doomed submarine.

"Oh, don't even show me this again," an anguished Susan Klausner says to the television. "No, no, no, no. Don't show me this again."

As the co-creator of the co-creator of "Lost" — as she's been called — the mother of Damon Lindelof is even more heavily invested in the show than most diehard fans.

"I feel like I'm losing a friend," Klausner says of tonight's "Lost" finale. "It made me think, and when you're over 60, it's a really good thing to be made to think. It's always a good thing."

This past Tuesday, The Record joined Klausner to watch the penultimate episode, "What They Died For," at her Hackensack condo. She also shared memories of her son's Teaneck childhood while everyone noshed on her homemade dark chocolate mousse and toasted the show with champagne.

Watching "Lost" with the dryly witty Klausner is a fun, interactive experience.

When, for example, someone from Oceanic Airlines (Desmond, it turns out) phones Sideways Jack to say they've found his "missing cargo" — the coffin carrying his father's body — she predicts, "He won't be in it."

Back on the island, Kate blames Locke for Sun and Jin's death and says, "We have to kill him, Jack."

"Yes," Klausner says.

When Sawyer comes onscreen, she sighs, "Oh, hot man."

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Video : LOST promo series finale event TONIGHT

and voila fews hours and it will be time to say Goodbye :(

samedi 22 mai 2010

Photos : another promo pic for series finale (spoiler)

it seem series finale it's Sawyer promo pics fiesta lol thanks Su from Outlaws for the scan

Video : Evangeline Lilly French interview about the end of LOST

here interview with evi she made in cannes, she spokes about the end, the last kate scene (i mean her last scene on the show !) and what she felt now it ended
source : allocine

the end of LOST
So i think for the end, the fans will be react differently, it's something related to the show, and always people are attracted of mystery and it will continue this way, you can't satisfy everyone, and there is not a simply answer on LOST, it's the theme of show. I didn't hope or have an idea what I wanted the show to end but i can say the writers said there is always a plan and we have an ideas where we wanted the show to go and it wasn't a joke. it's true.(laugh) you can see the plan it was always here.

the last kate's scene
It was really a beautiful scene, it was an emotional scene. I saw it already because i was here when they were recordering the music for the show and i cried, cried, it was something very emotional like you can see it's 'cause it was my life which was organized around this show for 6 years but i think the fans will be also emotional.

Will Kate miss you ?

Oh yes, i think it was strange because you became your character so for me it was interesting, it's already interesting 'cause i'm letting go of her, the set is over, so kate is over too. it's like losing a part of your spirit or a very close friend but it's also freedom 'cause having always kate so close it was hard (here i don't understand but she mean having her in her personnal life) so it's exciting.

Video : New Lost promo series finale

Photos : promo pics for the series finale added on the gallery

It hurt to say I added promo pics for the end yeahh !! more close of the end yeah, more and more :'(

more pics here : gallery for the series finale

Videos : Damon and Carlton on Jimmy Kimmel live

Sneak peek on the second video !

Video : This Week in Unnecessary Censorship - LOST Edition

Elizabeth Mitchell Interview

Lost: Will We Get to See Sawyer and Juliet Go Dutch for Coffee?

Ever since the Season 6 premiere of Lost, fans wondered what Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) meant when she offered a coffee date to Sawyer (Josh Holloway) in which they could go Dutch. With the series coming to an end Sunday, caught up with Mitchell to find out whether Juliet and Sawyer will be reunited and whether she's satisfied with the conclusion of her storyline. The perception is that we're going to see Juliet back having that coffee date with Sawyer. Can we expect any surprises?
Elizabeth Mitchell: There probably will be surprises. I wouldn't trust anything one way or another. I was happy to do what they had me do. I had a great time and it's fun knowing, but there's so much I don't know about the finale. Did you know what those lines about going Dutch for coffee meant when you said them in the premiere?
Mitchell: I did because I thought that was something I should know in the playing of it. I had a feeling that I knew what they were and I was kind of given the go-ahead to do it the way that I thought that it was. So I did have somewhat of an idea, yes. I didn't go into it blind. Do you feel you're more knowledgeable about it now?
Mitchell: Yeah, or maybe about the same. They definitely gave me enough ammunition to do what I needed to do. I feel like I was pretty much right on in the way that I played it. The producers are mischievous, though. [Laughs] Who knows what they're going to do. Any day now I'm expecting them to call and say they're not going to use my stuff [for the finale]. I know they filmed things that weren't there and other things to throw people off. They're serious about keeping this secret. Were you satisfied with the ending they gave to Juliet?
Mitchell: To a degree. The thing about Juliet is that she was such a complex character and I had so much invested in her story. We could do about six hours and I still wouldn't feel it was wrapped up. I enjoyed what they had me do. I thought it was authentic. A lot of fans believe that Juliet is Jack's ex-wife in the sideways universe.
Mitchell: Oh, that would be pretty cool. We'll see if everybody is right or not. [Laughs] I really wish I could say. How do you feel coming to the end of Lost?
Mitchell: It's funny, it was so strange saying goodbye to everybody. Some people did it in different ways: Some out partying, some people were doing their own thing. I sat really quietly with Evangeline [Lilly] for a little bit, and I sat really quietly with Terry [O'Quinn] and I just thought about how much I really like these people. I remember saying goodbye to the guys when I did my final thing and everyone was saying thank you. It's got that feeling of "job well done," where everybody feels like they gave as much as they had to give and felt good about it. It's a happy goodbye, rather than a "we should've done more" goodbye.