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dimanche 30 septembre 2007

lost location TTLG

Great Lost location for this finale season, i'll miss you dom :'(

deleted scene claire and nikki

poorrrrrrrrr claire, but nikki was so funny here^^

samedi 29 septembre 2007

Deleted scene Pikki sex

lol funny scene, i mean it's weird yes, but i can't stop to laugh poor claire...
and paulo's line is princeless !
God forbid someone has sex on this Island

lost location TMFT

best episode for locke's character, one of my fav character yes it's true, i loved scene between terry and emerson they're great actors !
enjoy the lost location for this episode :)

Lost location NIP

NIP !! best episode, i loved lizzie's work here and also josh and evie action on the run :)
héhé evie is very a crazy cute woman ^^ she climb a tree
eh monkey sweet nickname too :)

vendredi 28 septembre 2007

Hurley,Sawyer,Charlie and Jin deleted scene TTID

Now a sweet deleted scene, i loved this moment, sawyer is wondering himself about if they can change their chance, hurley and charlie share a cute moment before he left with sawyer and jin who are so happy ^^
it's sad they cut it but thank dvd !!

Lost Location EMFH

Best episode for the mini arc (not like "i do" yes) but best episode for sawyer's character :)
enjoy the lost location in this episode !

Deleted scene sawyer and kate EMFH

Now i chose to put the deleted scene between sawyer and kate. I'm glad that finally we can see it !
enjoy everybody !

DVD for season 3 !!

Finally we can have bonus now :) thank to luha and clarisse to share it with us

here we goooooooooo !

dimanche 9 septembre 2007

hello everybody

This my first blog in english, i hope my english will good ^^
I'm Lyly, i'm lost french fan
I created this blog to partipate of dark league team in DARKUFO blog lol
maybe i could post some message, i dunno for the moment..