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jeudi 30 avril 2009

promo 5x15

photo 100th episode celebration with darlton and jorge garcia :)

new promo pics episode 5x15

more at the gallery ;)

tv guide scan with some spoilers

thanks su from outlaws

lost interview 100th episode and celebration on the set :)


mercredi 29 avril 2009

Yunjin's interview with spoilers for finale season5

Favorite episode?

"I think it would have to be from season one. It's the episode where you see Locke and you see him sitting, and slowly the camera pulls back, and you see that he's in a wheelchair. It's so surprising. Even though I knew it was coming, when I saw the episode and how beautifully it was done, I was so impressed."

What you like most about your character?

"I'm grateful she has so many layers and that's she's developed so much. I mean, to go from being the kind of woman who had to button up her sweaters to meet her husband's approval to being the woman who plots revenge is incredible. For Sun to be able to pretend to forgive Kate, lie to her and deceive her like that means she has come a long way from where she started."

What was the most shocking twist in the storyline?

"There's a huge twist in the season finale. It's the best one to me, and I can't talk about it. When I read it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's part of that secret scene. I think it tops everything that's happened before this point. I would love to talk about it, but I can't."

source : yunjin kim interview

Evi and Terry Interviews (no SPOILERS)

Favorite episode?

"I loved the episode in season one where Boone dies and baby Aaron was born. That episode summed up everything from the tragedy of death to the miracle of birth. It showed people at their most vulnerable, living with no luxuries, with none of the things we all take for granted. It just got down to the essentials."

What you like most about your character?

"I think you never know what you're going to get from Kate. She's a really mixed bag of tricks. She's flawed and makes mistakes but is also amazingly strong. I think that's really special because we see all these female characters who are surreally inhuman. They're these warriors who never break down. In a lot of ways she represents the everyman. She tries her best, but she screws up all the time. Damon (Lindelof) and Carlton (Cuse) have been generous enough to develop a real arc for her. I'm lucky she's continually changing right to the end of every episode. ... I love that Kate represents the reality of the everywoman doing her best and just trying not to screw up."

What was the most shocking twist in the storyline?

"I'm very surprised that Kate ended up with Aaron. If you could trade jobs with any actor on the show, I've always said I would like to play Claire because I'd like to be a mom. I always wanted to wear the pregnant suits. After saying that for four years, my wish was granted. That surprised and absolutely thrilled me. It was great, because Kate was almost completely self-involved, tough and focused, and then she has to let everything go to be a mom and make herself totally vulnerable."

source : evi interview


Favorite episode?

"I don't think I have one favorite, but the two that I like for my character are 'Walkabout' and 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham' because they sort of (summarize) his whole trip.

What you like most about your character?

"There are a lot of things happening with this character, and the writers give me a lot of room to do things. I like that they allow a wide range of ways of playing this character. There's a lot of potential for interpretation in how to play this character. I don't feel I'll be typecast when the show ends, because you see this character in so many ways."

What was the most shocking twist in the storyline?

"There was nothing that was a complete surprise, because there were murmurs down the pipeline about what was coming. When I read the episode 'Walkabout' and I hadn't known my character was in a wheelchair before that point, you sort of knew what to expect from that. It changed my thinking a lot about how to approach the character. I didn't expect to know things. I realized I was quite happy with that. I didn't have to deal with adjusting my performance to the character's future or past. I only had to deal with the now. I quite like that."

source : terry o'quinn interview

Happy 100th episode !

tonight it will be the 100th episode of LOST! be ready for this amazing episode and here articles for this episode :)

lost tonight episode

9 pm/ET ABC

Now that we know about Miles — he talks to dead people, his dad is Dr. Pierre Chang, etc. — we can move on to the other surviving member of the Widmore island expedition (other than pilot Frank Lapidus): Daniel Faraday, who was just alighting from the sub in 1977 as the last episode ended. It appears that the time-defying physicist has arrived just in time for Dharma's hostilities with the hostiles to heat up. In fact, don't be surprised if his presence has something to do with triggering them. —

source :

Sawyer is large and in charge as 'Lost' hits 100

Back in season one of ABC's Wednesday castaway drama ``Lost,'' James Sawyer, played by Josh Holloway with a stubbly dimple and a wink, was a charming Southern rogue, an avaricious con man with a store of goodies up for barter, a quick wit and an inexplicable fondness for U.K. writer Richard Adams' heroic fantasy ``Watership Down.''

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mardi 28 avril 2009

kristin spoilers

Anna in Cardiff, England: Please, any hints for this week's episode of Lost? Can I expect something between Sawyer and Kate?
All we can say is that after you see the finale, you'll understand why season five of Lost has not handed you Sawyer and Kate on a plate.

Eliot and Sandra: Are there any spoilers for the two-part season ender for Lost? We just can't wait! Thanks.

Sayid's wife Nadia is back in the finale. Yes, technically she's his tragically murdered wife, but still: whee! We'll also be meeting young Kate, young Tom ( Kate's friend from Iowa), young Juliet, young Rachel (Juliet's sister) and young Sawyer, and several of those sightings happen because a pivotal figure in the Island mythology wants to check in on our heroes in their youth, à la Richard Alpert's test visit ("Which of these are yours?") to John Locke.

source : kristin eonline

Elizabeth Mitchell on The Bonnie Hunt Show

lundi 27 avril 2009

promo pics finale season5

yay some news promo pics for finale season 5 :D enjoy !

5x14, "The Variable", Promo #4

dimanche 26 avril 2009

Lost à paris fews words

i just went home so i'm tired to make update i'll just say you saw my polar bear well
i yelled to evi and she leaned to me and she said it's for me and she took it for her and darlton !!!!!!!
see those pictures :D

i could say, evi spoke in french, she was cute, funny and emerson was just HIM lol it was very very great and i do apologize for fans who couldn't get evi's signature 'cause of my plush in her arm

samedi 25 avril 2009

5x14, "The Variable" Sneak Peeks

Thanks to DarkUFO for the clips!

Source: DarkUFO

Lyly in Paris!

Hi everybody! Here are the first pics of some Lost fans and herself that Lyly sent me from Paris this morning. She also told me they knew which hotel the "Lost" crew were staying at, that they were going to wait ouside the building and that she'll send other pictures if they manage to see the crew before tonight!

5x14, "The Variable" New promo

Elizabeth Mitchell on Jimmy Kimmel Live

vendredi 24 avril 2009

Tomorrow follow the event Lost in Paris on live !

I'll not be here but one of my friend will be and she'll update soon i sent her pictures and news :)
be stunned for tomorrow night :)

jeudi 23 avril 2009

50 Best TV Dramas Ever

source :

lost short promo episode 5x14

mercredi 22 avril 2009

Who will die on lost ?

it was also confirmed by my friend andy

a chat with damon and Carlton

It’s been a long, strange ride over the course of five seasons, but if you’ve followed “Lost” all along from the very beginning of the series, then Season 5 has almost certainly felt like a pay-off for all of the waiting you’ve endured. Indeed, the staff of Bullz-Eye has voted “Lost” into the top spot on our bi-annual TV Power Rankings for the first time in the history of the show. It would seem that this accomplishment pleased executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, given that they cheerily agreed to chat with us about the show. It will probably come as no surprise to you that they weren’t willing to unabashedly offer up spoilers about what viewers can expect to see in the weeks ahead, but they did provide us with a few teases here and there, along with clarification on how the show settled into a groove after declaring its end date and their picks for their personal favorite episodes of Season 5.

source :

mardi 21 avril 2009

Evi outtakes tv guide january 2009

source : MATA LJ

Kristin spoilers

little hint about the death coming....

Delia in Vancouver: Stop abusing the Lost death. It's like you're dancing on the person's grave.

OK, we'll shut up about it then. But for the record, no disrespect was intended. We have adored the Lost actor in question for a long time, and we're superbummed that he/she is getting the hook.

source : kristin eonline

lundi 20 avril 2009

news promo pics epi 5x14

some news promo pics for episode 5x14, interesting scene between penny and eloise coming i could say :)

promo pics epi 5x15

only 3... i put the others on the gallery
but my question is WHERE IS MY DANNY BOY ????

Evi and Emerson in Paris !

thanks Franzo and also
Evi and Emerson will come in the Jules Vernes Festival "Lost in Paris" this week end with Damon and Carlton
Personally i suspected Evi to be here since she was in France recently and also she speaks french :)
i can't wait to meet them, take photos !!!!!
what amazing news !!!!!
to meet Benjamin Linus and our dear Freckles ^^
wow !!!!!
bring saturday NOW !!!

samedi 18 avril 2009

Kristin and Ausiello spoilers

sorry i'm in late ^^"


We have to wait two weeks for a new episode. Argh! Doubleplusungood.

Howevah, they are going to make it up to us "The Variable," about which we are hearing very good things. Look for Mrs. Hawking explain stuff like her relationship with Charles Widmore and for Daniel to explain some of the mysteries of the Island (please review chapters 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 in your psychics physics textbook in preparation).

And oh yeah, the major death is bearing down on us. Next week, some people we used to trust implicitly make some (more) very bad decisions and in the end, it's curtains for someone we love. Darn you, Lost! Darn you to heck!
What did you think of

source : kristin at eonline

Question: Was the majorish death you were referring to on Lost that of Caesar in Episode 12? -- Ian
Ausiello: Nah. He's not big enough to garner an –ish, IMHO.

source : ew

jeudi 16 avril 2009

New poll

i decided to change the poll here the new poll :)

Get your own Poll!

lost promo 5x14

no lost next week but in 2 weeks sound like amazing episode !!

phil photo spoilers

i was watching lost untangled i found photo of phil for the next episode lol

lost anniversary photos !!

wow what a good surprise when i wake up to see all news promop pics ABC shared with us for 100th episode of Lost !
too bad everyone isn't here but glad to see they've had lot of fun :)
enjoy ^^ and more on the gallery :)

mercredi 15 avril 2009

lost tonight

9 pm/ET ABC
As we ponder whether the newly gentle adult Ben will remain that way, his 1977 self is causing trouble just by going missing from the infirmary. Who took him? Hostiles, perhaps. But just who, really, are those Dharma newcomers Kate, Jack and Hurley? Horace and Radzinsky, among others, might be asking, and it's security chief James LaFleur who'll be on the hook for answers. In other developments, Miles is the flashback star, and we can expect to see what Daniel Faraday has been up to lately.

source : tv guide

mardi 14 avril 2009

promo pic epi 5x14

ok so seem there is no promo pics for epi 5x12 and 5x13 (or maybe after the episode) but one word
DANNY BOY IS BACK !! but he's called Joe o_O
anyways enjoy :)more on the gallery as always;)

ask lost part2 Jorge Garcia

josh is daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!

Sawyer is starting his very own diaper initiative.

Josh Holloway and his wife, Yessica Kumala, are the proud parents of a baby girl, their first child together, a rep for the actor confirmed Monday to E! News.

Daughter Java Kumala Holloway was born April 9 in Oahu, where the couple have been living since Holloway became part of the Lost ensemble five years ago.

He and Yessica tied the knot in 2004.

source : eonline

lundi 13 avril 2009

No jorge in paris

hé hé lyly is very smart you know ^^
so for now it's sure jorge we'll not come in paris, he told me it :)
source jorge garcia@the fuse

dimanche 12 avril 2009

lost vidcast 5x12

Happy Easter

Sawyer says in "conman" It's about bunnies and 'cause of the amazing week (no WeekS) i spent and 'cause i love this line, this day, i share this moment with my favorite couple ^^
happy easter guys
love you :)thanks for coming here and sharing time with me :)

Michelle Rodriguez Fast and Furious 4 promo stills

here some promo stills of michelle in her movie "fast and furious 4"
enjoy :)

samedi 11 avril 2009

Liveautos event, lyly got her items and share with you :)

guys hello ^^ for now i didn't get my poster but i got my scripts and photos and dvds and what a surprise !!!! darlton signed "the constant" script !! not the pilot !!
i took pics of me with my items and then i scanned it to give you look of everything, such amazing days for me :D
btw i noticed i got certificat of authenticity number 1,2 and 3 lol
i was the first to get my script signed by the cast :D

btw i noticed another thing and for me it's very important, if you look the date they finished the finale production draft of the pilot it was 19th april 2004, it's the aniversary of the death of my grandma and lost is very important for me, when they did it, it has been 4 years i lose her

that's funny and also fantastic coincidence :)
so enjoy my photos and videos :)