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vendredi 30 mai 2008

darlton talk about 2 Spectacular kiss !

darlton told about 2 spectacular kiss in finale season, we know the one but what is the second ?

enjoy !

Damon Lindelof: Everything's gonna come together in this final two hours. We're gonna see how the Oceanic Six get off the Island. We're gonna see why they start lying. We're gonna see who doesn't get off the Island and see why some of them choose to stay.
Carlton Cuse: And we're gonna see a big kiss—a really big juicy kiss—between two characters.
D.L.: A spectacular kiss.
C.C.: And it's gonna be very good for people who are very involved with the Jack-Kate-Sawyer romantic triangle. You're going to see a lot more about that in this finale.
D.L.: So you're saying that kiss is gonna happen between two of those characters. Jack and Sawyer perhaps?
C.C.: I'm gonna say not Jack and Sawyer. I'm gonna say you can probably pick two other sides of the triangle.
D.L.: I'm gonna go one better than "there's one spectacular kiss": There are two spectacular kisses in the show...between four different people—not kissing each other. They happen at different times in the show.
C.C.: And they aren't the same characters kissing each other twice, so that will be good.
D.L.: Separate kisses.

josh holloway's interview in usa today

HOLLYWOOD — Four seasons of helping his friends survive Lost's mysterious island has softened old James "Sawyer" Ford, a former con artist who was recently seen cradling Claire's baby boy.

As the show closes in on Thursday's two-hour season finale (ABC, 9 p.m. ET/PT), emotions run high as Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and company endure a series of game-changing events.

"It's kind of violent," says Holloway, 38. "There's definitely a body count going on. And there's a moment where a big decision has to go down."

Flash-forwards have indicated that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and baby Aaron (the so-called Oceanic Six) escape the island. The fates of all the others are unknown. Why would Sawyer choose such uncertainty?

"He realizes some sacrifices need to be made," the actor teases on a hike through the dusty trails of L.A.'s Runyon Canyon while dragging on a cigarette. "And I think he's afraid to go back to society. He has gone through an evolution on that island. He has had to face all these demons and he has grown — enough to know he's not OK with himself anymore. Instead of destroying lives, he has saved some lives. He cares about people … and has fallen in love."

Those deep feelings for Kate (Evangeline Lilly) come into play as he is presented with the possibility of losing her forever. "That is a very important part of the finale that I can't talk about," he says.

Like his character, Holloway has experienced his own evolution. Being away from L.A. these past four years has allowed him the opportunity to clear his head of insecurities that, he concedes, "were really eating at my soul." Those insecurities were replaced with feelings of entitlement once he hit it big. But now he has settled into a comfortable mid-way point of peace, self respect and confidence — life lessons he now hopes to pass onto a child.

When Holloway married Yessica Kumala in Hawaii in October 2004 (just as the series was gaining heat), both agreed that their desire to be free to explore the world did not allow for children. Now, having spent a good amount of time traveling, Holloway says, "we have changed our minds … only recently. Basically, nature happened. If you're in a loving relationship with someone, (having) children becomes a part of it. I don't know exactly when or how, but we're very open to either having our own children or adopting."

From the top of the canyon, hikers are awarded a breathtaking view of both the Hollywood sign and the city itself. Along a trail, the actor is recognized by two student filmmakers who ask if he wouldn't mind making a cameo in a short film they are shooting. He can't say yes, of course, and politely explains his agents' role. "I dig you, man," he tells one of them.

Holloway can't help but be reminded of his own years struggling to make it as an actor in L.A. before Lost catapulted him to stardom. When the show ends in 2010, he says, "we'll probably get us a little place here because the biz is here, and I want to stay in it." But he will also spend time at his home in the Colorado Rockies and the Hawaiian beach house he intends to maintain as a rental.

He's already experiencing "a new hunger to really express what's inside of me as an artist."

For Holloway, that means taking chances.

He began his career modeling for high-end fashion houses, "hanging out" with the likes of Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani. But after landing Lost, he turned his back on that world "to be respected as an actor."

Four years later, he is allowing himself to be photographed as the face of Cool Water cologne, replacing pro surfer Laird Hamilton. Promotional images depicting Holloway cliff-diving in China have appeared in Europe over the past two years, but only now is he making a splash in American markets.

Preparing for a future, he is finally taking seriously the production company he formed primarily for tax reasons. "I have all these ideas for shows — from reality, to writing, to directing," he says, clearly excited. He recently wrote two comedy skits he'd love to perform as a guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Beyond that, he and Yessica are discussing opening a day spa. Perhaps offering a hands-on deep tissue massage from Sawyer himself?

"Of course," Holloway declares with great bravado, followed by a wicked chuckle. "In my Spee-do!"

source : usa today

Questions for our Oceanic 3

1) What do you find the most challenging aspect of performing the flash-forward scenes?

The most challenging aspect is not knowing the whole storyline. I'm left to fill in a lot of blanks. For example, what happened to Sun when she finally returned to Korea? We know she delivered her baby, Ji Yeon, but how did she find out her father, Mr. Paik, is seemingly connected to the Hanso Foundation?

And there so many more ... I'm left guessing a lot of these things on my own and hope for the best.

2) Can you offer some teasers/hints about the Oceanic 6's great escape?

It was pretty tough. We were joking about how amazing it is that the baby made it. After we escape one peril or another, we look over at the doll which acts as the baby's stunt double and say stuff like, "Oh no, the baby's not moving!"

3) Can you offer some teasers/hints about the Oceanic 6's great escape?

Without giving too much away ... I have to say the Oceanic 6's great escape feels like it was inevitable. A lot of events occurred, some heroic sacrifices, fortunate accidents, fate, but most importantly, love saved them.

Emotionally? Emotionally ... emptiness.

Baby Aaron

1) What do you find the most challenging aspect of performing the flash-forward scenes?

The challenge is always figuring out how convey the essence of my emotional experience in these flash-forwards while still being too young to talk. Not only that, I've also got these three other babies sharing my part with me, and, excuse me for sounding like a diva, but they all have their own misguided interpretations of the role.

2) Can you offer some teasers/hints about the Oceanic 6's great escape?

Let's just say filming scenes about escaping from an island is pretty darn scary when you can't walk, swim or fly a helicopter. Sure I can cry on a dime, but let's just say the fear I experienced shooting those scenes was very real.

source : little spoiler on LA times

LA Times Article about Finale and Oceanic 6

THE OCEANIC 6 are scattered all over the island, all over Membata, if viewers are to believe this is the name of the place where Oceanic Flight 815 crashed 101 days ago. The very island Locke (Terry O'Quinn) thinks he wants to move. Can move.

Every member of the elusive group of "Lost" castaways, who we already know will leave the island, is in peril. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Sayid and baby Aaron are all fighting separately to live, struggling to escape. They are nowhere near the helicopter that can fly them to the freighter in the ocean, the vessel that could save them, if there wasn't a bomb on it.

But how do they leave? When will they separate from the rest of the survivors? What price will they pay?

source : interview on LA times

evie's interview

On the eve of the season finale, the actress who plays Kate, dishes on island fever, how Losties are different than Trekkies, and on her newfound love of Bjork

MSN TV: Does spending so much time in Hawaii ruin it as a lovely place to be?

Evangeline Lilly: It's true, but you still recognize how lovely a place it is, and in some ways you realize more than a visitor would how lovely it is. But, like anywhere in the world, every place has its downfalls and frustrations. At the same time as being an incredible place to live, it can be a place that makes you want to slit your throat sometimes. It's a tiny, tiny, tiny island where there's really nowhere to go. There's no nightlife. It's a very slow, relaxed culture, which is ideal when you're on vacation because it forces you to relax and to stop and smell the roses. But when you're working hard and you're very, very busy, that can start to get frustrating.

What is it that you find makes you most crazy when island fever kicks in?

When you're a busy person who's trying to efficiently run your life but everything around you is run inefficiently, that starts to eventually wear you down.

"Lost" fans are incredibly passionate about the show, and William Shatner famously hated "Star Trek" fans for being so devoted to the minutiae of that show. Do you ever get tired of talking about "Lost" ad nauseam?

I don't, really. I can honestly say that I'm kind of sheltered from a lot of that because I'm a bit of a recluse. But when I do encounter it I don't find it as frustrating as most people. And I also think that there's an awareness amongst fans nowadays that maybe wasn't there in the 1970s, because we've gone through some fanatical times with Trekkies. But the Losties are aware of the fact that they don't want to repulse the people on the show they are so much enjoying. People are careful about being more respectful of their space and sanity.

Might we be seeing you at any upcoming "Lost" fan conventions, perhaps?

They absolutely exist! Losties is the term for the fans, and they have conventions and Web communities and all sorts of stuff out there. It's actually a rabbit hole that I'm slightly terrified to go down.

Matthew Fox has kept a high profile during the show's hiatuses by making films. Is that something you've considered as well?

I've definitely considered it because it's there and it's the obvious option, but I'm very focused on "Lost" and give it all of my attention. I read scripts and I'm always looking for one that might blow me away so much that I'd want to spend my spare time -- which I have very little of -- working. But they don't come along very often. I did a film last summer because I found a script that was so beautiful, and I really believed in the story and the message behind it. It does happen, but it's very rare.

Since you're done shooting now, have you figured out what you're going to do until you start up again?

I'm doing some press for about another week, and then when that's over I'm going to relax and then I'm going to take a vacation.

Where are you going to go? Do you know yet?

I'm going to probably be in Europe and then maybe Latin America after that.

Is it accurate to say that you're a reluctant sex symbol?

I think it's very accurate. I think reluctant may not be strong enough of a word. I fight it really hard. I feel like this culture that we live in where women aspire to a certain aesthetic standard -- that I happen to think is boring because its one tone, one idea of beauty -- I don't like to feed into that. So I fight it really hard.

I imagine that's hard when there are paparazzi hiding in the bushes and you feel like you have to put makeup on to leave the house. Do you find that to be a nuisance?

I find the paparazzi to be a massive nuisance because I appreciate my privacy. But I never wear makeup when I leave the house for them. If they take a picture of me when I look like hell, good!

Are people ever terrified when they sit down next to you on a plane?

Well they mock looking terrified that something will happen, but mostly what they're doing is just trying to find a way to make conversation.

What's on your mp3 player?

Oh, lots and lots of good stuff. Recently I've been getting into Bjork. I love Eisley. I love Radiohead. I'm a big fan of Damien Rice, the Postal Service. I stay true to my Canadian roots -- Sarah McLachlan is one of my favorite artists of all time. Oldies, classical, R&B. I kind of just run the gamut. If I had to say I lean in one genre more than another it'd be singer/songwriter stuff.

"Lost" has a lot to live up to in its finales. Last season's was one of the best episodes of the series, and I know it's important to the writers and producers to make the show's finales memorable. Do you think this year's stacks up to the finales of seasons past?

I think it blows them away. I think the Season 3 finale was really good, but I think this season, our finale is the most hard-hitting finale we've ever done. It completely revolutionizes the face of our show. I have no idea what my show is going to look like next year based on the finale. And that's really exciting as an actress. It keeps you interested.

source : evie interview

7 sneak peek

enjoy guys !
thank carlos for the link *hug*

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jeudi 22 mai 2008

Who Are TV's Cutest Babies?

A bunch of us were going, "Awww..." over photos of Lost's Kate with Baby Aaron, marveling at what an adorable tot the producers currently have playing the role of the Oceanic Six's tiniest member. Of course, as Emilie De Ravin has said, the infant actor (almost always a set of twins or triplets) is swapped out very regularly, so May 29 may be the last we see of this particularly photogenic Aaron.

Who are some other awfully cute TV tots? Share your picks for "Yajustwannapinchtheircheek!" cuteness in comments.
Source: TV GUIDE

mercredi 21 mai 2008

lost new promo

mardi 20 mai 2008

Tv guide scans !

thank Fb and especially su who scanned it for us :)

kristin spoilers :

Malik in Bangkok: I love Lost! Is anyone going to die in the season finale?
I can tell you that a series regular who has been on the series since the first season will not be back next season (season five). According to inside sources, this person's contract has been put into a holding deal and the plan at this point is to have him or her return for season six. Guesses? (OK, I'll spare you the frantic emails: It is not Jack or Sawyer. It's a she.)

Wendell in Santa Fe, N.M.: Lost, girl! Spill! What can you tell me about the very end of this season?
Remember how I told you that time traveling and teleporting is most definitely happening?(Duh) Well, let's just say that it's going to be happening on a much larger scale in the coming seasons. And if I tell you any more about that twist, I will break the heart of this sweet guy who's name rhymes with "Hey, mon" and karma will see to it that I return in the next life as grasshopper poo.

kristin spoilers !

news promo !

2 news promo
thank Fb and especially deej

lundi 19 mai 2008

Josh and Evie on kimmel live show

vendredi 16 mai 2008

who will get the kiss ?

**UPDATED** 8:30PM PST As suspected tonight's promo hints at a potential kiss between Kate and Sawyer and I would like to say I can confirm that the "spectacular kiss" is indeed between Sawyer and Kate.

I do not have confirmation to reveal this information from my source, but I do NOT want to dangle all of you wonderful fans that have been so patient over the last 24 hours...!! I thought I could continue this wonderful game, but it has been fun. Enjoy the moment Sawyer and Kate fans, just please do me a favor all visit the rest of the site we have posted SEVERAL screencaps of tonight's episode on the front page of the site.

Credit spunky of fb

UPDATE 11:52Pm (here lol for me) ODI deleted claire and aaron !

my friend ODI added a poll and hour by hour (not exactly that lol) he'll erase name !
for name on the poll
who will get the SK ?


lost promo for finale season !!!


jeudi 15 mai 2008

who is the man in the coffin ? who will die ?

my dear friend andy got info for finale season and he added poll about WHO IS THE MAN in the coffin (he seems this revelation shocked him please no locke !!!!) and WHO will die too !! (don't touch one hairs of jules, jin, locke and SAWYER !!!!!!!!)

so you can see the poll here :)
vote ^^

who is the man in the coffin ?

who will die ?

new sneak !

mercredi 14 mai 2008

3 more sneak peek !

thank docarzt for those new sneak peek !

kristin spoilers

OMG she killed me :'(


Two pilots are at the helm of a transport plane, maybe a C-17. One chatises the other for clinging to his lucky charm, the one holding the rabbit's foot says he has to be extra vigilant considering the cargo they are carrying. These two are the copilots of a Coast Guard transport that's bringing the Oceanic Six back to the mainland. Michelle Forbes is an Oceanic Airlines rep, strapped into the jump seat immediately behind the pilots. The pilots tell Forbes they're approaching the tarmac.

She goes back into the cargo hold where Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Kate are strapped in to passenger seats. Kate is holding Aaron. Michelle Forbes tells the Six the press wants to talk to them but she can get them out of it. Jack speaks for the group and says that's fine, they're prepared to answer any questions. Michelle Forbes leaves, tottering back to the cockpit in her stilettos.

Jack says they all know the story, but if they get any questions they can’t answer, the press will just assume they're in shock. Sun: "Jack, we are in shock." Sun and Sayid do like they're in shock, whereas Kate just looks generally devastated. Aaron is wearing an insanely adorable little overall jumper. The plane lands, and the gangplank is lowered.

The Six exit the back of the transport. Mama Reyes, Papa and Mama Paik, and Mama Shephard are all waiting. All three clans are overjoyed to see each other. Sayid and Kate have no families greeting them. Hugo jumps back after hugging his mom hello and introduces Sayid, who gets the full family hug treatment.

Kate, who looks especially freckly for some reason, holds on tight to Baby Aaron and looks around, all alone. I know that Sam Austen is probably supposed to be in Iraq or something (cf the background soldiers in "Something Nice Back Home") and I know her mom is perpetually dying, but she's all alone, and it shows.

Smash Cut: LOST!


kristin spoilers !

mardi 13 mai 2008

3 sneak peeks for epi 4x12

3 sneak peek !
go sayid !!
awwww ben you're awesome i can't wait to see once again the others and richard !!!!
wow !! great sneak peek but jack you're an idiot, god dam nit, do you put sayid and des in your back and pushed them in the chopper....alalala
and cute to see aaron so calm in sawyer's arm^^ awwwwww ^^

lundi 12 mai 2008

Rebecca Mader TV guide party

dimanche 11 mai 2008

Michael Emerson and Yunjin Kim tape 5

watch the 5 fav movies for those actors
category creepy for emerson and animation for yunjin :)

'Lost's' Dr. Juliet Burke shares the scoop

HONOLULU, Hawaii -- 'Lost' fans know her as Dr. Juliet Burke. But no one -- not even the 'Lost' castaways -- really know her. She's as mysterious as the island itself, but we got some answers out of Lost's Juliet.

The moment I met Elizabeth Mitchell, I knew one thing for certain. The 37-year-old actor and mother is nothing like the character she plays on the ABC's mega hit.

source : lizzie's interview

Is Claire Dead? Are They Really Time Traveling? Lost's Bosses Speak!

Wow. Wow. Wow.

If you're like me, you've done little else today other than think about last night's mind-splitting episode of Lost, what with all its mystery and intrigue and puzzle pieces. Not to mention the apparent time travel, freak-deaky cabin and the reveal that the island must be "moved." WTF?!

Thankfully, the big cheeses in charge, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, agreed to spend a little time this morning answering a few questions. And while I had agreed beforehand to not delve too deeply into anything spoilery, I tried my best to get us all some info we can chew over until the next episode airs!

Among the findings in this interview:

* The question is not whether Claire is dead but “What happened to Claire?”
* Christian Shephard is dead.
* Time travel is definitely happening on this show.
* Sounds to me like Richard Alpert is doing it. (Remind me later of a theory I have relating to time travel and the knocking up of Losties' moms!)
* They were surprised by today's "announcement" of two extra episodes in season five and six.
* They know whom Kate will end up with in the very end.

Keep reading for the scoop!

source : darlton's interview

some others spoilers

We have been in the jungle, at a church, in a rescue plane and on the studio lot. This is the last week of filming.

Both Claire and Kate have held my little one. Kate was amazingly sweet and polite. Sawyer sang us songs on his guitar off set. Ate lunch (amazing food) near Locke and Ben. Hurley took pictures with us. Sayid (crazy accent!) was so kind and gracious offering us extra water.

It has been the greatest adventure. 90% of the cast and crew are so great to work with!

I dont want to spoil too much, but interestingly enough I dont ever remember having to sign a confidentiality agreement.

So I will walk a fine line....

Interestingly enough. Most of the extra babies are girls!

source : LF

Lost's Emilie de Ravin Talks About Baby Aaron and Where Claire Might Appear Next...

I don't know if you noticed, but this season on Lost, Kate totally stole baby Aaron and killed Claire and buried her under a rock!!!

Or something.


The mysteries of Lost are not easily solved, and certainly not easily guessed, but thankfully, the lovely Emilie de Ravin just phoned up and was kind enough to share a few of her insights into Claire's situation. (Yay for clues!)

Click in for Emilie's thoughts and a few teases about what's up with ghost dad, that misplaced infant and her character's big new storyline...

source : emilie's interview

samedi 10 mai 2008

lost promo epi 4x12

i'm in late sorryyyy !!!
i can't believe the finale season is so close o_O

enjoy the promo !!

jeudi 8 mai 2008

2 news sneak peek

2 news sneak peek for epi 4x11

lost dvd season4 cover !

first look of the cover for the s4 dvd :)

lost soundtrack

thank to su *hug* fromFb for those scan of soundtrack MANY MUSIC i can't wait to get my album :)

kristin spoilers !

diva you rock as always but more and more since fews days
petit fromage love you more and more too i'm sure^^

mercredi 7 mai 2008

new sneak peek epi 4x11

mardi 6 mai 2008

kristin spoilers

thank you to answer petit fromage, i'm sure he was happy to read it at morning ;)

Alexandre in Toulon, France: Kristin! God I lose my French accent when I saw Jack and Kate hooked up! what happened? Please tell me it was a nightmare and Kate's heart still belongs to Sawyer!

Hee! Sorry, I had to include this question, 'cause it cracks me up. Who knew a TV show could make you lose your accent? But I hear you, mon petit fromage! Here's the thing: That spectacular kiss is still coming. In the season finale. Only a few weeks away. So let's all sit tight, OK?

Ally in Ireland: Please tell me Sawyer doesn't die...He isn't one of the Oceanic 6?

Right, he's not. But Sawyer doesn't die. He's alive. On the Island.

Heather in Taos, N.M.: Is Locke still alive on the Island in the future? He has to be, right?

Yes. He is.

source : kristin

new promo

torch the island o_O WTFFFFFFFFFFF
OMG !!!!

lundi 5 mai 2008

Lost: Six Lessons From "Back Home"

This is woefully delayed, due to the plague that swept through E! Online last week, but we checked in with Lost coexecutive producer Eddie Kitsis about last week's ep of Lost, "Something Nice Back Home," and got his awesome insights on:

* What exactly drove Jack to kick-start that pesky Clonazepam addiction?
* When we might see the Oceanic Six next?
* Why are some characters going crazy while others are finally turning sane?

Lesson No. 1, Motherhood Beats Paxil Any Day of the Week: I don't know about you guys, but to me, future Kate is stunningly even-keeled, especially when compared with the girl we've seen before and on the Island. What's up?

According to Eddie: "You could say motherhood suits her. In the flash-forwards of this season, and even of last season, when she meets Jack and she's annoyed with him, there's a sense of purpose to her, there's some clarity to her. There's so much devotion to that child, and she appears to be such a great mother—that's maybe what you're picking up on...I think when you have a child, they come first. Even though it's not hers, just the fact of taking care of Aaron may have helped her put away some other issues. Or not. It is Lost." But still...progress!

Lesson No. 2, Happiness Is Hot Coffee and a Warm Girlfriend:
According to Eddie: "Like anything with Lost, you're just seeing a small amount of time in what is going to be a much larger picture, but I think 'Something Nice Back Home' was interesting because you saw a time, maybe brief, where Jack was happy. For that brief time, Jack decided after the trial at some point to pursue his relationship with Kate, to go see Aaron, and if you see that first scene, when he steps on the Millennium Falcon and he was making coffee, that was a Jack who was content." So, where'd it all go wrong?

Lesson No. 3, Sometimes You Should Just Talk to Your White-Shoed Dead Father: Unlike Hurley, who doesn't take his pills so he's able talk to Charlie, Jack takes pills so he can avoid seeing his dead dad—even though the ever-wise Hurley says that Christian will be coming by specifically to talk to Jack. Why the differing approach to communing with ghosts?

Says Eddie: "Jack has always been a man of science. He's always been a man of science, and there has to be something logical. The scene where Jack is starring at the bench where Hurley sits when Charlie visits him, I think in that moment he's thinking, my life right now is pretty good, I don't want to end up here."

Awww, come on, Doc, sitting under a banyan tree hanging with your BFF? That's awesome—who cares if the guy is dead?!

Lesson No. 4, Jacket Is Down, But Not Out: Don't assume that Juliet's self-sacrificing speech to Kate in the medical tent is the last we'll ever see of Jacket.
Says Eddie: "Is that the end of Jack and Juliet? That is a definitive question that I can't answer, because...I can't. Because I work on Lost, and Damon and Carlton are parked outside my house, listening." Translation? It looks to me like a Jacket romance is unlikely at this point, but not altogether off the table.

Lesson No. 5, There Are Many Off-Island, O-Six Stories Yet to Come: Don't think that season four is the only season of Oceanic Six stories.
According to Eddie: "I think that through the next two seasons, you will see bits and pieces of all the time off the Island, be it when they come back or a year later after they return. There are many interesting stories left to be had for all of the Oceanic Six."

Lesson No. 6, Eddie Is One of Us: Last but not least, even if you do think your flu is West Nile Virus, don't try and tell Eddie Kitsis that you're the most worst hypochondriac in the world. Says Eddie, "You haven't met me and Adam, because we don't touch doorknobs. I am known for being able to walk into the writers' room, to actually leave a bathroom, go into the kitchen, grab water, come into the writers' room and never touch anything. It is a skill I am known for on the show." Awww...Now that's my kind of guy!

Source : interview at kristin e-online

dimanche 4 mai 2008

set for finale season !

As we draw nearer to the Season 4 finale, the “LOST” production crew is bringing the story ever closer to the pivotal moment when the Oceanic Six get off the island. To tell that story, they headed way out to Wai’anae, the arid, rural west coast of O’ahu. They established a base camp at Wai’anae Regional Park, and enlisted a handful of boats to carry equipment and crew across Pokai Bay.

The cast and their stand-ins took their direction on shore, then made their way into the ocean to film their scene. It was relatively simple in the narrative sense, but working on the water always makes things exponentially more complicated. Crew members had to keep a handle on a surfboard-riding director, hand held cameras and cameramen buffeted by the surf, a sound boat rocking on the waves, and keeping props from floating away. The primary prop? A large, octagonal life raft.

Action is called, and the stars get wet. Jorge Garcia, Yunjun Kim, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Naveen Andrews and Henry Ian Cusic swim toward the raft through some debris. In several takes, Hurley — clutching a doll that’s most likely playing Aaron — helps pull Kate, Sun, and Sayid aboard. But Jack and Desmond take a little longer to reach them. And Desmond is holding someone who’s not moving.

Who is in trouble? Exactly how did the Oceanic Six (plus one) end up in the water? Where are they? And how do they get from here to Hawaii? The answers will come soon enough!
source : ryan blog
see more pics here : pics of the set

darlton on kimmel + 2 sneak peek

sneak peek

darlton interview SPOILERS and sneak peek

samedi 3 mai 2008

lost promo epi 4x11

OMG !! i want the next episode NOW !!

ctv promo

abc promo