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dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Video spoiler : new promo and caps added

here the better version and also caps i added you can see severals interesting things.

Video spoilers : New promo with New footage !

yes it's true real promo with s6 footage !!
i wonder what sawyer is doing with flocke/locke (i think it's flocke) sound like a lot of actions coming !

source :krysta from fbl

D-2 before LOST returns

Even thought i've already see LAX part1, i'll not comment on it, i'll just say Darlton made amazing job and I hope you'll enjoy it ! my favorite scene for now it's the last one on the episode, it remind me season1, please if you saw it, don't post comment about spoilers for people. thanks !

samedi 30 janvier 2010

Video spoiler : Opening for season6

my friend doc got the video without tag so IF you want to see the opening of s6
watch it or I wait 3 days !

source : Docarzt blog

Tv guide spoilers articles : where we left Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Richard and Sayid

Here links where you can see where we left our losties and what is next for them maybe the articles are kinda spoilers so i'll add the what is next part here only.

What's Next: It seems that Kate will finally have to choose between Jack and Sawyer. She'll also have some 'splainin to do to Claire about why she decided to kidnap her son, Aaron, and raise him as her own.
What's Next: Although the fall itself didn't kill her, the executive producers have made it clear that Juliet is dead, leaving Sawyer heartbroken. The detonation of the bomb could put Sawyer happily back on Oceanic 815 or perhaps he'll flash back to 2008 to help take down Un-Locke. Wherever he lands, we're pretty certain we can expect two things: more unresolved tension with Kate and at least one more power struggle with Jack.
What's Next: When Sayid shot little Ben, his story line exploded with potential, but after Richard saved Ben ("he'll never be the same"), that loose end was tied up. Sayid's story is winding down, and it's hard to imagine what more we could learn about him.
What's Next: Carbonell has been upgraded to a series regular for the final season, so plan on seeing plenty of him and learning more about that link he has with Ilana. Also: He and Jacob don't appear to age. Unlocking that mystery will be central to cracking the island's code.
What's Next: Producers have confirmed that Cynthia Watros will reprise the role of Libby, paving the way for a reunion of the quirky coupling. Garcia has also hinted that we haven't seen the last of "the numbers" just yet.
What's Next: Because it's the end of the series, these lovebirds will finally be reunited, right? But first they need to find a common year and stick to it.

Josh Interview

There may be a buzz cut in Josh Holloway's future. "Possibly --as much as I love Robert Redford, I'm probably not going to have the same haircut for most of my career," said Holloway, who plays the long-haired Sawyer on Lost. "I'll shave it off, you know?" High-maintenance hairstyles aside, the 40-year-old Holloway is thrilled Sawyer has made it to the sixth and final season of Lost, which begins Tuesday on ABC and CTV. Early in Lost's run, Holloway was not sure Sawyer was going to be around for six episodes, let alone six years. "When I read the pilot, I was like, 'This guy's such an a------. I gotta figure out how to stay alive,' " Holloway said. "I remember telling my wife, 'Don't throw away those boxes, because unless he's got another dimension, he's going to be killed quickly.' " Not only was Sawyer not killed quickly, but in recent seasons much of the drama in Lost has been filtered through him. Sure, the enigmatic series has a great ensemble cast, but you have to admit, in some ways Sawyer has become the main character on Lost. "Wow," said Holloway, when that theory was put to him. "It really comes back to, 'Damn, I'm glad I'm not dead yet!' "To be a character who is somewhat pivotal is an honour for me, and a pressure, which is a good pressure, a creative pressure." Lost follows the struggles of airplane-crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island. Indeed, Sawyer started out as a bad guy, but he has become a tragic hero through the years, largely --we assume --because audiences responded to him. Sawyer has experienced two main love interests: Kate, played by Evangeline Lilly, and Juliet, played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Holloway was asked who he thinks Sawyer really loves most. "They're different, one being an undeniable love that just exists (Kate), and one that began as enemies, then friends, then developed into a softer, more mature relationship (Juliet)," Holloway said. "They're both valid in their own way, is what I'm trying to say." Juliet supposedly died in the bomb blast in the fifth-season finale. Now, who knows what death means in Lost --Mitchell has confirmed she's part of the sixth season in some form --but nonetheless, as the sixth season begins, Sawyer is a mess. "He definitely has the salts back this year," Holloway said. "He's completely emotionally destroyed and he does not care about life so much any more. "However, the lessons he has learned on the island and the humanity he has been forced to acknowledge is going to come into play, too. It's probably the only thing that will keep him from offing himself, you know?" Be forewarned: Holloway said the first episode of the final season of Lost feels like a finale, because of the scale and everything that's happening. "You're going to cry right away," Holloway said. "You'll laugh, you'll cry, pretty much everything, every episode. "They're pulling out all the stops emotionally and physically. This season is a stinger."


Photos : Jack&Locke promo pics for s6 in MQ+

they're arrived
the man of science, the man of faith, the last dual between Jack and Locke/Flocke will begin in 3 days are you excited ? I'm !

all others pictures are here at the gallery

D-3 before LOST returns !

even if some will be lucky at the beach party (like our dear Susan who help here and share scans very very often) i wish my friends to have fun there and be lucky to see the cast !
we're almost there...

Darlton Interview

Lost Producers Comment on Leaked Footage

Question: The show has a lot of questions it raises, but is there something that sticks out that fans have obsessed on that you never intended to be a big deal?

Carlton Cuse: The polar bears. We sort of felt like we explained the polar bears. We saw polar bear cages. We saw Sawyer locked in a polar bear cage. But people were still like, "What's up with those polar bears?" That seems to be kind of an obsession. Libby has also been an obsession.

Damon Lindelof: The new obsession is basically, "How many questions are you guys going to answer?" And people are asking us that like Carlton and I are gonna go, "87. We're just not going to tell you which ones." Or, "What percentage of the mysteries are you going to answer?" But that doesn't take into account the fact that some people consider some things mysteries that other people don't consider mysteries at all or don't care about. So we basically say, every mystery that is relevant to the characters on 815, if they don't care about it, then it's probably not going to be answered. So if it's relevant to them or they're asking a question, then it's something that we're going to deal with. But that's the story that we're telling.

Click here to read the rest of the interview if you want to get spoiled.


vendredi 29 janvier 2010

Photos : Josh Holloway outtakes for EW shoot

after months i finally found it, there is a lot more but i've headache so i'm gonna to sleep in fews minutes so for tonight here fews outtakes of Josh for his shoot with EW may 2009 !
i hope you'll like it !

Sneak preview of LOST Reduced

It have been posted recently Darlton allowed Reduced Shakespeare Company to make a play in 10 minutes of LOST

source :skyone

Casting news

NDSU grad mum on ‘Lost’

It must be frightening to be a part of “Lost.”
Because when you talk to anyone who’s even remotely involved with the cultish TV show, they shut down a bit and find hesitation with any topic pertaining to “Lost.”

I get the sense you’d have an easier time getting the pope to admit Jesus likes to hang out in a spaceship piloted by Lady Gaga than to convince a “Lost” associate to reveal anything about the show.

It’s as if the “Lost” creators – or should we say overlords – control more than just the convoluted storylines built around the survivors of a plane crash who are trying to leave (and eventually return to) a mysterious island.

Or, they just have some damn good lawyers (more likely).

Either way, as the show prepares for the start of its final season – this Tuesday on WDAY, Channel 6 in Fargo-Moorhead – information about “Lost” has been more scarce and cryptic than ever before. And the people working on the show seem more reluctant to talk than ever before.

Case in point, Hannah Bell.

The 2008 North Dakota State University grad who grew up in Glenfield, N.D., will have a speaking role in an episode of “Lost” this season. It will air in April. And that’s all we know for sure because, like everything surrounding “Lost,” Bell couldn’t talk about, well, anything.

She wouldn’t say what role she scored. She wouldn’t say anything about the plotlines. And, for a bit, she wasn’t even sure she’d be allowed to do an interview with us.

Eventually Bell, who is 24, agreed, but made it clear she would not discuss any details about a show that compels its followers to analyze every bit of “Lost” minutia as a potential key to secret data.

So, we talked about Bell; about how she moved to Hawaii after graduating from NDSU to be closer to family, about how a year ago she was watching “Lost” with her friends and about how she plans to move to New York to pursue a Broadway career after completing her basic training in Hawaii’s Air National Guard.

And, how she got her role on “Lost” after trying out to be an extra.

“When I got cast I was like, ‘get out of here,’ ” Bell says from Hawaii, where much of “Lost” is filmed.

But, sorry “Lost” fanatics, Bell didn’t slip out any secret info. She’s a rock; which might explain why the people of “Lost” picked her for a role (I have to assume the “Lost” creators are clairvoyant).

All Bell would say is, “I’ve worked with some pretty cool people.”

Like who? The maybe dead John Locke? A shirtless Sawyer? The ghost of Claire?

No word other than, “Talk to me in April.”



Video : skyone promo for lost season6

Very good way to make a promo don't you think ?

source :skyone

Video : Nestor Carbonell interview with sky1

source : skyone

Secrets from The Set

Lost: Six Juicy Secrets From the Set!

1. Under Pressure: “I don’t think ‘panic’ is the right word,” says Damon Lindelof of co-writing the highly anticipated premiere with fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse, “but it was like, ‘How do we do this?’” The producers have said that time traveling through the ’70s is history, as are the show’s traditional flashback/flash-forward narrative structures. “We haven’t [told the story] like this before,” Lindelof says. “It’s like, ‘Are we gonna be able to pull it off?’” Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin, believes they have. “I knew it would be something inventive because that’s how this show rolls,” he says. “But we’ve definitely increased our scope.” His three words to describe his reaction to the first episode? “Intrigued. Excited. Curious.”

2. All About Character: For all of Lost’s elaborate and feverishly dissected mythology, the series has always been, at its core, a character drama — and that won’t change. “The final season is really when you’re going to learn what these characters’ destinies are,” says Cuse. Expect man of faith Locke (Terry O’Quinn) — or whoever he is now — to prove a central figure, along with man of science Dr. Jack Shephard. “About midway through [the season], Jack will absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his whole life has brought him to this point in time,” Matthew Fox says of his tortured character, “and that he is meant to do something very, very important.”

3. About That Mythology: SPOILER ALERT! In the two-hour premiere, one of Lost’s biggest mysteries — one that’s been rattling around since the pilot no less — is fleshed out. (Got goosebumps yet?) How about this? “We might be seeing Hurley’s guitar case in some way again,” says Jorge Garcia, who plays the lottery winner. What’s more, one character’s first line of dialogue in the season-opener was actually handed to fans way back in July at Comic-Con. Let the theorizing begin!

4. Sun’s Safe House: Lost quickly earned a reputation for a willingness to kill off main characters, including Boone, Charlie, Mr. Eko, and Michael. This season, it doesn’t take long to realize that more names will be added to the list. Yunjin Kim, who plays subservient wife-turned-revenge-seeker Sun, may be the only one who’s not worried. “Back at the end of season two, I said, ‘I bought a condo [in Hawaii] and if I get killed off, you’re going to have to buy it from me,’” Kim says of a conversation with producers. “Carlton was like, ‘Well, we’re never going kill you off.’ I was joking but it didn’t seem like he was.”

5. Lost Stars Are Still Lost: “No actor has been given the full blueprint of what the ending of the show is,” Cuse says. “And no one’s asked us either.” That doesn’t mean the actors don’t have ideas about their character’s fates. Dae Kim hopes his is integral to the show’s final conflict — whatver it may be — while his onscreen wife hopes Sun doesn’t get her happy ending: “I would be really disappointed if we wound up being a happily married couple,” she says. She’s not the only one who thinks love is overrated. After five seasons of love triangle-ing over Kate (Evangeline Lily), neither Sawyer or Jack seems sold on winding up with the feisty fugitive. “Jack and Kate have always cared deeply for each other but [their] circumstances may be too much for that relationship to ever really have a chance,” says Fox. Josh Holloway is more blunt: “Sawyer and Kate have a love that is undeniable but maybe it must be denied.”

Click on the link for the entire interview.


D-4 before Lost returns

Video : Lost cast interviews with IGN

source :

jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Video : Tv guide interview with Josh and Evi who Sawyer and Kate should end up with ?

I think evi split a spoiler about Locke so i warned you.

the vid don't belong to me but i uploaded 'cause it's not easy to see it on tv for everyone

Radio Interview with Terry O'quinn

BIG thanks at SL LOST for the head up on twitter, i didn't get it from the beginning but i'm sure Terry's fans (like me ^^) will enjoy this radio interview :)

Videos : Daniel Dae Kim and Jeff Fahey (Lapidus) interviews with sky1

source : skyone

D-5 before LOST returns !

New footage for season6 during Desperate Housewives this sunday

source : @twitter CarltonCuse

Josh interview

We recycle everything and we turn off the water,” says Lost star Josh Holloway (pictured right), who’ll return Feb. 2 for the ABC series’ final season, one he sums up as “intense. You'll laugh, you'll cry, everything. Pretty much every episode this season is a stinger. They're pulling out all the stops, both emotionally and physically. There's a lot of action, a lot of stuff going on.” Many familiar faces will return, including actors who’ve since landed other series, such as Sonya Walger (Penny) of FlashForward , Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) of V, and Ian Somerhalder (Boone), now on The Vampire Diaries.

While he claims not to know or want to know how the intricate plot will resolve, Holloway no longer thinks his character Sawyer should die. “They have put him through every situation possible, emotionally and physically,” he told MNN. “He’s had to walk the fine line of discovering his humanity yet keeping his edge, and that humanity that he's been forced to acknowledge and grow with is going to come into play. He’s got some things that he needs to rectify, and hopefully the lessons he learned on the island will translate in real life and he can have a second chance.”

Holloway, who plans to keep his place in Hawaii along with one in L.A., “where the work is,” says he owes everything to Lost. “I’ve had so many life-changing experiences since the show has begun. I've gotten married. I've got my first home, validation as an actor, a baby. It's just been quite a phenomenal journey and an honor.”


Videos : Lost actors and darlton interviews about s6

BIG thanks to my friend docarzt for sharing all those videos with us, it happened at TCA, you can see all the cast members who were here on short videos about their feeling for s6 !
enjoy !

mercredi 27 janvier 2010

Photos : New Kate promo pics for s6 in MQ+

others pic at the gallery

New Vodcast " Bob stencil visits the writers"

D-6 before LOST returns

ABC started to add nice countdown for the return of the show !

Another scoop from TvGuide

Getting Lost: Is Un-Locke a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

There are many questions to be answered in the final season of Lost, premiering Tuesday, Feb. 2 (9/8c on ABC). Terry O'Quinn helps tackle our first one: Is the new Locke (aka Man No. 2) a good guy or a bad guy?
Find out O'Quinn's answer, get a refresher course on where we last left the Losties and what's ahead in Season 6 in the video below.

Watch the video,clicking on the link.


Scoop from TvGuide

What's the deal with Claire on Lost? That new promo seems to refute your little theory about her being a ghost. — O'Grady
MICKEY: Of the South Boston O'Gradys? You, sir, owe my great-uncle Shorty $472.68 for your outstanding bar tab! Your arrogance is as galling as your spendthriftiness! Ahem. While the image in question shows a distinctly Rousseau-esque Claire, it hardly proves that she's alive. But this might. Emilie de Ravin told us that she has a lot of scenes with Evangeline Lilly this season. Um, also there's this: "I think I'm alive, as far as I know," de Ravin told us. Remit payment at once, O'Grady!


Set Photos 27th January

Thanks to TheOdi for the head up.


mardi 26 janvier 2010

Photos : New Sawyer promo pic in MQ+

wow, sawyer back in the cage, is there hint for s6 ? all think i could like is his ex lover kate gets the same background tomorrow, it could make a sense, afterall, the cages is the symbolic of them no ? Well we'll find out soon, just i could love it but if it don't happen, not the end of the world :)

others here gallery

Videos : Josh, Evi and Jorge interview for Outside the box

what a great interview with the cast, it have been so interesting to see the three of them together !
have a good laugh watching those vids !


Set Photos 23rd January


About Hurley

Lost Catch-Up: Where We Left Off with Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Before Lost kicks off its final season (Tuesday, Feb. 2, 9/8c, ABC), let's flash back to May 2009 and remember where all our favorite characters left off and what might be next.

HUGO "HURLEY" REYES (Jorge Garcia)

Where We Left Off: In the Season 5 finale, Jacob encouraged Hurley to return to the island on Ajira 316, by telling him that he is not cursed, but in fact blessed. In the episode's final moments, Hurley drove his favorite VW van to the Swan Station site, Sayid and Miles in tow, to act as Jack's back-up when he gets in trouble with the Dharma Initiative.

What's Next: Producers have confirmed that Cynthia Watros will reprise the role of Libby, paving the way for a reunion of the quirky coupling. Garcia has also hinted that we haven't seen the last of "the numbers" just yet.

Burning Questions: Is Hurley blessed? If so, are "the numbers" some kind of prayer? Will he reunite with Libby? Is he still a millionaire?


lundi 25 janvier 2010

Photo : Last supper version#3 added in MQ+

here a better version of the last supper version#3 we got 10 days by Doc Jensen

Harold Perrinau's Interview

Why Harold's Back on Lost

News that Harold Perrineau will be returning to Lost late in the show’s upcoming final season came as a shocker to many who recalled the actor’s public criticism of the 2008 decision to kill off his character, Michael, and have Michael’s son, Walt, raised by his grandmother (something he felt could be perceived as a “ghetto stereotype”). But speaking publicly for the first time since the announcement, Harold says, “I was always open to returning because there was stuff I thought was unresolved. I’m hoping we can put Michael to rest in a way we haven’t done so far.”

When he returns to the Hawaii set at month’s end, Harold’s anticipating some time in the makeup chair to make him look like Michael, since he’s on loan from the upcoming movie “The Hungry Rabbit Jumps,” in which he plays the principal of a school where Nick Cage is a teacher. “I now have a mustache and short-cropped hair,” Harold says from the New Orleans set. The actor’s deal was finalized just one day before Lost’s executive producers announced that he’d be back, along with Cynthia Watros, whose character, Libby, was shot to death by Harold’s character in 2006. “There are two big hopes I have for Michael,” says Harold. “One is I hope he gets to apologize to his son.” (Unlikely, says exec producer Carlton Cuse, explaining it’s tricky to bring back Malcolm David Kelley, now 17, because “he looks much older than his character. But we’re still seeing if there’s a way to work that out.”)

Harold’s second hope: “That I get to apologize to Libby, since her death was really an accident.” (Oops!) Coincidentally, Harold’s other upcoming film, “30 Days of Night: Dark Days,” casts him as a vampire slayer alongside Kiele Sanchez, who had a brief run on Lost, as Nikki, before her character (along with Rodrigo Santoro’s Paulo) was buried alive in 2007. “I wish she’d been part of our first season, because she’s so much fun,” raves Harold, who was off Lost during Kiele’s run. “When we first met, we literally hugged like we were long-lost brother and sister. I remember her telling me she was so excited to be in Hawaii when she joined Lost, but then people kept telling her tales of what she shouldn’t do on set, and she panicked. And then they killed her.”


Claire and Jin promo pics for s6

I know Jin isn't new but i got it today only so enjoy claire and jin !

others at the gallery

Cast talk about the season finale

Lost Finale: "You're Gonna Love It Or Hate It"

Sky1 recently caught up with the stars of Lost and found out some surprising revelations. When asked to sum up what the Lost audience will make of the final season in under three words, the cast were reassuringly cryptic.

Daniel Dae Kim who plays Jin Kwon declared that fans would feel “Content” while Evangeline Lilly felt that the finale would cause a divide amongst fans saying “They’re either gonna love it or hate it.”

Things got s little more revealing as Josh Holloway joked that the final episode of season 6 would be called “Cage Orgy” hinting that the whole cast would be locked in a cage to recreate the famous Sawyer and Kate love scene in season 3. Now that’s something I think every Lost fan would want to see!