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samedi 30 janvier 2010

Tv guide spoilers articles : where we left Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Richard and Sayid

Here links where you can see where we left our losties and what is next for them maybe the articles are kinda spoilers so i'll add the what is next part here only.

What's Next: It seems that Kate will finally have to choose between Jack and Sawyer. She'll also have some 'splainin to do to Claire about why she decided to kidnap her son, Aaron, and raise him as her own.
What's Next: Although the fall itself didn't kill her, the executive producers have made it clear that Juliet is dead, leaving Sawyer heartbroken. The detonation of the bomb could put Sawyer happily back on Oceanic 815 or perhaps he'll flash back to 2008 to help take down Un-Locke. Wherever he lands, we're pretty certain we can expect two things: more unresolved tension with Kate and at least one more power struggle with Jack.
What's Next: When Sayid shot little Ben, his story line exploded with potential, but after Richard saved Ben ("he'll never be the same"), that loose end was tied up. Sayid's story is winding down, and it's hard to imagine what more we could learn about him.
What's Next: Carbonell has been upgraded to a series regular for the final season, so plan on seeing plenty of him and learning more about that link he has with Ilana. Also: He and Jacob don't appear to age. Unlocking that mystery will be central to cracking the island's code.
What's Next: Producers have confirmed that Cynthia Watros will reprise the role of Libby, paving the way for a reunion of the quirky coupling. Garcia has also hinted that we haven't seen the last of "the numbers" just yet.
What's Next: Because it's the end of the series, these lovebirds will finally be reunited, right? But first they need to find a common year and stick to it.

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