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samedi 31 octobre 2009

Evangeline Lilly and Jeremy davies sharing short moment with horse

i just love this vid and i've to upload it for you ^^

LOST bonus s5 : making up for LOST time

Official date for Lost season 6 announced by ABC

It was published by ABC, the date of season premiere of LOST season6 will be january 20th !

source : abc

Lost - EW scans of Elizabeth Mitchell interview

Thanks to luna481516 for the scans

It's more a hint than a spoiler,actually.


“LOST” in Late October


vendredi 30 octobre 2009

Lost dvd s5 : whatever happened happened location

lost dvd season 5 :Deleted scenes special disc

here all deleted scenes you could get with the special LOST disc

lost dvd s5 : Namaste Location

Episode 6x08 - New Casting Call

Producer: Jean HigginsDirector:
Jon CassarShoot Dates: 11th to 24th November
Episode 6x08 - New Casting Call
[KENDALL]Female, any ethnicity, early to mid 30s. An intellectual beauty with a sharp edge to her wit. Caught committing corporate espionage and has to lie her way out...GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECUR.
Source: SpoilerTV


Lost dvd s5 : The little Prince Location

next namaste ;)

Lost promo season6 teaser

nothing new guys but it's the first official promo for s6 by ABC !

The fate of Juliet, Damon answer us !

During the explosive season finale of Lost last season, Elizabeth Mitchell's character, well, exploded. Or did she? After all, in the Lost universe, falling hundreds of feet down a massive well and then being mere inches away from a hydrogen bomb when it explodes could either mean the character got blown to smithereens or that they'll just wake up the next morning with a piercing headache and a severe urge to pop some Dharma-brand acetaminophen. Well, in the case of Juliet, executive producer Damon Lindelof confirms in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly (not yet online) that the female half of Sawliet is, indeed, toast. "The decision to kill Juliet was absolutely brutal," he said, before adding that "[Carlton Cuse and I] have to really love you to give you a finale death." Don't shed too many tears for Juliet, though: As we told you back in June, Juliet is set to appear in "an unspecified number of episodes" during the sixth and final season of the show.

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jeudi 29 octobre 2009

lost dvd s5 special disc : LOST location 316 and this place is death

Update 10-30-09 : added better link for the LOST location

LOST location : this place is death

LOST location : 316

Elizabetch Mitchell "I cried for a couple days when I found out I was being written off the show"

Elizabeth Mitchell, former "Lost" fertility doctor Juliet, says that when she found out she was being killed off on the ABC drama, she and co-star Evangeline Lilly went on a bender.

"I cried for a couple days," Mitchell says in Entertainment Weekly's latest issue, on stands tomorrow. "Evangeline and my sister came over, and we drank until we fell asleep on the couch, which was not good, because none of us are big drinkers. We woke up and said, 'Let's do ice cream next time, okay?'"

Up next for Mitchell is ABC's "V," yet another sci-fi thriller - which is just fine with the actress, who labels herself a "dork and a nerd."

"They know I'm one of them. Completely," said Mitchell. "Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, I'm a sci-fi fan - with a soccer mom on the outside."

source :


Question: I have a really fun assignment for you, Aus. Create a chart listing every Lost alum there ever was, and then next to their names, tell us where things stand in terms of them returning for the final season. I just know how much you love to make lists.
—StevenAusiello: I have a better idea: Let’s scrap the chart and forget we ever had this conversation. In return, I’ll share this Lost nugget with you: I hear Team Darlton will give us the answer to one of Lost’s oldest and most confounding mysteries. And I’m pretty sure it’s an answer none of us expected to get.


Lost Boss Answers You: So Is There Any Freaking Romance in Season Six or What?!


mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Lost bonus special disc : locke's leg, ben vs desmond, and brose requirement

Update 10-30-2009 : better linkg added :) (thanks youtube !) later today i'll work on ben vs desmond

here as i promised early, vids of the special disc
locke's leg

Ben vs Desmond

Brose requirement

i'll try to fix the quality tomorrow guys, i got issue with my computer

From Kristin...

New Lost Regular! Executive Producer Damon Lindelof tells USA Today: "Yeah, Lapidus is defintiely a series regular this season. Jeff Fahey was just a recurring character up through last year. Now, whether Lapidus makes it until the end of the season is anyone's guess, but he's defintely one of the A Team this year." Lindelof also says there is no premiere date yet for the new season, and it's possible the show could move from Wednesdays to another night.Matthew in Seattle: Kristin, Did you see that Maggie Grace is returning to Lost? Was she the holdout you were talking about? It seems like she said no at first (because she was shooting movies) but now changed her mind and they are going to insert her into previously shot scenes.Whaaaaa? That's a crazy theory! On another (totally unrelated, of course) note: Remember that time Michael Cera resisted joining the upcoming Arrested Development movie (because he was too busy with other movies), but then some diehard fan/TV columnist outed him and he end up signing on? All I'm saying is, you're welcome, TV fans! In all seriousness, I'm just happy we get to see Shannon/Maggie again. Flight 815 would not be the same without her. Here's hoping this time around she'll get to grow old with Sayid and have some ridiculously hot babies.Anyone else counting the minutes till Lost returns?


LOST dvd5 caps of special bonus disc

I got my UK dvd today, it's so cool, i'll watch everything at first to give you details too and I'll put later the bonus in vids but here caps i made of those.

you can see the set of epi 5x12 with Ben and Desmond fight

it was set of the shooting scene the fight, it was two stunt who made the most part and it wasn't emerson in the water.
Emerson funny's line : more gun, more violence, they can't just talk lol
HIC said it's the first time desmond was shot lol
more caps here:desmond vs ben pics

Then Rose and Bernard retirement

they've laugh all together when rose (sorry i don't remember her name ) when she said said jack has a bomb who cares. Josh visited Brose's house and said to Sawyer and Bernard can trade now lol
more caps here :Brose requirement

Locke's leg

sorry not sure of the name but it's plaster for the leg of locke when he hurted himself in this place is death, so you can see terry sitting on a chair while the girl is working on it.
more caps here : locke's leg

This place is death
set of the smokey moment and a bit at the beach too, you can see mostly how they make the scene of Nadine and Montand, interview with DDK too
caps here This place is death

set of the airport and i think the girl said it could serve later too, maybe it was an little hint of well you know what i mean :wink2: then it was lambpost set, my god what they built, it was just wow, yunjin said she got issue to say her line 'cause she was fascinated of the place :giggle: she joked too about the fact camera moved in many ways during the crash of the plane and they needed to stay fix and not move with the camera :laughs: and not laugh too. Very amazing set of the Lamp post, the crew worked very well IMO.
caps here 316

Small snippet/teaser


Cuse Confirms William Atheron Will Make a Guest Appearance

Thanks to everyone for sending the heads up about Carlton Cuse's recent tweets about a clue for an actor that would appear in Season 6 in a guest role.It seems several fans guessed right and Cuse confirmed that William Atherton would appear.Here is a link to the Tweet from Cuse and an IMDB link for Atherton:

Posted By: The ODI


mardi 27 octobre 2009

No news footage for LOST promo on thursday

Jen said it on Twitter
FYI, sources say that the new Lost promos on Thursday will NOT have new season six footage
source : twitter at jennifergodwin

Evangeline Lilly: I'm a loner

Evangeline Lilly has revealed she struggles in relationships - as she enjoys being alone.

The 30-year-old actress - who plays Kate in hit drama Lost - did date her co-star Dominic Monaghan but revealed she can't imagine herself getting married.

Evangeline said: "It's a real struggle for me - I am very independent and I do very well on my own."

She added: "I don't get lonely, really. I like to be alone. Some people have to focus to make themselves spend time on their own, but I'm okay with that. I'm the opposite. I'm always alone and I love it."

But Evangeline revealed: "It's been my goal to socialise more this year because I am such a geek and I thought I should try to do a bit better with my socialising skills. I'm the ultimate geek when it comes to socialising."

Kate is adoptive mother to Aaron in season five of Lost - which is out now on DVD - and Evangeline revealed she has thought about adopting herself.

She said: "For a very long time, I have had intentions to adopt. We have a huge population problem on earth. I have always wanted to have a child of my own and I will always want to go through the gift that women have been given to experience that, so I hope to be a mother at some point. I think I can allow myself one child - and from then on, I think I would have to adopt."

source : press association

Snippets from Damon

The countdown to Lost's final season is underway.

Are you excited? Depressed? Terrified of what awaits our beloved castaways after that insane Season 5 finale?

Last week you sent me loads of questions for executive producer Damon Lindelof, and he was happy to answer them when we met up at the Austin Film Festival. Read on for Lindelof's thoughts on the last episode, returning characters, "the numbers" and so much more.

Me: At what point are you in creating the final episodes?

Lindelof: We're actually writing the eighth episode right now and breaking the story for the ninth episode. We're filming the sixth episode. The blueprint for the entire season is done, but we only write the episodes one at a time, because the actual genesis of the scene-by-scene work is the fun part. So we're almost exactly halfway through.

There's been so much analysis of the this year's promotional poster. Do you have a big part in creating that?

Yeah. Everything in the design of that poster is intentional. We oversaw it -- now we know the audience looks at that stuff so closely, so we don't want there to be anything that we don't approve, especially at this point in the game.

Why is neither Walt nor Vincent in the Season 6 promo picture? -- Holly

Well, I'm not going to explain why anything is what it is, other than that everything is by design. You'll just have to watch the final season and decide for yourself. It's a little bit like, "Why is Paul McCartney holding a cigarette with his right hand when he's a lefty on the Abbey Road cover?"

Is the ending you envisioned when you first created the show still in place? -- adanzis

That's a great question. Yes, the actual ending ending is exactly the same as we'd always planned on it being, except we didn't know if we were going to get there after two seasons, four seasons or after six seasons, so the road to the ending has had to change significantly. But the ending itself? Whether people like it or not, that's the ending we've had.


Filming Update and Photos - 22nd October


New Set Report and Photos

LOST first promo of s6 will air after FF this thursday !

what a best new, i love when LOST mean something in my life, 29th october will be the birthday of my mum lol
so what do you think, new footage or not ?

This just in, the first Lost final season promo (0:15) is tentatively scheduled to premiere during the end of FLASHFORWARD (with Lost's Dominic Monaghan joining the cast) this Thursday (Oct. 29 -- first night of November sweeps). Promos for V (starring Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell) will heavily be featured in this hour as well.


lundi 26 octobre 2009

Casting News

It looks like Maggie Grace is headed to Oahu in November to shoot top-secret Lost scenes as Shannon Rutherford, who was buried on the island back in ’05. Producers had invited Maggie back earlier, but the busy actress had to wait for shooting to conclude on a string of three film projects, including the role she just wrapped as Cameron Diaz’s kid sister in “Knight & Day,” also starring Tom Cruise. I’m hearing Shannon may be cut into an episode shot earlier this fall with brother Boone, played by Ian Somerhalder

Source: TV Guide Magazine


When/If We Will See “Man In Black” Again

Titus Welliver has been spotted in Boston filming a new movie. The actor was gracious enough to let the world know when/if he would be appearing on LOST.
“There’s craft service and he’s got a massage table,” joked Welliver, who is headed back to La-La in a couple of weeks to film episodes of “Lost,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Good Wife.”

The quote comes from the BostonHerald website. Does this mean M.i.b will be abandoning his Locke meat-suit, or that a Jacob/M.i.b flashback episode is on the way?

Thanks to KevinB for the tip


Set Report and Photos - 20th October


Lost bonus s5 : Building 23 Beyond With Michael Emerson

source :Benfantic

dimanche 25 octobre 2009

LOST season 6 a break during the Olympics ?

At the Office for the Arts we had a surprise visitor yesterday from Carlton Cuse ‘81. Mr. Cuse is the Producer and Writer of the TV show ‘Lost’ on ABC. The office was quite busy since it is Parents Weekend, so I wasted not a minute. I ran up to him hoping to ask politely about ‘Lost’ but what came out was:

“WHEN IS LOST GOING TO START AGAIN!!!? I CAN’T WAIT. MY FAMILY CAN’T WAIT. MY CATS CAN’T…” and then I went on without breathing for 2 more minutes.

Mr Cuse graciously explained that the show would begin again in January then stop for the Olympics and then start back again in February.

I failed to ask whether this would be the year of zombies on the show. He has promised zombies on the show. Sadly, it is last season of Lost.

source :

Ryan's podcast


vendredi 23 octobre 2009

Detailed Set and Filming Report

Here is another report from my good and "colourful" friend on the island "Le Point d'Exclamation".


I got my Locke Poster !

i'm so happy and it's so beautiful, i took fews pictures ^^
viva LOST ! i hope we'll have again amazing posters :)

Damon Lindelof to Appear at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood Oct 28th

thanks The Odi for the head up

Small Filming Snippets


jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Latest from Kristin

Rebecca in San Diego: Kristin, is the Lost holdout Mira Furlan (Rousseau)?
No.It is an original cast member, which Mira Furlan was not.
And it's not Harold Perrineau in case you missed that bulletin.You got it now, right?


Harold Perrineau interview with Kristin about Michael

You gotta love a man who likes to clear the air.

Harold Perrineau just rang up to kindly reveal an answer to our blind item—"Guess Who's Not Returning to Lost?"—which outed a former Lost star as a holdout to return for the final season.

It's not him.

Despite everyone and their mother's brother's lover (even the Los Angeles Times!) assuming Harold (Michael) was the Lost holdout, Harold reveals that he has not turned down an offer to return to the show.

So does that mean he's coming back?

"Honestly, no one has asked," Harold tells me. "But if I was asked to come back to Lost, indeed I would say yes. We all started that journey together, and I would love to be able to end it with everybody. It would be a great thing to do, to get to say goodbye to them all at the same time. I would love to go back and hang out a little bit."

Now, assuming that Lost is resetting the clock as rumored and going back in time to the original Flight 815, it would seem that there may be a serious glitch to bringing Perrineau back: Walt. After all, Malcolm David Kelley, who was a wee 13-year-old when the series started, now looks like he could be playing defense for the Lakers or voicing a Barry White biopic.

"That's what I was actually thinking would probably be the trickiest part," Perrineau says. "I mean, I know they've been going back and forth with time travel, but if we were to go all the way back, how do you do that? You'd have to recast [Walt]. Or do some crazy CGI, like Little Man. That would be weird!"

Despite the hullabaloo over the comments he made after Michael was killed off Lost, Harold tells me he honestly has no beef with the show. "Those people are my family. And not like my twisted, dysfunctional family, but people I totally love, you know what I mean? It was a great show for me and I'm really glad to be part of that."

"There are no hard feelings," Harold adds. "Period. That's the real truth."

Harold called in from Vancouver where he's currently shooting the sequel to 30 Days of Night: Darker Days—yay, vampires!—and is also working on an album "just for fun."

Personally, I would love to see Michael/Harold again before Lost's final credits roll—with or without Walt.

Anyone else feel the same? If so, join me in the comments to figure out a way around this whole Walt conundrum. Maybe we can catch Michael away from Walt hooking up with Sun in a bathroom stall at LAX? Or, ooh, Claymation? (This is why they do not ask me to write the show.)
Oh, and if you must point out the totally obvious Lost holdout (now that you know it's not Harold), feel free to do that too...

source : kristin eonline

Lost dvd s5 : lost location for HOY, the incident and behind the scene s5

source : sawyersayid

Ausiello answers

Question: Is Emilie de Ravin going to be back in Lost for the whole season or just a few episodes? And will we get to see what happened to her? —Jared

Ausiello: The answer to both of your questions is a resounding yeppers. Better prepare yourself though. My Lost mole says season 6 will showcase “a version of Claire we’ve never seen before — a Rousseau-esque version.” We’ll be in need of a Rousseau fix since the real version will be MIA. According to a Lost insider, the French Lady’s portrayer, Mira Furlan, turned down the show’s request to return for the final season due to a “prior overseas commitment.” Anyone know how you say “big bag-o-nuts” in français?

Question: What’s this I hear about one of Lost’s planes going down on Wisteria Lane? Tell me this is not true. Desperate Housewives is solid enough, it doesn’t need any cross-promotion with other ABC shows. —Kellen

Ausiello: Someone at ABC suggested it might be fun to slap an Oceanic logo on the ill-fated plane, but the idea was quickly (and thankfully) nixed.


mercredi 21 octobre 2009

Photos of Naveen Andrews and Jack Bender for Cuatro interview

yesterday we posted Terry O'quinn pics for Cuatro interview
today it's Naveen and Jack Bender :)

source : sl Lost