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dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Scifi magazine article about LOSTseason6

thank su from outlaws for the scans of the magazine.
here little quote of darlton concerning s6 especially juliet and dan but mostly the article contain spoilers we learnt at comic con this summer.

If the explosion did succeed in sending the survivors back to that fateful flight aboard Oceanic 815, then in that respect characters, like Juliet, should theoretically come through unscathed.

“Yes, she will,” said Cuse getting straight to the point.

“Well, again I think all this returns to the idea of whether or not her detonating the bomb had the desired effect,” said Lindelof elaborating on his colleague’s statement. “If it did, my guess is that she’s okay, and if it didn’t work, then probably the prognosis is not so great, considering the fall but I think we can say that Elizabeth Mitchell will be in Lost in the final season.”

Technically speaking, if Jack and his crew were successful, that could mean that Faraday was alive,” said Lindelof before going on to comment: “But I think you can say that you will be seeing Faraday on the show this year.”

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