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mercredi 28 octobre 2009

LOST dvd5 caps of special bonus disc

I got my UK dvd today, it's so cool, i'll watch everything at first to give you details too and I'll put later the bonus in vids but here caps i made of those.

you can see the set of epi 5x12 with Ben and Desmond fight

it was set of the shooting scene the fight, it was two stunt who made the most part and it wasn't emerson in the water.
Emerson funny's line : more gun, more violence, they can't just talk lol
HIC said it's the first time desmond was shot lol
more caps here:desmond vs ben pics

Then Rose and Bernard retirement

they've laugh all together when rose (sorry i don't remember her name ) when she said said jack has a bomb who cares. Josh visited Brose's house and said to Sawyer and Bernard can trade now lol
more caps here :Brose requirement

Locke's leg

sorry not sure of the name but it's plaster for the leg of locke when he hurted himself in this place is death, so you can see terry sitting on a chair while the girl is working on it.
more caps here : locke's leg

This place is death
set of the smokey moment and a bit at the beach too, you can see mostly how they make the scene of Nadine and Montand, interview with DDK too
caps here This place is death

set of the airport and i think the girl said it could serve later too, maybe it was an little hint of well you know what i mean :wink2: then it was lambpost set, my god what they built, it was just wow, yunjin said she got issue to say her line 'cause she was fascinated of the place :giggle: she joked too about the fact camera moved in many ways during the crash of the plane and they needed to stay fix and not move with the camera :laughs: and not laugh too. Very amazing set of the Lamp post, the crew worked very well IMO.
caps here 316

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