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lundi 30 juin 2008

Josh and Evangeline interview in french magazine

I got josh and evie interview in my french tv program (the one i put cover below)

Romain Duris’s wife in the French movie “Afterwards” by Gilles Bourdos, this Canadian French-speaking girl is, at almost 30, one of the most promising actresses of Hollywood.

Did you know what was going to happen to you in this 4th season?
Our writers are really sparing with details about our future. When we receive the script – we’ve got to give it back and we can’t copy it – we learn what the future holds in store for us. It’s better to find out what’s going to happen to Kate day after day than to know that she’s going to die or any other bad news! I wouldn’t play her in the same way if I knew!

Has “Lost” really launched your career?
The show opened me all the doors, I insist: ALL the doors! I could paint, write about my life, put my face on thousands of products, be in movies. I’m extremely lucky, so since I’m loyal, I’ll stay until the end of my contract, in 2009, even if others leave.

Which way will you choose afterwards?
This terrifies me: What to choose? I was launched after 3 silent roles, and now I’m on the top of the bill! There is so much pressure in Hollywood that I sometimes envy the unknown girl I was before. Every morning, someone is waiting for me at my door so I can be the star of “Lost”. Do I really look like this in my old patched blue jeans, with my shopping bag? I’d like to exile myself in France because even in Paris, I’m in peace. Some day I asked my way because I was lost and the guy didn’t recognize Kate. All that he saw was a lost tourist! Lost but…….happy!

Josh holloway (sawyer)
During a press conference last spring this Californian of 29 (yes i know but we can’t blame them lol josh is hot and he could be only 30 lol) who was elected the sexiest man on tv in 2007 answered some privileged people including us.

Is that true that your role as Sawyer has been a real miracle for you ?

I’ve waited for this role for 10 years ! If it hadn't been for this agent who was looking for a guy for a hair-style magazine, I would have given up on everything. With my wife, yessica, we couldn’t even pay the drafts of the house. And then there was Sawyer ! Did you know that 5 others actors of the show did an audition for the same role?

Isn’t your wife too jealous of your sometimes “hot” scenes with Kate ?
Absolutely not ! She’s even come several times on the set. Weird thing, it’s with evangeline she has sympathized the most doing shopping together. And also, Yessica knows how to make unforgettable massages, I don’t think Kate can do as good.

In this 4th opus, are you satisfied by Kate and Sawyer getting closer?
With Evangeline, we’re very good friends. It’s always better to have intimate scenes with an actress you feel pretty cool with. What satisfies me and gets us close too, is that we’re not part of the list of the real disappeared ones of opus 4. Remember, at the beginning we were 48 survivors...Today, after the strike, Kate and I think we’re REAL survivors !

naveen reveals spoiler about the end of the show !

here in french mag, people interviewed naveen during monte carlo festival and look what he gave to us
naveen spoiler about the end of the show !

Do you know how will end the show ?
The finale will be on the island.apart from that, i don't know any thing in advance, This is what makes the job fascinating but frustating. I just hope all mysteries will be resolved in a smart way.
Do you make suggestions to the writers?
Rarely. During season1, i suggested that sayid lived a romance with someone on the island, and they created his relationship with shannon. But it wasn't very long...I would like my character to live a new romance in season5.

two french covers for lost return

yes my country celebrated lost return the 5th july :) and i'm so happy 'cause it's the first time they used tv guide cover of may 2006 in france^^ and also 'cause i love them yes i'm very happy loool
enjoy i'll try to buy others mag if i find some others with lost return :)

vendredi 27 juin 2008

evie cool water making off

jeudi 26 juin 2008

Lost won 4 Saturn Award

On the TV side, "Lost" also won for actor Matthew Fox; supporting actor Michael Emerson; and Elizabeth Mitchell, who finished in a tie with Summer Glau of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" for supporting actress.

source : Saturn Award

mardi 24 juin 2008

Evangeline Lilly cool water advert !

finally we can see the advert of evie :)
i hope one day josh and her could do the promotion together could be awesome
if you want, let a message here maybe davidoff people could see it :)
request for josh and evie davidoff promotion

samedi 21 juin 2008

carlton interview with some hints for season5

thank carlton to those hints for new season of lost

1) Jack v Locke (Science v. Faith) - One of the fundamental themes of show. In Season 5 Jack will become more a Man of Faith and Locke will become more a Man of Science. Locke believes his destiny is tied to this island. This will be a story line that we will explore in the upcoming seasons.

2) We will learn what happened to Locke and the others. Also, now what is Locke's destiny since he is in "charge" of the island? He has committed his destiny to this island and thinks that it will lead him to enlightenment. We will eventually see if he is right or not.

3) Locke's story is not over. There is a famous guy named Jesus Christ that was resurrected.

4) We already know what our path is and people make mistakes in theories, because there is no simple answer and they do not have enough information

5) Sawyer is his favorite: Handsome, charming and dangerous, everything he would want to be.

6) He gives a shout out to Skaters and Jaters and then mentions that we call them Darlton. Kate will end up with one of the two eventually.

7) New LOST interactive game start at Comic-Con, register to become a member of Dharma Initiative. Depending on how you do on the test you will be a Physicist, Chemist, or even a Workman.

Terry Interview

(cj) During the Festival Großes Fernsehen, actor Terry O'Quinn came to Cologne in order to promote the German premiere of „Lost“'s fourth season on new premium cabler FOX Channel. Christian Junklewitz and Dominik Ahrens spoke with him for Serienjunkies. Right at the start of the interview, a very calm and kind O'Quinn cleared the rumour (spread, e.g., on wikipedia) that he has ever been a bodyguard: „If I was gonna start some kind of rumor, it would be one that I wouldn't have to back up...“

How do you keep up with everything that is going on on «Lost»? There are so many places on the island, so many time frames. How do you cope?
I only have to keep track of John Locke. I only have to know what he knows. In fact, the more difficult challenge is not paying attention to the things I am not supposed to know. John Locke doesn't have to keep track of everything, because he only knows what he knows.

But you have to keep track where on the time line all these things are supposed to happen to John Locke?
Yes, but in Locke's case, so far, he has only had the past and the present. As far as I know. Nobody has told me anything else. Both of those things are very clear to me and they are very clear to him. So, it's really not a challenge to me. It's more complicated for the fans of „Lost“.

How far in advance do you know what is going to happen to John? And I mean this more in terms of character development rather than plot development.
I don't know far at all. We are about to start shooting season five in the States, and I don't know how that begins. At the beginning of season four, we may have gotten the script two weeks before we began to shoot. By the end of the season, we got the script the day before we started to shoot. So, we don't know far in advance. The writers are very secretive, even with us. I would prefer they didn't tell me things I don't need to know because these are viewers' secrets I have to protect. I don't want them. It's not necessary.

So, the writers don't even tell you: We want to take John in this or that direction? You only get your screenplay, and that's it?
That's pretty much it. What I learned is this: Don't ask. Because they can't tell you. If I had a cast of twenty-some people I wouldn't tell any of them anything, ANYTHING.

There is a rumor that your colleague Matthew Fox is the only cast member who knows what the solution of the mystery in „Lost will be? Is that true?“
I have no idea. I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks he does. If he came and told me „I know what's gonna happen“, I would say „Ok, what?“, and then he would say „Well, I can't tell you“, and I'd say „Well, I don't believe you.“

source : serienjunkies

lundi 16 juin 2008

Best Chemistry EW article

thank Fb and especially su who scanned it for us :)

dimanche 15 juin 2008

Naveen's interview at montecarlo festival

Well, this just feels like Christmas morning—especially if you've had “Naveen Andrews Interview” on your list for Santa for years now (like us).

As you may know, Naveen has been fairly elusive with the press in recent years; however, the man we know and love (and drool over) as Lost's Sayid Jarrah graciously took some time at the Monte Carlo TV Fest to chat about that itty-bitty island on which he’s been kicking ass for four seasons strong.

Keep reading to get the goods!

What do you think of the fact that the show has an end date?
Relief, really. I think it was the only way to keep the quality up—the quality we had from the first season—and hopefully that's been borne out by the fourth season.

What theory do you have about how the show will end?
I just hope that whatever it is, all these things that they've thrown out—all these nuggets from the polar bear to infinity—that they put it together into some cohesive whole that makes sense and is satisfying for the audience.

Where do you go in two years when the series ends?
Wherever the good work is, whether it's film or TV. Wherever the good writing is.

Sayid showed off some pretty insane fight moves in the season finale, while battling Keamy. Has he always had those skills or has he been practicing?
I presume he was always able to, coming from the military and being in the Republican Guard, which I believe was an elite force.

How have you prepared for a character who seems quiet and peaceful on the surface but has a deep, dark side as a former torturer?
There's obviously a certain amount of academic research you can do with history—somebody from the military and their faith, the country they're from. But with TV, especially with a show of this nature, you have to be open and prepared for anything they might throw at you. It could mean a complete 180 in terms of what drives your character, and if you've prepared to the extent where it becomes rigid, it's not going to be useful, is it?

Which character would you like to have been if you weren't Sayid?
I always thought it would be Locke. I always liked that character, but I'm too...maybe I need to shave my head and just age a bit more.

Steve Jones, the former Sex Pistol, guided you to your first AA meeting. How did you get to know him?
I met him at a dinner party in L.A., and I was shocked to meet somebody who had been in that band who was not completely drugged out. I found that really intriguing, and it made me think, "If he's done it, then maybe I've got a chance."

source : kristin at eonline

jeudi 12 juin 2008

Jorge and Naveen vids tele7jours interview

i'm french so i searched for you in french website some vids ^^
enjoy :D

jorge singing love me tender

naveen joke about finale season3 lol

jorge arrives to the montecarlo hotel

naveen arrives to the montecarlo hotel

pics of Jorge and Naveen at montecarlo festival

Naveen and Jorge at montecarlo festival !
enjoy :)

Jorge Garcia's interview at montecarlo festival

Did you know that people from Monaco are called Monegasque? That's almost as good as people from Glasgow being Glaswegians and people from Manchester being Mancunians!

Ahem. Anyway, on with the show! The 48th Monte Carlo TV Fest is chock-full of small-screen stars ready to talk about our shows and young Bryan Reesman is on assignment for WWK to get the goods.

Now, want to know Jorge Garcia's theory about the series finale of Lost, what it will take to get Hurley to go back to the Island and how the show as changed his life? Click in!

source : jorge's interview kristin eonline

Chat with Terry

“I want to believe in magic”

Terry O’Quinn likes his character Locke in Lost. But if he had the opportunity to play someone else he would choose to play island hunk Sawyer. Continue reading to find out what Terry O’Quinn had to say:

source : terry's interview

mercredi 11 juin 2008

The island has moved in time !

thank kristin for this info

josh news pics of magnum set

thank kube from Fb and rcerione from LF

Evangeline cool water photoshoot

thank tati from Fb

mardi 10 juin 2008

Exclusive pics of the set by Jorge Garcia

Thank Jorge Garcia our dear Hurley to share it with his fan :)

samedi 7 juin 2008

lost 4x03 deleted scene

thank docarzt for this exclusive deleted scene of "the economist"

kristin spoilers !

Okay, I get the message. A week has passed since the season-four finale of Lost, but I can see from my flooded inbox that you still have a few little questions about what went down.

Damn you, island show, and your never-ending questions!

Mike in Hermosa Beach, Calif.: I have one question that I can't seem to find an answer to. And it's probably meant to be that we didn't hear, but what the hell did Sawyer whisper to Kate before he jumped?
Survey says: Nobody knows! I've checked with my sources, and also a rep for the show, and have been told by everyone that the writers are "saving that secret for later on." According to one insider who works on the show, that line (what Sawyer said) wasn't even in the script, so I'm guessing it was Josh Holloway spouting off his laundry list, or his favorite nursery rhyme, or most plausibly, his undying love for a certain E! TV correspondent. Bottom line, I wouldn't put too much (or any) stock into the gazillion "What Sawyer Said" videos currently playing on YouTube, some of which claim to have official subtitles. Bottom line: Only Damon and Carlton know. So if anyone sees them at Comic-Con next month (when they officially break their "radio silence") tackle them and tickle them until they tell, OK?

Jen in Boston: I just noticed on the alternate endings to the Lost season finale on, the ones with Desmond or Sawyer in the coffin. What is that about?

That is about making sure people like me (evil, evil people) didn't spill the beans on who was in the coffin before the finale aired. And about showing off how hot Sawyer and Desmond are when wearing suits (even if they are dead). Seriously, don't give those endings a second thought, because there's the external drama of managing the fandom and the foilers, and there's the show itself. As Joss Whedon once said, "Trust the tale, not the teller."

Anais in San Marino, Calif.: What did you think of the Jack's statement at the press conference in the "extended edition" of part one of "No Place Like Home" that Boone, Libby and Charlie survived the initial crash of 815 but died later?
I thought it was great, because it opens the door for the Oceanic Six to meet with Boone, Libby or Charlie's relatives, which in turns opens the door (IMHO) for parallel Boone, Libby and Charlie flashback scenes, hopefully from their time on the Island. And from a strictly production perspective, I think the fact that Ian Somerhalder, Cynthia Watros and Dominic Monaghan are still friends of the show, and have exhibited a willingness to do one-off guest returns, has a lot to do with them "surviving."

My question about all this, however, is why are three surivivors named by Jack in the press conference when he said only two others survived the initial crash when he was testifying at Kate's trial
By the way, if you haven't seen this scene yet, it's embedded above, and Jack starts talking about the other three survivors at the 0:45 mark.

Chris in Henderson, Nev.: If next season of Lost is about the Oceanic Six trying to get back, wouldn't it be more than just Emilie de Ravin who would need a holding contract? What about Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn, etc.?
They don't need holding contracts because we're going to see them on the Island next season, sillypants. I have no idea how they're going weave together the stories from back in the world with the stories from the Island, but Sawyer, Jin, Locke and company will be present and accounted for. I think a lot of season five will be a great ironic contrast between what the O6 think is happening on the Island, and what the Islanders think is happening in the world (all while the Widmore-Linus war rages around them).

Wallace in Nebraska: Kristin, if Emilie de Ravin (Claire) is not on Lost next year, where will she be?

Emilie de Ravin will be getting mani/pedis on Melrose and, I'm sure, booking other jobs (besides the ones we already told you about), while Claire, according to an inside source, "Is off with Christian." Whatever that means! By the way, we may still see Claire next year. It's just that EdR is not being used as a series regular, so we shouldn't expect to see much of her.

Eli in New York City: Kristin, I was curious to hear what you personally are looking forward to in season five? I'm hoping for more Ben-Charles scenes!
All I want for Christmas is a big reunion of the escapees with the still-stuck survivors. I can taste the tears of Jin and Sun's reunion now (she doesn't even know he's alive! the horror!), and they are sweet. The question, of course, is when it will happen.

So what are your thoughts? Can you stand a season of separation? Could you survive it if they filled it in with heretofore unseen Island flasbacks, dream sequences and ghostly visitations? Post your thoughts in the comments, because I can't be the only worried about this big split.

Jesse in Orlando: Hey Kristin, love your site. OK, quick question, but in the opening title sequence of my, well, our, favorite show Lost there is a part where the logo pixelates. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's as if the "O" and some of the "S" aren't fully rendered with whatever graphics program they were using. If you ever get a chance to ask Carlton or Damon, please do. It's a very simple title sequence, and the fact that it has a glitch must mean something.

If I recall correctly, that cheap hack J.J. Abrams actually created the Lost title sequence on his home computer as a placeholder while they were working on the pilot, and, lo and behold, it stuck! I know. That dude never does anything right.

source : kristin spoilers

vendredi 6 juin 2008

lost magazine#17

little sneak peek about the new issue

Hello and welcome to ABC's exclusive sneak-peek at the brand new issue of the Official LOST Magazine!

Still reeling from the adrenaline-charged season four finale? Us too! With the hiatus once again upon us, we've lined up another action-packed issue for you to help fill all your Lost needs!

Tapping the vein of Lost's dark side, we develop a cabin fever of our own in our exclusive By the Fire chats with Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Michael Emerson (Ben), two of the islanders blessed/cursed with the ability to visit Jacob's place.

Hatch fanatics keen to gain a closer look at the island's subterranean machinations will love the behind-the-scenes feature on The Tempest, and our 'The Others' sections are also looking pretty special this issue, including Director of Photography Cort Fey's fantastic appraisal of his role on the show.

Co-Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis return to our New Transmissions zone, and Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof takes a break to answer eight of your questions down in the Pearl station. There are also posters, news, and much more besides to keep you going on the long road to season five. Read on for an extract from our Hugo Reyes (Hurley) interview.

For further information on this issue visit

Get Lost delivered direct to your door! For a 20% subscription discount just click here!

To Absent Friends

First Libby, and then his closest friend on the island, Charlie... Hurley has had a hard time losing the people closest to him since he survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. But with season four's revelation that he is one of the Oceanic Six -- a survivor who gets off the island -- further stresses affect the loveable Hugo Reyes. Actor JORGE GARCIA talks exclusively about playing one of the show's most loved lost souls...

Lost Magazine: Casting Cheech Marin as Hurley's father was a coup...
Jorge Garcia: Cheech was great! The way the exit was set up, we had a lot of moments where we were just hanging out at the dining room table, or at the psychic, so we had a lot of down time to chat. He had stories about his Cheech and Chong days so it was cool.

Before Charlie's passing, were you happy with their goodbye on the beach?
It was kind of melancholy. Someone called it the end of an era. That was a bit sad. There is a clever way they are able to take a lot of the overly dramatic stuff out of the sad scenes. They do it for a lot of the other kinds of scenes too. I liked how they showed that only Charlie knew the dynamics of this final goodbye. I thought that was a really nice touch. It was reminiscent of how all Hurley could say to Libby when she was dying was, "Sorry I forgot the blanket." Those are two great moments and those are the choices the writers make which are very strong and real in a way.

Charlie tells Hurley he loves him but Hurley doesn't seem to get it... or does he?

Yeah, I just brush it off and go, "I love you too, you weirdo." That is it. It really set up well the moment, later this season, where Hurley finds out not only what happened, but that Charlie volunteered for his fate.

Why do you think those two characters clicked?
I don't know. We are no more opposite than Shannon and Sayid. When you are thrust into a situation, you just find who you cling to. In a sense, they were not cut out to be heroes or villains. They just find each other. I love that scene when they are going through records in the hatch and it's basically like a dorm-room scene between two roommates.

source : lost magazine#17

mardi 3 juin 2008

News josh holloway photoshoot USA TODAY

thank to Honey-Girl at Josh Holloway - Fan forum