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dimanche 30 novembre 2008

Lost Kubrick Figurines at Meltdown Comics

source :

Episode 5x04 - The Little Prince - Call Sheet

here details about epi 5x04 and some others episodes to, this is REALLY spoilers so here the link where you can read it
call sheet 5x04

Is Seth Green Headed for Lost Island?

Spoiler alert: "The cheerleader is a dude!"

"Horn-Rimmed Glasses gets contacts! Deal with it!"

These are just a few of the "hot spoilers" that Heroes' latest newcomers Seth Green and Breckin Meyer are spilling on what's ahead for the NBC cult series. (Do we get you the scoop or what, people?!)

The real-life besties make their first appearance tonight, so we hit the Heroes set for the 411 and found out Seth is actually hoping this is a stopover on the way to Lost island...

Turns out Seth's good friend and recently axed executive producer Jeph Loeb got him the gig on Heroes. But it wasn't necessarily his first choice!

"When Jeph was on Lost I called him all the time to get on the show," Seth says. He adds that it "didn't quite work out," but he would still love to do a guest spot at some point and hasn't given up hope. Damon, Carlton, don't you have room for a redheaded meat sock or Other?

source : kristin eonline

spoilers days !

yes i'm back so enjoy your spoilers days guys ^^

mercredi 26 novembre 2008

two news lost promo

little new footage on the promo enjoy :)

Josh holloway new magnum ads (posters and vid)

Rebecca Mader's Generosity Water Video

very good vid Rebecca, very good :)

lost season5 australian promo

Hello guys !! i missed you but i got serious issue with my internet connection -_-
it's not with new footage but god lost return is soon and i'm so happy so i love to see other country promoting lost too so enjoy :) more update will come in fews hours

dimanche 23 novembre 2008

lost promo#3

very short but with some news scenes too so enjoy :)

samedi 22 novembre 2008

Lost return in 60 days !!

i noticed it when i changed the number in my msn and i thought god the hiatus is almost done, it's so amazing and more and more we'll get new promo, promo pics, interviews, it's so cool and so i wanted to do something to say it ^^

vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Another version of the poster BIG HQ

as i promised to some people here the BIG HQ of the second version of lost poster :)
enjoy ^^ and thanks for coming in my blog too :)

link of the BIG HQ
lost poster#2

tell me if the link don't work please

another lost preview of the fray clip

yes another one and with interesting screencaps o_O

you can see caps if you click here

Lost The Fray’s clip on ABC

Update after i slept lol : the clip on my daily account :)

i learnt by my source they can use the clip 6 months so i guess we'll see some news versions as they made with demons in s3

you can watch it right now on abc now
i'll add my dailymotion link later guys ;)

i made some caps too