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dimanche 28 février 2010

Video : AP at Paley center some teasers for finale serie by Darlton

Thanks Hely from Outlaws for the head up

From Ausiello

The answer is “yes” to the following: Will Richard and Ilana exchange some words soon? Will we see another painting by Bender? Do some of the characters’ last names have significance, particularly Jack’s? Is Jack married to someone we’ve met before? Was Jacob telling the truth when he said someone was coming to the island? Will we learn more about Hurley and Libby’s connection? Will we see Vincent and Charlie again? Will we learn if Desmond was really on the plane?

The answer is “no” to the following: Will we get a conclusion to the story of Ben’s love, Annie? Do the purple circles in Bender’s mural mean anything? Did Juliet’s ex-husband get killed by a smoke bus? Will there be a DVD release of the show in chronological order?

The answer is “maybe” to the following: Will the Hurley bird be explained? Will we see Walt again?

The answer is “no comment” to the following: Will we learn why women can’t have babies on the island?


Videos Spoilers : Damon and Carlton about Claire and her friendship with Flocke

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Ryan's podcast

Thanks to Samy for the summary.

-So the call sheet for episode 6x06 says that Claire enters the temple and creates some panic. Sayid slits lennon's throat and then Kate and Miles run away from Smokie.
-Call sheet for episode 6x13 Jack and Flocke catch up and have meaningfull conversation. Sawyer tells Jack about his plan. Then they all start a treck throught the jungle. Jack ask Claire if she trust Flocke, and then Flcke ask Sun of she saw Sayid. Flocke catch up with Sayid and when he does he tells him that he (sayid) shoot Desmond.
-Scene from episode 13 for the AU. Claire, Jack, David, Desmond in the scene. Claire is going at the adoption center she meets Desmons and he convince her to see a lawyer, jack is there also for his father's will when his ex-wife calls. Ryan's thinks Desmond is some sort of Jacob of this reality that pushes all the character togheter, or sht like that.
-Filming at te studio, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Ben, it seems they were filming in the interior of the sub. Then in another moment Jack, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, they were all wet. no idea what they were shooting.
-Call sheet from episode 6.15. Mostly about Jacob/MIB. Year 23AD Young MIB talk with his mother. Then in another scene another woman called just 'mother' tells Jacob and MIB that she killed their mother. Ryan says that the woman who plays this 'mother' is a big guest, Allison Janney, from West wing, i think.
-Year 43AD older Jacob goes in the wood, came back to his village and is burned to the ground, the scenario is gruesome, blood everywere. They actor was the same that we saw in 6X04, so he was young Jacob, and probably is from here that came all the blood.
-filming at police beach 2 people in the beach one dressed in white, the other in black. Probably Young Jacob and Young MIB.
-Scenes at Manoa falls, probably near the cages with Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Claire, Lapidus. Filmed late at night, till after midnight.
-Scene at the studio, the source couldn't see anything but could year 2 kids, YJacob and YMIB, this is the conversation 'Jacob what are you doing' sounds like a fight 'I'm going with them the other people - i want to go home to my mother - she is not even a real mother - you don't trust me but one day you'll believe me' No idea who says what tho.


From Kristin

Lost's Cast and Creators Give Scoop to Fans on the End
Today 9:00 PM PST by Kristin Dos Santos

Oh, happy day for Lost fans.

Not only is the cast safe and sound after today's expected tsunami in Hawaii—which thankfully never came—they treated fans to some seriously juicy teases on what's in store for the final episodes at tonight's Paley Festival event in Beverly Hills.

Who is Jack's baby momma? Will we see Walt again? Will we see the original Man in Black? Here's the nitty gritty of what you need to know...

(Note: Please check back later for exclusive scoop from my interviews tonight, but in the meantime, here's what the cast and creators revealed to the fans.)

1. Jack's baby momma (mother of David Shephard in the flash-sideways world) IS somebody we've met before. Juliet? Kate? Sara? Hmm...

2. We probably will see Walt again. "[Malcolm David Kelley] absolutely would still be on the show," Carlton Cuse said, "but the actor aged." Damon Lindelof: "We are working on a way to bring Walt back before Lost is all said and done."

3. Damon: "Ilana and Richard will say things to each other and about each other in the future."

4. Terry O'Quinn is "playing a guy who we're not going to see until the finale." (Eeeee!)

5. Someone IS coming to the island.

6. Matthew Abbadon will not return.

7. We will get an answer to Libby and Hurley and their connection in the past.

8. Vincent will be back.

9. The finale is being written right now. Episode 15 was just shot this week in Hawaii.

10. Damon says there's no need for an island to have a Lost-themed ride at Disney World: "Just put people in a black room, spin them around and punch them in the face and tell them 'You just had the Lost experience.'"
Lost, Jorge Garcia ABC/Mario Perez

11. Will we find out if there really was a bird on the island that said "Hurley" as it flew by? "That is on our list of things to explain."

12. When asked if we'll find out what happened to Annie, Ben's childhood sweetheart, Carlton says "We don't want to say. Probably not."

13. The gang's back together! While answering an unrelated Q, Terry O'Quinn mentioned: "A whole bunch of the cast is working together again."

14. There will be more for Charlie fans.

15. Alan Dale aka Charles Widmore will return.

16. Whether Jacob actually ever furnished a list of candidates to Ben or The Others is speculative...and might have been Ben lying to get the surgery from Jack.

17. A clip was shown for next week's episode in which Sayid says "apparently, I'm evil," Miles tells Sayid he was dead and says "Whatever brought you back it wasn't them (Temple people)," and Claire storms into the Temple telling Dogen that "He" wants to talk to him.

Check back later for exclusive interviews with the cast and producers of Lost, and Modern Family too.

In the meantime, what does this all mean for the very end? How does the whole cast come together again? Discuss!


samedi 27 février 2010

News from Hawaii and for Paley Center tonight

Hours after a massive 8.8 earthquake hit Chile, the residents of Oahu, Hawaii, have been bracing for a predicted tsunami, and the stars of Lost, who live and work on the island, are among them.

We've just from star Daniel Dae Kim --whose trip to Los Angeles today for a fan event was derailed because of the tsunami warning--and also Lost boss Damon Lindelof, and here is the good news they shared...

"All our cast and crew is accounted for and safely away from coastal areas," Damon tells me this afternoon. Jorge Garcia continues to thrash me in Scrabble via iPhone from Ken Leung's house. Our entire team in Hawaii appreciates all the positive energy being sent their way."

Daniel decided not to fly to Los Angeles this morning for tonight's Paley Festival fan event to stay with his family druing the tsunami warning. "My family and I are doing fine," Daniel told me less than an hour ago. "We've moved to high ground and are staying with friends who generously opened their home to us. All that's left to do is wait. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who sends their thoughts and good wishes."

According to the show's ABC rep, the other cast members expected at tonight's Paley event—Michael Emerson, Terry O'quinn Nestor Carbonell and Zulheika Robinson—are already in Los Angeles, so Daniel is the only cast member whose plans have changed because of the tsunami warning. The rest of the cast is still in Hawaii and were unable to attend tonight's event because they were working on Lost, according to a rep for the show.

Photos : all promo pics for episode 6x06 in MQ+ in the gallery

Now you can get find all promo pics in the gallery

vendredi 26 février 2010

From Kristin

Lost: Michael Emerson Hints at a Big Death That Cannot Be...Right?!

Spoiler Alert: Did we just uncover the identity of one of the impending casualties Michael Emerson told us about at the Lost premiere?

If we read between the lines of what Michael spilled Thursday night while accompanying his lovely wife, True Blood's Carrie Preston, to the Costume Designer's Guild Awards, one of the Losties we love watching best may be a goner. He also gave us the scoop on freaky-deaky alterna-Ben, the high school teacher...

"You'll see the biggest Ben episode ever in the next two weeks," says Michael, which first left us in a tizzy of excitement (come on, you know Ben episodes are always the best!). But it's what he tells us next that's cause for concern: "It's a big one, and it may be the last one of the Ben's worth watching."

Now, you'll have to interpret his statement as you see fit, but as far as we can tell, this leaves us with two options: Ben is not long for both the real and/or sideways worlds, or Michael was simply referring to the decreasing number of Lost episodes remaining before the finale. And while the latter seems much more logical since this cast is full of lip-zipping pros, isn't there a teensy chance we just witnessed a rare occurrence in which one of the most beloved Losties around tricked us with such a straightforward response? Just a thought.

As for the new version of Ben we've yet to get to know, Michael promises that his brief introduction was not smoke and mirrors—this Ben is a great guy!

"There's more of that to come. That's Ben's flash-sideways, and I can't tell you if that's realer than the island existence that we already know of," he explains. "I haven't gotten it figured out yet."

What he has figured out is the way this guy works. "Think of it this way—he has all the same characteristics that Ben has, but they're in different quantities. He has some of the same urges or fantasies, but they're not as powerful with him," Michael tells us. Simply put: "He's more of a regular guy."

Does this regular guy become besties with one wheelchair-bound John Locke (Terry O'Quinn)?

"They have an important relationship," Michael teases with that deliciously devious little grin of his. "Yeah...friends," is all he'll say of their status.

What's your take on Michael's slick reveal—is it just wordplay or is Ben doomed? And how excited are you to see Locke and Ben all buddy-buddy?


Emilie De Ravin Interview

Actress Emilie de Ravin glad Lost found her
Published On Fri Feb 26 2010

Lost star Emilie de Ravin says she's excited to be back as a series regular on the final season of the sci-fi smash.

She says it's been especially challenging now that her character, the young mother Claire, has suddenly emerged as a violent and unpredictable force on the show, about a planeload of castaways marooned on a strange island.

The Australian actress was written out of the previous season when most of the characters escaped the island for three years, leaving Claire behind.

During a stop in Toronto to promote an upcoming film, de Ravin says Claire has been through a lot since viewers last saw her, and has had to rely on a reincarnated Locke as her only friend in the jungle.

De Ravin says Claire's only focus has been on finding her son Aaron, and that's built up a lot of frustration and anger which emerges in violent and unpredictable ways.

She says she still has several weeks of shooting left on the show and is as mystified as fans are as to how things will wrap up.
"It's been really fun this season because not only can I still play sort of the old Claire, or the original Claire in flashes, but ... three years has taken a bit of a toll on (new) Claire and she's a little different right now," de Ravin said Thursday while in town to promote her upcoming film, Remember Me.

"She's been living on her own. Her only contact has been with Locke who is no longer Locke, or as she calls him, her friend. Her only objective in these three years ... is to try and find her son, to try and find Aaron. That's all she's been trying to do and it hasn't worked so there's quite a bit of built-up frustration there as well, which comes out in quirky ways but also violent ways and unpredictable manner."

Last Tuesday's episode was full of surprise revelations involving a gun-toting, wild-haired Claire and the other castaways.
De Ravin admits to hoping for a happy ending for her character, but given the show's wild leanings, notes anything is possible.

"It'd be nice to see her back with Aaron," said de Ravin. "But that could also happen, I suppose, in a (time) flash. It doesn't have to happen in island time."


Michael Emerson Interview

Lost Finale Still a Mystery to Michael Emerson

Fans are waiting with bated breath to see how Lost will end May 23. Michael Emerson, who plays sinister Island dweller Ben Linus, included.

“I have no idea how it is going to end because we aren’t finished shooting the season yet. I would have thought by this point I would have an inkling, but I don’t have even that,” he told TV Guide Magazine at the premiere for HBO’s upcoming World War II miniseries The Pacific Feb. 2 in Hollywood. “When I go back to Hawaii next week, there are still three more episodes to shoot. Those scripts are unknown. In fact, they haven’t been handed out to the cast because they have not be written and finalized.”

In case there’s still time to make revisions, Emerson hopes the finale “is dramatic and moving. It would be nice if it was also a little bit mind-blowing and contained the a-ha quality. I want fans of the show, myself included, to say, ‘Oh my God. That’s what it was all this time.’”

He didn’t offer much more direction than that although he did say he trusts the show’s writers and producers to come up with something fantastic. He also believes that fans will be satisfied with the series’ conclusion. “We are in good hands with our writers. I think they will give people answers and a wrap-up. I think most people will be happy. There will be some unanswered or open-ended questions at the end still, but I don’t think that will keep it from being satisfying.”

Might they be questions to ponder in a big-screen adaptation a la Sex & The City? “I can guarantee you that you will never see this entire cast all together in one project at the same time ever again,” he continued. “But someone could write a movie and you might get two or three of our actors to do it again but probably not many. I think most people want to go out on top and quit while we’re ahead.”

He does not have his next project picked out yet although he is already prepared to be pigeonholed. “Every time you play a character well, people try to pigeonhole you. It will be up to me to search out a next great gig and hopefully I’ll have the strength not to just take the next sinister part. Of course, that’s mainly what they’re going to offer me. I have to remain steadfast and find a new path. One of the ways I can accomplish that may be to go to another medium for a while. I may try to do some plays in New York and let this all settle. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I want to honor that.”

Or he may leave the business all together. “I’m not in a rush to really to jump into the next job. My wife [show [True Blood’s Carrie Preston] is on a pretty popular show I may sit back and let her pay the mortgage for awhile,” he joked. “I may quit acting all together and become her personal assistant. In some ways, that job would suit me better. I hold a mean purse.”


"Paley Center event" : who will be there ?

It has been posted on twitter
The panel for "LOST" tomorrow night includes: Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Zuleihka Robinson, Nestor Carbonell and Daniel Dae Kim.

Additional "LOST" panelists: Elizabeth Sarnoff, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Jack Bender, Edward Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz.

source : paleycenter

Vanity Fair cover for May

It have been on twitter so the cover will be like I expected : Josh, Evi and Foxy and group inside
source : _blabz

LOST 6x06 ABC Promo #2

jeudi 25 février 2010

Photos : Vanity Fair Candids BTS with Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox

I really can't wait for the VF cover but for now get a look of the "infamous" love triangle, aren't they great together ? :)

more here :

Photos : additionnal promo pics for episode 6x05

more promo pics here at the gallery

Ausiello scoop

Question: Can you tell me if any of the following Losties will get a centric episode by season’s end: Miles, Ilana, Lapidus, or Claire? —Stephen
No, no, no, and no. At least as of 6.15. And my guess is the final hours won’t center on anyone. The good news: You’ll see a lot of those four in other people’s sideways arcs.

source : EW

Video : Vodcast with Jorge Garcia about episode 6x05

Jorge talks about "lighthouse"

mercredi 24 février 2010

Photos : 3 outtakes in MQ of Josh Holloway for TV GUIDE

wow it took me times but finally i found it !
so Enjoy :)

Video soundbite SPOILERS : Damon and Carlton teaser for episode 6x06

it's REALLY spoilers, darlton teased a lot the next episode you've been warned !


Who's Good and Who's Evil? Jorge Garcia tells me this: "I don't think Hurley is going to be turn-able. Like I don't think he can…turn dark. I mean, it'd be interesting if there was a flash of that." So perhaps some of the candidates cannot be touched/claimed by MIB? Clearly Hurley has to wind up a good guy.

What Is the Island? That very huge question will be answered in less time than you think--somewhere around halfway through the season, according to sources. Awesome, right? And you know who's going to help deliver the message? The fantastic, ever-youthful guyliner model Mr. Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) and his longtime friend Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). It's gonna be good.

So…What Is the Island? It's described as a four-letter word. There's your first clue! Shall we play Hangman? There are no A's or E's in the word…Wanna buy another vowel? Okay, but you only get one.

Another thing I can tell you: The island has to exist, according to my sources, and more importantly, someone has to protect it. It's important to the world outside.


From TvGuide

So we've been hearing a lot about Michael's return to Lost. But what about Waaaaaaalt? — Karen
MICKEY: We asked Harold Perrineau if the rumor of a Michael-Walt reunion was true. "It is not true as of this moment," he told us. Another source, though, says that since young Malcolm David Kelley is, like, 7 feet tall now, producers are going to have to explain Walt's fate through others' stories. Remember that kid who just showed up in the clearing last week?


Video : sneak peek for episode 6x06

LOST 6x06 Promo

Thanks to the Odi and SycloneFX

Photos : 4 promo pics episode 6x06

here fews promo pics for the next episode "Sundown"

Pre order your Locke bobblehead !!

My godddddd just received Richard and Danny boy today and my personal "satan" is back, why satan ? 'cause LOST (and also some SW stuff) will ruin me lol but...

source :

mardi 23 février 2010

Michael Emerson interview

A Half-Hour with Lost's Most Compelling (Living) Character

Speaking to Ben Linus Michael Emerson is odd. While you never hear the Machiavellian mastermind on Lost actually laugh, his real life doppelganger lets out everything on a spectrum from giggles to guffaws. And like any obsessive fan of the show (is there any other kind, at this point?), Emerson loves to speculate. Here, he dishes with GQ on Ben's sex life (or lack thereof), why he can't see the guy as creepy, and what to expect from the rest of season six. And in true Lost fashion, he answers a few questions, but makes us wonder about a whole mess of others.

So Ben's eulogy for Locke last week. Wow—spectacular.
Wasn't it? The beauty of it is that of all the people standing at that grave site, Ben is the one really mourning the passing of John Locke. I sent an e-mail to the writers of that episode and thanked them. That eulogy's one of the best things they ever gave me, I think. I lucked out.

You've gotten several of those heartbreaking, tender moments, almost always as a result of awful events the character set in motion immediately before.
It's so great, the range and juxtaposition of the stuff I get to play. It's just...delicious.

There's a great new gag clip of you petitioning the showrunners for a more robust love life for Ben. Do you think Ben is a virgin?
[pause] Wow. In the days when it looked like he had warm feelings for Juliet, I did give some thought to his experience or inexperience in romance... [pause] Wow! I don't know. If he is...experienced...who would it have been with? And where? And how? It's a possibility—it might go a long way toward explaining his personality, if he is a virgin.

[Check out last week's episode reactions from GQ's Lost Council of Nerds and Jesse Lee's School of Lost podcast.]

Ben's a teacher in this new timeline we're seeing. How the hell does the schemer, the plotter, the master manipulator in Ben get satisfaction teaching high school history? Is that the same Ben we've been watching for four years?
What's interesting about these flash-sideways—or whatever you want to call them, these parallel realities—is that all the characteristics of your personality are there, but the mix is different. Everyone has the same set of characteristics, but in wildly varying quantities. We look for the characteristics we're accustomed to, and the payoff is that we find them, but we find them altered.

This was something the writers and directors told you.
This is just my personal analysis after having played a lot of it—because there's more of it to come. I don't know which storyline is truer; I don't know if one is more real than the other. But that answer is presumably to come.

Glad we're in the same boat.
Absolutely. I read the stuff online—the speculations, the questions, the frustrations. It completely echoes the discussions we have when we're sitting around on the set.

Click on the link to read the rest of the interview.


My review on "the substitute"

First sorry it took me time, I was sick last week and then i’ve had no time this week end to make the review but today i have :)

I could say it’s my favorite episode for the mythology aspect on this show this year. I still not like this Flocke thing BUT I really enjoyed what we learnt ‘cause of him.

I’ll start with Ben and co.

After Flocke and Richard left, we saw Ilana crying for Jacob, seems she worked for him or maybe he meant a lot for her don’t you think ?

The fact she took the ashes to keep could have two significations.

Like when someone die you can keep it forever or even throw it in the water a way to say “rest in peace”

Or the ashes are maybe what it can protect them from Flocke, maybe he couldn’t approach them if they keep it.

Guess we’ll find out more later...

Ben is back, I mean it’s not like he’s dead and all but after what he did Ben is all “quiet” still lying of course, he said Flocke killed Jacob, but we know he didn’t but i guess Ben is smart enough to know if he said to them he killed Jacob, he could be buried alive lol

Wonder if they’ll find out, he lied, I guess it’s possible and at the same i don’t think it’s important.

Ilana said they’ve to go to the Temple it’s the only safe place now and we’re all ok we know but WHY ? ‘cause of the ashes ? because there is something we didn’t know yet about this place, give us the answer, we got it was safe place just WHY ok ? last season we’ve to know it ! lol

Also she said Flocke is recuiting and we’re all FOR WHAT...let’s find out later in the review.


It killed me a lot to see the Locke’s funeral, i cried because this scene marked the fact he’s gone forever now, no matter we might see him again on the island, it’s Flocke, John Locke the believer died.

I'm very sorry I murdered him

Of course you’re Ben, you let free a monster now, someone we can’t figure out what he/it really wants and if he/it is good or bad. For now seems Flocke is bad but as i said on another review, i don’t think he’s the Bad guy. Emerson is amazing and I really can’t hate Ben even if what he did, I love to hate Ben, I know why he did it, Ben wanted to be the chosen one and it appear now well...there is more than one candidates what he could have do if he knew it ? Kill them all to become the one for Jacob ? I don’t think so but what i mean is soon Locke arrived on the island, Ben’s life was screwed in many ways so he killed him because he HAVE to for himself, it’s selfish but it’s Ben. The fact he was the only one to speak about Locke touched me because except the fact he did kill John, Ben said the true Locke was a believer, a man of the faith and he’s gone...

Now let’s talk about the FS

On this life Locke is...well different I do love him but there is something missing in him, this believer aspect, the man of the faith has no one, he has good life, and i’m happy for him but it’s not the life he was supposed to have. Locke was destiny to crash on the island and become this amazing hunter I fall with. At some moment this man is here but it’s like he’s trapped inside him, when he spoke to Rose and she said “So, how about we find you a job you can do?” I wanted to hear him say his line “Don’t tell me what i can’t do !” But here it didn’t happen...I wasn’t disappointed but at this moment i KNEW my Locke wasn’t this man and it’s like put another knife in my heart.

There is also this moment where he’s choosing the color, he chose the green, it remind me of the color of Locke’s shirt he wore a lot on the island and I was nostalgic and then he chose the other one, like he knew he can’t have this one, like i said trapped inside once again...

So Locke is happy, I’m happy for him, Helen and Him were an adorable couple, I was so sad when he learnt she died, maybe in this life 3 years ago she’ll too but at least Locke could have be happy a while. Speaking of death now we got our answer since LA X, Rose will die, she has still cancer and she accepted it, the other Rose accepted it too but it was so sad to see them be HAPPY, i mean don’t get me wrong it’s great to see them happy, lucky (for Hurley) BUT something is definitively wrong here, i can’t put a finger on it but it’s my feeling.

Now let’s talk about Locke and his father. My god... How a man who got paralyzed because of this monster could be all, yes i love my dad, we can invite him for our wedding i was o_O

So now the question is : Maybe cooper did push him and he didn’t feel the building AND he never met Jacob or maybe he did and Locke went in a special Room 23 we never saw and got brainwashed because there is NO way he could forgive him what he did, i mean who could ?

So another mystery in the FS...

Emilie De Ravin interview

'Lost' Star Emilie de Ravin On Claire's Hair, Furry Friends and Island Enemies

If the end of the third episode of this season of 'Lost,' titled 'What Kate Does,' made your jaw drop a little, you're not alone.

Just the sight of Claire Littleton -- our long lost 'Lost' friend -- was enough to inspire cheers. But Claire with a rifle, some old fatigues and seriously ratted out hair? Yikes.

I caught up with Emilie de Ravin on the set of 'Lost' in Oahu to find out how Claire is doing, mentally, this season on the Island. She also spilled a bit about her new furry friend, her old deceptive friend Locke (who we now know lovingly as Smocke) and the incestuous, Drive Shaft-filled twists and turns to come before the end.

Hey -- anything's possible on this show, right?

So Claire is crazy, huh?
[Laughs] In a nutshell, yes!

Funny you say the word "nutshell" because I've heard something about a squirrel baby ...
Mmmhmmm ... I've made myself a squirrel child out of squirrel bones and some kind of fur and little button eyes. He's real cute.

Obviously you can't just disappear with your father in that cabin for a full season and not have repercussions, so is this what's happened?
Yeah, she's been three years, living on her own, making her own housing and food and protecting herself. The only person she's had contact with as a friend is Locke -- who's not really Locke anymore. So any information that she's been given about what's going on with other people or the Island is from him. And there are maybe some things that are not the whole truth. He's led her to believe that the Others have her baby at the Temple, so that's been her whole plan this last three years, to get him back. Finding out that he's off the Island and Kate is bringing him up is just like a complete, complete shock to her. So there's an interesting relationship with Claire and Kate now -- a combination of animosity, to say the least, and also respect and thanks. So that's been fun playing with.

Click on the link to read the rest of the interview:


Video : Damon and Carlton soundbite for episode 6x05

Darlton share some teasers for "lighthouse"

Ew : 10 Who Could Be 'Jacob'

Here fews of Jacob's candidates and I added the one who seems not to be one of them(at least for now) Kate ! (click to enlarge)

more here : EW

Tv guide summary for epi 6x05

Okay, we're up to date on what the "trapped" Locke Monster's up to. He wants out! And we know that Jacob was thinking succession. (Where's Kate?) Full understanding, of course, is another matter ("inside joke" indeed), but last week's Sawyer-Locke Monster walkabout certainly was draining. Sawyer will encounter a friendlier face tonight. You can also look for more doings at the temple. And back in L.A., Hurley's trying to talk Jack into...something. Veronica Hamel returns as Jack's mother, Margo.

source : tv guide

From Kristin

A picture is worth a thousand words, and at least 500 of those would be hot and smoldering when it comes to Ian Smolderhotter Somerhalder.

And when a photo is combined with the headline above, it says these words too:

Spoiler Alert! Ian just might pop back up on Lost again—Praise Jacob!—but not before he scores a point or two over Stefan (with Nina Dobrev's Elena) on The Vampire Diaries. What's that other word again? Oh yeah: Woo.

Deirdre in Tallahassee: Please, Lost scoop!

Keep reading below, but also, I'm going to be interviewing the Lost cast very soon at the Paley Television Festival, along with many others from other awesome shows. So (a) look for me and say hi if you happen to attend the festival and (b) Please email me any questions and/or professions of love for the following casts: Modern Family, Lost, NCIS, Community, Dexter, Cougar Town, The Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad, FlashForward, Glee or Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Especially Dexter, as I'll be moderating that one...and trying not to weep when I see Julie Benz.)

Stephanie: What's the word on Lost? Give me something juicy!

Oh, and I suppose you want to know about that scoop I teased at the tippy top! Well, sources tell me that we will see Ian Somerhalder's Boone again before Lost comes to an end, and given that we now know Maggie Grace's Shannon also will return, we can only hope they share some screen time together again, right? Vampire Diaries boss Julie Plec (love her) told me she's good friends with Lost boss Damon Lindelof, and asked him about Ian before casting him on her show: "I called up Damon and said, 'Hey, Is Ian an ass? Because I think he might be an ass.' And [Damon] told me, 'No, he's awesome.' So when he asked for Ian [on Lost], of course I had to say yes! It ended up being a bit more involved than we thought, but I had to say yes since [Damon] helped me out in the first place." Food for thought: Are all the nice/cool showrunners part of some supersecret club? If so, can we locate their secret hideout and crash it? I want in!

Whitley: Thanks so much for the Lost Reduxes every Tuesday night. I love them! Can you give any goods for this week?

Thank you! Now pardon me while I try to speak with tongue tied: I know what the Island is. And you will, too—much sooner than you thought you would. More on that in tomorrow night's Lost Redux. (Whee!)

Matt in Scripps Ranch, Calf.: Enough shipper talk! I just want some fun, old-fashioned scoop on Lost.

We caught up with Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks fame, and he said he's totally gonna end up with Kate. Kidding! Here's what he really said: "Damon Lindelof is an old dear friend of mine, and for six years he would say, 'I'm going to write you something cool on the show,' and finally he did!" Just keep your eyes peeled because it's a blink-and-you'll miss it guest spot. "It's a little itty-bitty cameo, one scene, and I don't want to say what it is. I want to people to watch like hawks, 'Ah! There it is!' " Awesome. And speaking of blink-and-you'll-miss-it, did anyone else realize that the temp-agency girl who interviewed John Locke in last week's episode was also Hurley's psychic in season three? I caught it on my 83rd take of the episode cause I'm that smart.


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Lost: How Will Michael and Libby Return?

Sure, Harold Perrineau's character, Michael Dawson, died, but that doesn't mean he can't return to Lost. sat down with with Perrineau in Hawaii after he shot his return to Lost to find out how Michael will interact with both Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Libby (Cynthia Watros), whom Michael killed, in a way that will surprise even die-hard fans.

Among Michael's many acts of deception, most serious was that he murdered Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) and Libby in cold blood in Season 2. Since then, the estranged father has been trying to rectify mistakes and, according to Perrineau, he just may get it — despite being dead. In fact, he says, Michael is going to apologize to Libby.

"I did get to apologize," Perrineau says. "Every time I did it, it was really emotional. There was something really nice about it. It's not just apologizing to her, but to Hurley as well."

Co-star Garcia shared the same sentiments. "It played really well. When we did the rehearsal for it, I found myself getting way more emotional than I thought I was going to."

Michael's apology springs from his search for redemption this season. "That's what he's been trying to do since he came back originally," Perrineau says. "That's what Michael has been doing since the Ana Lucia-Libby episode, trying to find some redemption."

Ana Lucia, who Michael also murdered, won't be getting an apology though. "She was in his way," says Perrineau. "She was going to kill Ben. You see how good Michael Emerson is on the show, right? If she'd have killed him, we would've missed all that. You should be thanking me!"

So will Libby and Michael be incarnations of the Smoke Monster like the now-dead Locke? "I'm totally the ghost of Michael," Perrineau says, though he questions if every dead character we've seen has been a form of either Jacob or the Man in Black. Added Garcia: "I'm pretty confident that Libby is not the Man in Black when you see her."

As for the alternate timeline where our Lostaways are living and breathing, Perrineau said we won't be seeing an off-island Michael. "Unless they are using some old footage, as far as I know, Michael is only dead this season." Garcia added an ominous "we'll see" for the status of Libby being alive off the island.

Are you excited for the return of Michael and Libby?


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