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vendredi 26 février 2010

From Kristin

Lost: Michael Emerson Hints at a Big Death That Cannot Be...Right?!

Spoiler Alert: Did we just uncover the identity of one of the impending casualties Michael Emerson told us about at the Lost premiere?

If we read between the lines of what Michael spilled Thursday night while accompanying his lovely wife, True Blood's Carrie Preston, to the Costume Designer's Guild Awards, one of the Losties we love watching best may be a goner. He also gave us the scoop on freaky-deaky alterna-Ben, the high school teacher...

"You'll see the biggest Ben episode ever in the next two weeks," says Michael, which first left us in a tizzy of excitement (come on, you know Ben episodes are always the best!). But it's what he tells us next that's cause for concern: "It's a big one, and it may be the last one of the Ben's worth watching."

Now, you'll have to interpret his statement as you see fit, but as far as we can tell, this leaves us with two options: Ben is not long for both the real and/or sideways worlds, or Michael was simply referring to the decreasing number of Lost episodes remaining before the finale. And while the latter seems much more logical since this cast is full of lip-zipping pros, isn't there a teensy chance we just witnessed a rare occurrence in which one of the most beloved Losties around tricked us with such a straightforward response? Just a thought.

As for the new version of Ben we've yet to get to know, Michael promises that his brief introduction was not smoke and mirrors—this Ben is a great guy!

"There's more of that to come. That's Ben's flash-sideways, and I can't tell you if that's realer than the island existence that we already know of," he explains. "I haven't gotten it figured out yet."

What he has figured out is the way this guy works. "Think of it this way—he has all the same characteristics that Ben has, but they're in different quantities. He has some of the same urges or fantasies, but they're not as powerful with him," Michael tells us. Simply put: "He's more of a regular guy."

Does this regular guy become besties with one wheelchair-bound John Locke (Terry O'Quinn)?

"They have an important relationship," Michael teases with that deliciously devious little grin of his. "Yeah...friends," is all he'll say of their status.

What's your take on Michael's slick reveal—is it just wordplay or is Ben doomed? And how excited are you to see Locke and Ben all buddy-buddy?


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