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dimanche 28 février 2010

Ryan's podcast

Thanks to Samy for the summary.

-So the call sheet for episode 6x06 says that Claire enters the temple and creates some panic. Sayid slits lennon's throat and then Kate and Miles run away from Smokie.
-Call sheet for episode 6x13 Jack and Flocke catch up and have meaningfull conversation. Sawyer tells Jack about his plan. Then they all start a treck throught the jungle. Jack ask Claire if she trust Flocke, and then Flcke ask Sun of she saw Sayid. Flocke catch up with Sayid and when he does he tells him that he (sayid) shoot Desmond.
-Scene from episode 13 for the AU. Claire, Jack, David, Desmond in the scene. Claire is going at the adoption center she meets Desmons and he convince her to see a lawyer, jack is there also for his father's will when his ex-wife calls. Ryan's thinks Desmond is some sort of Jacob of this reality that pushes all the character togheter, or sht like that.
-Filming at te studio, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Ben, it seems they were filming in the interior of the sub. Then in another moment Jack, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, they were all wet. no idea what they were shooting.
-Call sheet from episode 6.15. Mostly about Jacob/MIB. Year 23AD Young MIB talk with his mother. Then in another scene another woman called just 'mother' tells Jacob and MIB that she killed their mother. Ryan says that the woman who plays this 'mother' is a big guest, Allison Janney, from West wing, i think.
-Year 43AD older Jacob goes in the wood, came back to his village and is burned to the ground, the scenario is gruesome, blood everywere. They actor was the same that we saw in 6X04, so he was young Jacob, and probably is from here that came all the blood.
-filming at police beach 2 people in the beach one dressed in white, the other in black. Probably Young Jacob and Young MIB.
-Scenes at Manoa falls, probably near the cages with Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Claire, Lapidus. Filmed late at night, till after midnight.
-Scene at the studio, the source couldn't see anything but could year 2 kids, YJacob and YMIB, this is the conversation 'Jacob what are you doing' sounds like a fight 'I'm going with them the other people - i want to go home to my mother - she is not even a real mother - you don't trust me but one day you'll believe me' No idea who says what tho.


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