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mardi 9 février 2010

Article : Locke versus Smocke Terry and Darlton talk !

Now, we know that Locke ain't Locke. Our Locke is dead and the Locke imposter running things is still smokey cool, but who is he and what does he want? Do we trust that Smocke just wants "to go home?" Even O'Quinn believed that Locke had been resurrected last season, so now what?

We've done our own time traveling back to 2007 when we interviewed executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and O'Quinn about the significance of John Locke as it relates to the island's mysteries.

For example, we asked: when Locke "looked into the eye of the island" and what he saw was "beautiful," what did he mean?

Lindelof: "That he’s been secretly sleeping with the monster all this time and that they have little smoke babies."

Knowing what we know now, should we take that literally? Should we scream, "A-ha!"

On that note, do you remember when the smoke monster wasn't Locke and it killed Eko? O'Quinn admitted then that the "polar bear business and the special effects" were not his thing. "I'm not a big fan of fighting special effects with hair spray and a lighter," he said at the time.

Fast forward to 2010, or whatever the date is on The Island, and the man who plays Smocke has changed his tune.

"I notice that the effects are much better now that it's me," he half-joked on set last week in Oahu. "... It's a little tougher this year because now I know that I'm some sort of other worldly inhuman thing where as last year I didn't know it, so it was easier to play."

Will Smocke alter Locke's status as a fan favorite?

"I don't know if you'll have a great deal of affection for him," O'Quinn said. "I think the character is as interesting as ever, but he's different. I'm playing somebody different. Although this different person has occupied the persona of John Locke, I think the character -- if I do it justice -- should be riveting."

As long as Smocke says things like, "I'm sorry you had to see me that way," we're in.

source : latimesblogs

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