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mardi 23 février 2010

My review on "the substitute"

First sorry it took me time, I was sick last week and then i’ve had no time this week end to make the review but today i have :)

I could say it’s my favorite episode for the mythology aspect on this show this year. I still not like this Flocke thing BUT I really enjoyed what we learnt ‘cause of him.

I’ll start with Ben and co.

After Flocke and Richard left, we saw Ilana crying for Jacob, seems she worked for him or maybe he meant a lot for her don’t you think ?

The fact she took the ashes to keep could have two significations.

Like when someone die you can keep it forever or even throw it in the water a way to say “rest in peace”

Or the ashes are maybe what it can protect them from Flocke, maybe he couldn’t approach them if they keep it.

Guess we’ll find out more later...

Ben is back, I mean it’s not like he’s dead and all but after what he did Ben is all “quiet” still lying of course, he said Flocke killed Jacob, but we know he didn’t but i guess Ben is smart enough to know if he said to them he killed Jacob, he could be buried alive lol

Wonder if they’ll find out, he lied, I guess it’s possible and at the same i don’t think it’s important.

Ilana said they’ve to go to the Temple it’s the only safe place now and we’re all ok we know but WHY ? ‘cause of the ashes ? because there is something we didn’t know yet about this place, give us the answer, we got it was safe place just WHY ok ? last season we’ve to know it ! lol

Also she said Flocke is recuiting and we’re all FOR WHAT...let’s find out later in the review.


It killed me a lot to see the Locke’s funeral, i cried because this scene marked the fact he’s gone forever now, no matter we might see him again on the island, it’s Flocke, John Locke the believer died.

I'm very sorry I murdered him

Of course you’re Ben, you let free a monster now, someone we can’t figure out what he/it really wants and if he/it is good or bad. For now seems Flocke is bad but as i said on another review, i don’t think he’s the Bad guy. Emerson is amazing and I really can’t hate Ben even if what he did, I love to hate Ben, I know why he did it, Ben wanted to be the chosen one and it appear now well...there is more than one candidates what he could have do if he knew it ? Kill them all to become the one for Jacob ? I don’t think so but what i mean is soon Locke arrived on the island, Ben’s life was screwed in many ways so he killed him because he HAVE to for himself, it’s selfish but it’s Ben. The fact he was the only one to speak about Locke touched me because except the fact he did kill John, Ben said the true Locke was a believer, a man of the faith and he’s gone...

Now let’s talk about the FS

On this life Locke is...well different I do love him but there is something missing in him, this believer aspect, the man of the faith has no one, he has good life, and i’m happy for him but it’s not the life he was supposed to have. Locke was destiny to crash on the island and become this amazing hunter I fall with. At some moment this man is here but it’s like he’s trapped inside him, when he spoke to Rose and she said “So, how about we find you a job you can do?” I wanted to hear him say his line “Don’t tell me what i can’t do !” But here it didn’t happen...I wasn’t disappointed but at this moment i KNEW my Locke wasn’t this man and it’s like put another knife in my heart.

There is also this moment where he’s choosing the color, he chose the green, it remind me of the color of Locke’s shirt he wore a lot on the island and I was nostalgic and then he chose the other one, like he knew he can’t have this one, like i said trapped inside once again...

So Locke is happy, I’m happy for him, Helen and Him were an adorable couple, I was so sad when he learnt she died, maybe in this life 3 years ago she’ll too but at least Locke could have be happy a while. Speaking of death now we got our answer since LA X, Rose will die, she has still cancer and she accepted it, the other Rose accepted it too but it was so sad to see them be HAPPY, i mean don’t get me wrong it’s great to see them happy, lucky (for Hurley) BUT something is definitively wrong here, i can’t put a finger on it but it’s my feeling.

Now let’s talk about Locke and his father. My god... How a man who got paralyzed because of this monster could be all, yes i love my dad, we can invite him for our wedding i was o_O

So now the question is : Maybe cooper did push him and he didn’t feel the building AND he never met Jacob or maybe he did and Locke went in a special Room 23 we never saw and got brainwashed because there is NO way he could forgive him what he did, i mean who could ?

So another mystery in the FS...

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