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mardi 9 février 2010

Interview with Jorge Garcia

last Tuesday's Lost premiere, we learned that detonating a nuclear bomb in 1977 can create two alternate dimensions and baffle even viewers who've managed to follow the wacky science of the show's first five seasons. To help explain further, we contacted Jorge Garcia, portrayer of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, everyone's favorite marooned lottery winner. He spoke with Vulture about the two timelines, his own re-watching of season one on DVD, and how Hurley became so damned happy all of a sudden.

Was the reveal of two separate timelines in the season-six premiere the biggest "Holy shit!" moment of Lost so far?
It was a big moment. The other two moments that could possibly still trump it are when you first found out that scene with Jack and Kate [to end season three] took place after they were off the island, and when you first found out Locke couldn't walk before he crashed on the island. For me, because I've had a lot of time for that to sink in, [the timelines are] not as shocking as when you saw Kate and you found out they were off the island. When that got revealed to me, I drove home in silence ... Just stewing on that. What does that mean now?

The big debate before this season was "Will they be back on the island?" or "Will they be back on the plane that never crashes?" Not too many people were expecting both. How soon do you find these kinds of things out?
It was less than a week before we started shooting it. I'll give you a little taste right now: Tuesday is [shooting] day one of the fourteenth episode. I still have no script or schedule for this next episode. Usually you get two or three days. Hopefully I see one today to find out if I'm working tomorrow.

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