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mercredi 17 février 2010

Magali's review on "The Substitute" episode 6x04


That was my exact reaction upon watching this episode yesterday. To be honest, I am not a fan of Elizabeth Sarnoff written episodes, and while I do enjoy the mythology, I was not keen on following around Fake Locke and continuously seeing the real John Locke being kicked around like a soccer ball.

Unfortunately, that is what we had to put up with in this episode. Since each episode contains so much I will simply focus on one character, but since Flocke is both Fake and Locke, guess that means two characters this time around.

The episode begins with an ALT-Flash and Locke driving up to his house in his handicap wheelchair. This is the beginning of an episode full of FML worthy events for John. The ramp doesn’t work, he’s just gotten back from Australia, he’s tired and cranky, and in an attempt to just let the chair fall off the ramp, he is flung from the chair into the grass where sprinklers proceed to attack him.

Not a good welcome home, in any case. Helen (!) runs out to help him, and next we see Terry O’Quinn playing ducky in the bathtub while Helen rambles on in the background about them getting married. Judging from what we saw last week of a potential marriage and what we know of Lost (Sayid and Nadia, anyone?) married couples don’t really end up well, engaged couples even less, and not!engaged couples (even after three years, heh heh) even worse.

Here is where we witness something interesting with this Alt-Locke. When Helen removes the card and tells him to call Dr. Jack Sheppard, she says “What are the odds? Maybe it’s destiny.” Maybe it is John. The old John Locke would have snatched up that card and called Jack immediately. This John is far more cynical, more man of science, if you will. He doesn’t think it’s possible to fix him.

Back on-island, Flocke is zooming himself around the Island using Smokey Metro, and is drawn to a house playing rock music and things smashing inside. Is it me or did anyone else imagine punk rock Sawyer in this moment? No, just me? Moving on.

After terrorizing Richard and seeing some kid who could have been an inspiration for Lord of the Flies, Flocke returns to the ugly yellow house where Suliet met its birth and demise. I thought it was a big strange that Richard couldn’t see the boy, but then again, it wouldn’t be the first time. Way back as far as “Man Behind the Curtain”, it seems if you see things on-island that are not there, you are very important.

Maybe you are a “candidate”?

In any case, Flocke enters Sawyer’s house which looks like Motley Crue was its last tenant. “Search and Destroy” plays on the record player, which seems to echo Flocke’s mission in life. Is he “searching” out Sawyer to “destroy” him? Sawyer is very important, if you talk to Dogen and Lennon back at the Temple. He’s on the list, Jacob touched him, and they definitely didn’t want Smokey boy to find him.

Oh dramatic irony, how we love you.

Written by Magali

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