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mardi 31 mars 2009

'Lost': Exclusive interview with Sterling Beaumon, Part 1

Sterling Beaumon has been blowing away "Lost" fans with his portrayal of young Benjamin Linus. Now, his character has been apparently blown away…by Sayid. In light of these shocking developments, I had the chance to speak with Sterling about his take on acting on “Lost,” the character of Ben Linus, and being at the center of one of the show’s biggest cliffhangers of all time.

Now, I take pride in keeping a non-spoiler blog here, but I will state up front that while Sterling doesn’t give any definitive spoilers, he does talk about a few things that seem to point in a certain direction. I'd say these answers are akin to many given by “Lost” actors that neither confirm or deny future events, but give a few hints as to what might be waiting for us a little down the line. Nothing we discuss covers events that happen in episodes that have yet to air. Whew. Disclaimer done.

I’ll be airing this interview in two parts. In today’s half, he discusses his start as an actor, why he used to actually hate “Lost,” and shares a few of his own theories on the show. Tomorrow, I’ll share his thoughts on the end of “He’s Our You,” and what it might mean for both his character and the show as a whole. Enjoy!

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'Lost' star Josh Holloway ready for haircut

Josh Holloway
wants 'Lost' to end so he can shave his head.

The long-haired actor - who plays Sawyer in the US TV drama - can't wait for the long-running show to finish because he is desperate to have a mohawk hairstyle.

He said in an interview with Loaded magazine: "Oh my God! I'm looking forward to knowing what the f**k is going on, first of all. I still have no clue what the story is and where we'll end up.

"I may shave my head into a fine mohawk, like a tall one, because one of our camera operators had a beautiful mohawk for the first two years. I've always wanted one."

The 39-year-old hunk - who is expecting his first child with wife Yessica Kumala this summer - recently revealed he attracts a lot of attention from drunk mature ladies when he goes out.

He said: "It's more by older American women. They scream, 'Oh my God!' Then they grab and shake me. They've usually been drinking too many mai tais!"

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lost 5x11 promo#2

Eonline spoilers about the death !

Melanie in Auckland, New Zealand: Lost scoop, please, hopefully about which character is dying.
We hit a Lost writers event last week at the Writers Guild Foundation in Beverly Hills, and when asked about character deaths, awesome Lost exec producer Eddy Kitsis told the audience, "We arc out characters, so we know who will die and when they die. I will say when it comes to those episodes, sometimes it's very hard to let go, and you'll start saying [in the writers' room], 'I know we planned all season for Charlie to die, but…what if he didn't? Maybe Charlie lives.' And that's how we know how it's good—because if we're having this emotional reaction over losing these characters, hopefully you will, too." For the record, we will have a Charlie's-death-level emotional reaction to the character death at the end of season—there will be wailing, rending of garments and general grief. The writers probably had plenty of doubts about whether or not it was really a good idea to kill this particular character.

Marcus in Pittsburgh: Can we get one decent clue about the Lost death?
Charlie Pace and the major character that dies this season are polar opposites in at least one key physical attribute.

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3 sneak peek epi 5x11

thanks docarzt for those sneak peek

Counter Burger Daniel Dae Kim restaurant !

DDK made promo of his restaurant some of his lost friends were here
enjoy some photos :)

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Lost name for finale season ! Darlton start the game !

As first reported by tv guide, Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse decided this year to invite fans to come up with the "code name" for the season finale's jaw-dropping final moment.

After receiving a flood of submissions — and perhaps taking a cue from a certain time-slot rival — Team Darlton narrowed the field down to a "Top 13." As revealed in the official ABC podcast, the contenders are:

* Baby Diaper Covered in Barbeque Sauce
* The Droids You're Looking For
* The Exploding Pretzel Jar
* The Fifth Toe
* The Fork in the Outlet
* The Hooded Leprechaun
* Jack Gets Pregnant
* The Joop
* Smokey's Dorm Room
* The Spanish Inquisition
* The Twinkie
* The Zeigarnik
* The Zombie Bake Sale

One of the above — "The Hooded Leprechaun" — the boys say, seems "oddly appropriate," given the actual nature of this season's top-secret final scene. Lindelof and Cuse will further whittle down the list each week via their ABC podcast.

In the meantime, is here to tell you what this year's "Frozen Donkey Wheel" will not be nicknamed. In this "bonus" episode of our Getting Lost video series, the producers reveal the No. 1 Rejected Code Name — god-awful misspellings and all.

Now if I may brazenly stir the pot, is it that the "worst" suggestion is that bad ... or perhaps Darlton's "problem" with it is that it's far, far too accurate and thus spoilery? A-ha!

source : tv guide

lundi 30 mars 2009


Recently i got new of liveautos i bought on july last year what lyly did
and it wasn't GREAT news at all...

Dear Lyly:
We understand that you purchased *** personalized video messages.

You have purchased *** live autograph videos from Damon & Carlton. They will be delivering the video message and signing the item as you have requested.

Rest of the cast will not be delivering the video message but you have an option of a SEASON 5 POSTER or a SIGNED SCRIPT. You have 2 options:

1)You have an option of getting either *** signed posters or *** signed scripts from the entire LOST cast.

2)You can request a refund for the 6 live autograph signing events.

Please email us and we will be happy to process your request.

so no actors only darlton, i was very in shock and disappointed but still at least i've darlton
BUT i got this email today and...IT PISSED ME OFF AS EVER !!

Dear Lyly:

We are reviewing the messages that you have requested for Damon & Carlton.

All the messages relate to the storyline and we cannot guarantee that they will be answered by D & C.

To be on the safe side, I would appreciate if you please email us alternative messages for the order numbers mentioned below.

Excuse ? what i'm supposed to ask them ? their favourite color ?

and the faq said :
What may I ask the celebrity at my session?

You may ask the celebrity anything you like, as long as it relates to you or your gift recipient (not your businesses) and is appropriate. So, let common sense be your guide. If a celebrity can’t answer your question due to its sensitive nature, he or she will instead provide a personal message just for you.

I'm pissed off as ever and i asked them what i'm supposed to ask them when i'm lost fan what they expected me to ask to them SERIOUSLY ???!!!!

dimanche 29 mars 2009

finale season5 MAJOR spoilers again

another HUGE spoilers for finale s5 !

samedi 28 mars 2009

Major spoilers !

Update 03-28 at 11:40PM : confirmation of the spoiler
odi confirmed major spoilers

look this face and then be spoilers addict or not !
because it's HUGE !

vendredi 27 mars 2009

photos of the set finale season5

photos of the set finale season 5 filmed YESTERDAY thanks my friend andy

jeudi 26 mars 2009

last lost promo pic for epi 5x10 added on the gallery

i added 7 latest promo pics on the gallery for episode 5x10 :)
enjoy ^^