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lundi 30 mars 2009


Recently i got new of liveautos i bought on july last year what lyly did
and it wasn't GREAT news at all...

Dear Lyly:
We understand that you purchased *** personalized video messages.

You have purchased *** live autograph videos from Damon & Carlton. They will be delivering the video message and signing the item as you have requested.

Rest of the cast will not be delivering the video message but you have an option of a SEASON 5 POSTER or a SIGNED SCRIPT. You have 2 options:

1)You have an option of getting either *** signed posters or *** signed scripts from the entire LOST cast.

2)You can request a refund for the 6 live autograph signing events.

Please email us and we will be happy to process your request.

so no actors only darlton, i was very in shock and disappointed but still at least i've darlton
BUT i got this email today and...IT PISSED ME OFF AS EVER !!

Dear Lyly:

We are reviewing the messages that you have requested for Damon & Carlton.

All the messages relate to the storyline and we cannot guarantee that they will be answered by D & C.

To be on the safe side, I would appreciate if you please email us alternative messages for the order numbers mentioned below.

Excuse ? what i'm supposed to ask them ? their favourite color ?

and the faq said :
What may I ask the celebrity at my session?

You may ask the celebrity anything you like, as long as it relates to you or your gift recipient (not your businesses) and is appropriate. So, let common sense be your guide. If a celebrity can’t answer your question due to its sensitive nature, he or she will instead provide a personal message just for you.

I'm pissed off as ever and i asked them what i'm supposed to ask them when i'm lost fan what they expected me to ask to them SERIOUSLY ???!!!!

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