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mardi 31 mars 2009

Eonline spoilers about the death !

Melanie in Auckland, New Zealand: Lost scoop, please, hopefully about which character is dying.
We hit a Lost writers event last week at the Writers Guild Foundation in Beverly Hills, and when asked about character deaths, awesome Lost exec producer Eddy Kitsis told the audience, "We arc out characters, so we know who will die and when they die. I will say when it comes to those episodes, sometimes it's very hard to let go, and you'll start saying [in the writers' room], 'I know we planned all season for Charlie to die, but…what if he didn't? Maybe Charlie lives.' And that's how we know how it's good—because if we're having this emotional reaction over losing these characters, hopefully you will, too." For the record, we will have a Charlie's-death-level emotional reaction to the character death at the end of season—there will be wailing, rending of garments and general grief. The writers probably had plenty of doubts about whether or not it was really a good idea to kill this particular character.

Marcus in Pittsburgh: Can we get one decent clue about the Lost death?
Charlie Pace and the major character that dies this season are polar opposites in at least one key physical attribute.

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