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vendredi 6 mars 2009

another summary for namaste episode

In two weeks on Lost ("Namaste"), Sawyer is forced to further perpetuate his lie in order to protect the lives of his former companions when they turn up on the island; Sayid is identified as a spy by the Dharma Initiative; Sawyer is reunited with Kate but is torn between her and Juliet.

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Elizabeth Mitchell Rules a dit…

I realy hope Sawyer doesnt breake juliets heart! they both deserve to be happy without that much drama that kate always brings!

Anonyme a dit…

I'm so happy that Kate and Sawyer are finally reunited, i can't wait to see them finally get to know each other again.
And sorry but if it wasn't for Kate, Sawyer would never be the person that he is now, she is the reason why he changed and become a better person and she is the only one who can make him truly happy.
If he is so happy now why he is still sending Jin around to look if Kate and the 06 are back?
He wants her back, because she is the only one for him.