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mercredi 4 mars 2009

Terry o'quinn interview about Locke's destiny

finally one of my favourite actor made an interview and guess who ^^
of course terry :)
enjoy ^^
At this stage of “Lost,””%20mystery no one actually believed that John Locke would remain dead, but still, it's satisfying to see him alive again. That is, alive in the way that you and I are -- not in flashbacks, and not in the way that the ghosts of Charlie and Ana Lucia appear to Hurley or the ghost or some supernatural semblance of Christian Shephard roams the island.

No, as "Lost" viewers saw last week, a content and assured Locke (Terry O’Quinn) once again walks and talks among the living people of the island, and even eats mangoes. All of which solidifies the "Lost" lore that has been building for five seasons: Locke is one special, mystical dude. "Well, it appears to be at least a version of living," said O'QuinnTerry O’Quinn with a laugh during a telephone interview, acknowledging that he's given up on trying to assume things about his character because he's usually wrong. "It's interesting that I find post-death Locke up to this point much more relaxed and confident. I guess dying does that to you. I don't think he's too worried anymore. I think he might believe that he has the answers he's been looking for."

When Locke boarded Oceanic Flight 815 in the series pilot, he was paralyzed and in a wheelchair after having been pushed out of a high-rise window by his father. But the instant the plane crashed, Locke was healed, and that bonded him to the island in a way that none of his fellow castaways, especially Jack (Matthew Fox), have been able to comprehend.

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