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mercredi 30 juillet 2008

What Lyly did ?

yes yes that's the great question...moment of crazyness...
you see those people ? Most i love in lost ^^ (ok there is no terry sigh... lol)

i did the most crazy thing i ever did loool
look this link

i bought josh and evie photo and auto with personalized vid and also the script of the pilot with darlton auto with personalized vid

* A personalized celebrity video message
* Authentic autographed memorabilia
* Plus, a free video download that captures and confirms all the action

great no ? :D

mardi 29 juillet 2008

Matthew fox interview with kristin

Source : eonline

kristin spoilers

thank kristin for those interresting hint ^^
Wendy in Singapore: Kristin, thank you for all the Comic-Con reporting. Do you have any other Lost stuff? Especially about Kate seeing Sawyer again?
Actually, I just heard from a reliable source what the new nonflash story structure is supposed to be for season five, and here's what I can tell you:

1. What my source told me seems to jibe perfectly with everything we've heard straight from the mouths of Damon and Carlton at TCA and Comic-Con
2. It could be incredibly confusing
3. Think about the Jin and Sun episode from last season.

In particular, this new story structure (which we'll discuss more as it gets closer to the new season) seems to ease my biggest fear about season five: separated characters and character groups. So before the secret gets out and everyone starts bitching about the confusing part, I'd like to say thanks, writers, for listening to us fans about wanting to see our faves continue to share adventures. Cheers.

Source : kristin at eonline

lundi 28 juillet 2008

G4 gets LOST, network execs miss obvious joke

Crashing down any hopes that G4 might turn itself around and work at producing quality video game and tech television, the network spent big money for the rights to air reruns of LOST. The series will begin airing in the fall of 2008, joining other nails in the former tech and video game station's coffin like COPS and Star Trek.

Sci-Fi also picked up the rights to LOST, but at least that makes sense, because we all know the castaways are actually encapsulated in a glass bubble floating through space. G4 plans to redo LOST like they did Star Trek by creating "LOST 2.0," which will offer interactive elements and display factoids during the broadcast. G4 and Sci-Fi allegedly paid $200,000 per episode for the series -- although Sci-Fi footed most of the bill. Although it's sad to see G4 continue down this path toward becoming the poor man's Spike TV, at least we've got GameTrailers making good video game retrospectives.

source :

spoilers at comic con

not really so much but it was great to see darlton again ? tomorrow i'll give you link about vid that people took there but for now summary of Q&A game ^^
enjoy :)
Lost show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are here to take your fan questions and, apparently, give out relevant prizes, and it'll all be live-blogged here. Click in...

Q's and A's are paraphrased. This will be updated frequently, so check back often. Vids of key moments coming soon.

Q: When the hatch imploded and the sky turned purple—did the Island move then?
A: No. But something happened. Prize: Oceanic water bottle.

Q: What is the fate of Jin and Locke?
A: Jin will still be on the show in some form. You've not seen the last of either of those characters. Prize: Jin panda bear.

Q: Best episode and best season, in your opinion?
Cuse: "The Constant" is my favorite episode, and season one.
Lindelof: "Exodus" and the raft launch before the show disintegrated into utter despair. I also like season four. Prize: Apollo bar and Apollo bar T-shirt.

Q: What's up with the reflection in the season four promos where the city was in the reflection in the water?
A: That was all about the Oceanic Six getting off the Island. Prize: Heroes DVD.

Q: Will there be a Rousseau flashback?
Cuse: We will see Rousseau's story, to use the word "flashback" might be disingenious.
Lindelof: We're steering away from the flashes. Prize: I Am Lost luggage tags.

Q: What's up with the actors' strike?

A: We're supposed to start in three weeks, at least until further notice changes that plan. Prize: Photo of Nikki & Paolo.

Q: Any special guests this year?
A: No actors. Sorry. Prize: Actor-signed DVD box set.

Q: What happened to Vincent?

A: What about what happened the Island and Sawyer and Juliet? Vincent's okay and will appear in season five. Safe to say: Vincent's gonna make it to the end. Prize: Little polar bear.

Q: Are Jack and Kate your show's one true pariring?
Cuse: Personally I like those two, professionally I'm going to take the Fifth. Prize: Jack action figure.

Ah, we've been had again. MATTHEW FOX is so totally here. Photos coming soon!

Q: Will Kate ever see Sawyer again?
Lindelof: Not if Jack has anything to say about it.
Cuse: Yes. Kate will see Sawyer again. Prize: Signed poster.

Q: What happened to nonspeaking "beachies" who were ferried over to the blowed-up boat from the season four finale?
A: They dead. Faraday is probably gonna be okay. Prize: Authentic Faraday tie.

Lindelof Q to Matthew Fox: Do you know the meat-socks/redshirts, i.e. those who died on the boat?
A: Yep. They're always there and very professional.

Q: Is there a limit to how far the flashes can go back and forth in time?

Lindelof: We're going to tell stories in a new and exciting way. This year, when season five starts, you're not going to know when and where you are.
Cuse: There will be storytelling both on and off the Island and in different periods of time.
Lindelof: Guy who makes wooshing sound will remain employed. Prize: Hanso Foundation hat.

Q: Just between me and you, how does this show end?
A: It ends well, we hope.
Q: Can I have some Jin?
Lindelof: The alcohol or the character?
Prize: Dharma beer.

Q: How old is Richard Alpert and does he have six toes?
A: Not tellin'. We will see Richard Alpert barefoot in the very near future and that's pun-intended: the very near future. Prize: "I asked a Richard Alpert question and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" T-shirt.

Lindelof Q to Matthew Fox: How old do you think Richard Alpert is?
A: 125 years old.
Lindelof: Wrong.

Q: Regarding Locke's pseudonym of Jeremy Bentham, and one of his big things was the panopticon, are the people on the Island people being watched and by who?

A: Good question. [Interrupted by new Martin Candle video drama. That video? Coming soon, right here!]

That's all for now, kiddos. Check back soon for photos and video from the panel and in the not-too-distant future, my backstage interview with Mr. Matthew Fox himself! In the meantime, post your comments and Q's on the panel below, and we'll work on dragging more answers out of the powers that be in the very near future.

source : kristin at eonline

dimanche 27 juillet 2008

Lyly is back !

lol i know people should think well it's lost week and no lyly around ? O_o i was in holiday and i'm back the last nigth to read darlton's spoilers or others stuff, i'll do my best to update the blog during the next fews days :) for now i'll add it
bloopers for season4 dvd thank to tapdawg who made many vid during comic con !
enjoy !

dimanche 20 juillet 2008

some josh vids !

some vids where you can see josh's interview or on the set, or others things too ^^ enjoy :)
it's HIS day :D
Josh holloway aerosmith clip crying

Lost audition tapes Josh Holloway

The end of Lost (Parody)

Josh Holloway on Extra

cool water making off

Happy birthday joshy !

Happy birthday to you Joshy ! We love you :D
today it will Your day so no surprise if the blog we'll have many surprise ^^

samedi 19 juillet 2008

Lyly's Cool Water campaign

crazy lyly is back to ask you guys
do you love josh and evie ? if the answer is YES
don't you think it could be great to see them doing an advert together ?

GO to add message on the forum !
cool water forum !

Send email to davidoff !
email for davidoff

Sign the petition !
cool water petition

thank in advance for your help

vendredi 18 juillet 2008

Josh Holloway news cool water photos !!

thank kennethinthe212 for those photo
i wonder if it's new or not
but i'm definitively dead lol

Emerson called his mum when he got nominated for emmy ^^

very cute vid don't you think ? :)

Darlton spoilers at ABC Live Press Tour

2:08 pm: Damon Lindelof has bad news for the crowd: There will be no Lost spoilers handed out today.

2:26 pm: No spoilers my arse! Cuse hints that "the journey about how those six return to the island" will be a major thrust of Season 5. Adds Lindelof: "You have to break your characters up to create conflict... but you can't play that too long because the audience will get frustrated.... And we have that intensely in mind as we proceed."

2:37 pm: Cuse teases we'll see more of Daniel Dae Kim "in some form" this season despite Jin's apparent death.

ausiello at EW

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse, Lost

• Over on Lost (which, did I mention, got an Emmy nod today? wheee!), when asked about how they would manage the split casts next season (with some on the Island and some off), Damon said, "We have that [issue] intensely in mind." He said that they find that separating characters geographically and emotionally is a valuable storyline tool for them, but they're aware that they can only do that for so long before audiences get impatient.

Damon and Carlton also were asked about diversity issues, with an implied reference to Harold Perrineau's speculation about how race might have played a role Michael's death, and Damon said, "The show has to be an equal-opportunity murderer...We've killed a lot of white people. And I can almost guarantee we will be killing more white people this season."

• When pressed on their plan for season five of Lost, Damon said, "This is a tricky year for us. This is like The Two Towers [portion of The Lord of the Rings saga] links us to the final season...We've known a lot of what we want to do there [in the final season] for a long time, but the challenge is how do we make this season engaging and exciting. The worst thing we could ever do on the show is for the show to be boring...If we're going to be bad, we're going to be spectacularly bad.

kristin at eonline

Lost Emmy nominations !

Last year Terry and Emerson were nominated and our terry won congrat once again man ^^
and this year see the nomination for lost !!

Outstanding Drama Series

Producers TBD

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Lost - Michael Emerson as Ben

Outstanding Cinematography For A One-Hour Series

Lost - "The Constant" - John Bartley, A.S.C., C.S.C., Director of Photography

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series

Lost - "There's No Place Like Home (Parts 2 & 3)"
Henk Van Eeghen, Editor
Robert Florio, Editor
Mark J. Goldman, Editor
Stephen Semel, Editor

Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)

Lost - Michael Giacchiano, Music By

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series

Lost - "The Shape Of Things To Come"
Thomas deGorter, M.P.S.E., Supervising Sound Editor
Paula Fairfield, M.P.S.E., Sound Editor
Carla Murray, M.P.S.E., Sound Editor
Maciek Malish, M.P.S.E., Sound Editor
Lloyd Jay Keiser, Sound Editor
Joseph Schultz, Sound Editor
Jim Bailey, Foley Artist
Cynthia Merril, Foley Artist
Alex Levy, Music Editor

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One-Hour)

Lost - "Meet Kevin Johnson"
Robert Anderson, Production Mixer
Frank Morrone, Re-Recording Mixer
Scott Weber, Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Special Class - Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Programs

Lost: Missing Pieces
Damon Lindelof, Executive Producer
Carlton Cuse, Executive Producer
Barry Jossen, Executive Producer

mercredi 16 juillet 2008

Josh new pics !

Josh Holloway at "TEEN CHOICE 2008"


Sophia Bush, Josh Holloway, Ryan Sheckler and Steve Carell to Appear

Multi-platinum artist Mariah Carey is set to perform her new single "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time" at TEEN CHOICE 2008. Hosted by Miley Cyrus, TEEN CHOICE celebrates the hottest teen icons in film, television, music, sports and fashion. The coolest stars will receive coveted Teen Choice surfboard awards in categories such as Choice Male Hottie and Choice Hook-Up when TEEN CHOICE 2008 airs Monday, Aug. 4 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Fans ages 13-19 can vote once each day for their favorite TEEN CHOICE 2008 nominees at

Additionally, Sophia Bush, Josh Holloway, Ryan Sheckler and Steve Carell will join previously announced participants Chris Brown, Scarlett Johansson, Zac Efron, Pink, Jaime Pressly, Danica Patrick, Selena Gomez, JoJo, Minka Kelly, Jesse McCartney, Chad Michael Murray, Chace Crawford, Kristen Bell, Drake Bell, Mischa Barton, Brittany Snow and Hayden Panettiere. Additional performers and presenters to be announced.

With her unique talent and signature vocal abilities, Mariah Carey commanded the world's attention when she made her musical debut. Since then, Carey has emerged as one of the most popular and widely acclaimed talents in music. As a singer and songwriter, Carey has been recognized with the most prestigious accolades in the industry including two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" Award and the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium." As the best-selling female performer of all time, Mariah Carey has continuously raised the bar and set the standard of excellence within the music industry.

Throughout her career, Carey has smashed recording industry records, and she recently reached another historic career achievement. "Touch My Body," the lead single from her album, E=MC, became her 18th No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. As a result, she has surpassed one of the most enduring chart records in Billboard history: Elvis Presley's 17 No. 1 singles. "Touch My Body" spent two weeks at the top of the charts and marked Mariah's 78th and 79th cumulative career weeks at No. 1. This tied Elvis' long-standing all-time high of 79 weeks at No. 1 (as calculated in Billboard). Additionally, Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 50 years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 No. 1 hits.

TEEN CHOICE 2008 is executive-produced by Bob Bain ("Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards") and Michael Burg. Paul Flattery serves as producer, Kelly Brock is co-producer and Greg Sills serves as supervising producer.

tv guide articles !

thank su fromFbl to share it with us

lundi 14 juillet 2008

little spoilers for lost

kristin told with JJ
some spoilers for lost too

Meanwhile, for those of you wondering about the casting of Lance Reddick (Lost's Matthew Abbadon) as a series regular on Fringe, J.J. said it's a safe bet he'll reappear on the Island. "When we were casting him, we hesitated because of his Lost character," J.J. admitted. "But then I realized if he goes and does another show, he'll be less likely to do Lost, so let's get him on this one, because I know the producer."

source : jj interview at eonline

dimanche 13 juillet 2008

Comic con 2008

Friday, July 25

1:45-2:45 Entertainment Weekly’s The Visionaries: Showrunners— Carlton Cuse (Lost), Damon Lindelof (Lost), Josh Schwartz (Chuck, Gossip Girl), Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies), and Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) are the television producers who are changing the face of television with deeply immersive entertainments marked by distinctive, cutting edge storytelling. They have also been at the forefront of bringing "genre programming" or "cult TV" to the mainstream. Prepare for a candid conversation about creative integrity in a commercial medium and the future of broadcast TV in an increasingly digital world. Spoiler Alert! Upcoming plot developments may be teased. Moderated by Entertainment Weekly senior writer Jeff Jensen. Room 6CDEF

Saturday, July 26
12:00-1:00 Lost— If the most recent season finale was any indication of things to come, you will not want to miss this panel. Co-creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse will discuss season 4 of Lost, leading up to the season finale. They will answer your questions and maybe even offer up some surprises of their own. Hall H

4:00-5:00 Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack— Jay Glatfelter and Jack Glatfelter have one of the oldest and biggest podcasts dedicated to ABC'S Lost with The Lost Podcast. Learn about the huge, dedicated online community for TV's most mind twisting drama. Join Jay and Jack for this special interview and Q&A session! Room 24A

source : comic con 2008

samedi 12 juillet 2008

Josh Holloway magnum stuff

thank Hawth0rn to find all things :)
new magnum advert !

magnum making off

photos promotional of magnum advert !

Terry's Interview

thank Fb for those scan

mardi 8 juillet 2008

Josh Holloway to Co-Star in Indie Comedy

Josh Holloway could be a movie star. There, I said it. The man has ample charisma, he's got the looks, and there's nothing stopping him from being an action star. It would be untrue to say that Lost has launched Holloway's career – Lost is all that there is of his career. Unlike co-star Matthew Fox, Holloway has stayed away from Hollywood during his time on Lost. Reportedly, Holloway even turned down a cameo in X-Men: The Last Stand as fan-favorite Gambit (which, by the way, is a character Holloway is perfect for). So, what's the hold-up? As a fan, you can't blame a television actor for not jumping full-on into the Hollywood machine. The summer hiatus on Lost isn't terribly long, and that very much limits the available roles. It's better to stay at home with your family and wait for the next season of Lost rather than take a crappy movie role. Finally, however, it appears Josh Holloway has found a role to his liking. Holloway has accepted a supporting role in the upcoming comedy “Stay Cool.”

Stay Cool is a comedy about a successful author who has to meet his high school crush face-to-face when he comes back home to give the commencement speech at his alma mater. Josh Holloway will play the jock boyfriend of the author's crush. Mark Polish stars as the author, Winona Ryder will be his unrequited crush, Chevy Chase will try to regain his lost mojo as the high school principal and Hillary Duff will play a flirty high school senior. Jon Cryer is also somehow involved.

The film is classified as “indie” which gives me some hope. If it's Rated R, even better. That cast is intriguing as well. Holloway has shown comic chops time and time again on Lost, and it'll be fun to see him in a full-fledged comedy role. Chevy Chase hasn't done anything of worth for about two decades, so I'm wary of any project he's a part of. Maybe this will be the comeback we've all been waiting for. The “author returns home” is a stock Hollywood story (October Road, anyone?) but when it comes to comedy, it's almost never about story. Execution is the only thing that matters.

source: buddy tv

The sacred (and shameless) shows our readers can’t delete

source : tv guide

two french promo for lost return in france !

here two french promo for lost return in my country ! the french voice are horrible (imo) i can't watch the show uhhhh >_<
Enjoy !

samedi 5 juillet 2008

The sawyer's centric you'll never see

Yes i guess many people online remember when ABC asked darlton to do one sawyer's centric at the beginning of the season 2 but they changed for the story and did one with mike anyway, they filmed a little (i dunno if they filmed the entire episode) but look those unseen promo pic for this episode we'll never see :( and also some pics of the set.
I think sawyer's fan deserves to see it after the lack of our conman the last season, i wish the next season we'll see more of him...

vendredi 4 juillet 2008

josh and evie cool water adverts

two adverts of cool water
i wish they could do one together one day...

mercredi 2 juillet 2008

New movie for Josh !

Congrat for josh who will do a new movie :)

It’s been a busy week for the guys from Lost. First, Matthew Fox signed on to star in comic book adaptation, Billy Smoke, and now Josh Holloway – who plays Sawyer in the hit show – is stepping his movie career up a notch or two as well.

Holloway – who’s been known to melt female hearts at 1000 paces – has joined the cast of Stay Cool, the new comedy from the Polish Brothers, Mark (who writes, acts and produces) and Michael (who writes, produces and directs).

However, Holloway – perhaps taking a leaf from Fox’s book – is not playing the lead in the movie, which is a comedy about a successful author who is forced to confront his old high school crush – and the jock who is her ex-boyfriend – when he returns to his hometown to deliver an address to graduating seniors.

Instead, Mark Polish will play the author, with Winona Ryder scheduled to play the crush. Holloway will play the jock – which is pretty good casting, and a smart move on his part to take supporting roles in movies, rather than leaping right into a lead that might crash and burn.

But, to be frank, the casting we’re most excited is that of Chevy Chase, who rounds out the cast along with Hilary Duff and Jon Cryer. We’re not sure who Chevy is playing, but after so long in the wilderness, it’ll be good to see the living legend back in front of the camera.

Stay Cool starts shooting this month in Santa Clarita, California.

Source : empireonline

evie cool water extended interview

evie told about cool water when she was teenager, when they called her and she asked advice to josh who worked for them too the last year and also some details about the set of the advert enjoy :) evie is so cute as always ^^ Atta ! :D
thank to my dear carlos too for the vid
love you man and i miss to talk to you too :)

evie cool water advert !

Finally the advert without any tag :)
enjoy once again guys

mardi 1 juillet 2008

Evangeline lilly cool water interview

thank to freckles lostchile for the vid