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vendredi 31 octobre 2008

LOST Costume Guide for Halloween

yes lol ABC chose to show us how we can put a sawyer's look for halloween so man, put the wet shirt and the gun (or banana) and i'm yours ^^

Jeff Fahey and Josh Holloway Cold Heart pics

still the hiatus but there is fews years josh and jeff played together in Cold Heart movie and here that i got for you guys :)
enjoy !


Happy Halloween

tadammmm ^^ today it's halloween so let's celebrate it

mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Another Ryan filming report

god ryan, how did you do that ? lol you were in 3 locations since 2 days !!
so here we go again ^^

source : ryan blog

Spookiest Shows on TV: Our Top 10

1: Lost

Two words: Jacob's cabin. Nothing is more terrifying than this haunted hut—and not just because an unearthly Claire spooked us with a surprise appearance last season. Smoke monsters and psychopathic island movers we can handle—just don't make us go back to this shack.

source : eonline

spoilers days !

wow it's a great days for spoilers today :)
enjoy ^^

mardi 28 octobre 2008

Pumpkin Carving Party with Jorge, Josh and Michael Emerson

Thanks Jorge Garcia for sharing those pics with us of his Pumpkin Carving Party

you can see more here

source : Jorge's Blog

Entertainer of the Year 2008: Your Picks

“LOST” Returns to Santa Rosa

I think we can assume it's for epi 5x06 very interesting spoilers and i can say i really want to see this episode !

source :
ryan blog

lost promo season 5 in HQ but with no voices lol

yes yes you're not dreaming, there is no voices, only music i guess abc made a mistake but at least the promo is better quality :) let's wait the change by abc's people lol

lundi 27 octobre 2008

Pushing Daisies: Ed and Lost Star Is Chuck's Dad!

He's aliiiiiiive! Chuck's daddy, that is. And, well, perhaps "undead" is the more appropriate term.

Warner Brothers Studios and executive producer Bryan Fuller confirm to me exclusively that Josh Randall—who played Ed's BFF Mike on Ed and Nathan on Lost (the tailie who was offed by Goodwin)—will play the long-awaited role of Chuck's father, Charles Charles, on ABC's fantastic dramedy Pushing Daisies. (Keep reading for an exclusive sneak peek of his "invisible" new look on the show.)

source : kristin at eonline

vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Title of the 6 first episodes of season 5

one of my source sent me the list, after i told with andy, we were sure it was the real title :)
Episode 5.01 - Because You Left
Episode 5.02 - The Lie
Episode 5.03 - Jughead
Episode 5.04 - The Little Prince
Episode 5.05 - This Place is Death
Episode 5.06 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Ryan filming report

As usual, Ryan made a podcast with some filming report

here the new spoilers we learnt

jeudi 23 octobre 2008

New old Josh Holloway photo

it's dated of 2001 i never saw it before so i wanted to share with you :)
i think it could be of Cold Heart

First real lost promo season 5

i'm deadddddddddddddd

mercredi 22 octobre 2008

Exclusive: 'Chuck' Finds 'Lost' Boy Monaghan

In what marks his first major TV gig since Lost, Dominic Monaghan has signed on to guest-star on NBC's Chuck as -- stop me if this sounds familiar -- a free-spirited British rock star targeted for death by a shadowy group of evildoers. And the similarities to his Lost alter ego Charlie don't end there. Well, actually, yes, they do. "This is a very, very different kind of character," insists executive producer Josh Schwartz of Monaghan's metalhead, who makes an in-store appearance at Buy More and ends up getting entangled in one of Chuck's spy games. "He's a lunatic in the best sense of the word. And there's no heroin [addiction]." Monaghan's participation is only half the Feb. 2 episode's sell: It also will air partly in 3-D, piggybacking on NBC's 3-D Super Bowl stunt. (The network will broadcast the big game the night before.) Aside from the cool factor of seeing himself in 3-D, what drew Monaghan to the role? Did he have any hesitation about channeling someone who, at least on paper, so closely resembles Charlie? And might his tube return be the precursor to another Lost comeback? Hmmm….Sounds like the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan. Scratch that. It is the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan.

source : ew

Terry's words about season 5

it's nothing really spoilers just it's the hiatus and it's always great to have some news by actor don't you think ?

Q) HEY TERRY!!! so i was watching the season fanally for season 4 and i about wet myself when i saw you in the coffin. whats gonna happen next
A) You will be suitably frustrated and amazed. Enjoy season 5.

Q) how is the season 5 filming going so far ? are you enjoying this season more than the others as the story continues to progress?do you think Locke fans will be happy with what John Locke has been doing to date on the island(or off it !)
A) Season 5 is progressing well………and I think Locke fans will be……………stunned.

source : terry at the fuselage

Evangeline Lilly Regrets Stripping Off For Mens' Magazines

Evangeline Lilly regrets her past as a lads' mag pin-up.

The Lost star, 29, insists she only stripped for the pictures because she was told to.

She explains, "I was inexperienced back then and quite trusting so I had to learn how to deal with that.

"There's some ugly burned bridges in the past because I put my trust in people and they just didn't follow through.

"I ended up in Maxim magazine and things like that and I would never in a million years be caught dead in those magazines. So I'm now with the right people and they understand me."

source : evi article

Spoilers days !

oula long days since we got news. I thought it could miss spoilers but i was wrong lol i was fine those days but it's always good to get news so enjoy :)

lundi 20 octobre 2008

Evi's Promo stills Afterwards

thanks Carlost for those promo stills with Evi :)
don't forget the date ! 14th january it's soon ^^

Seriously i love the french poster *_*

dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Happy Birthday AXN with Lost Cast

Honolulu Theatre for Youth snags 'Lost' actors

Five actors from ABC’s hit series “Lost” will perform at a fundraiser for Honolulu Theatre for Youth, a rare group outing for members of the Hawaii-based cast.

Actors Henry Ian Cusick, Michael Emerson, Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim and Elizabeth Mitchell will perform a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which is a fall production of the theatre.

The performance is part of HTY’s annual “Le Masquerade” fundraiser, being held Oct. 25 at the Koolau Grand Ballroom in Kaneohe.

“Lost” actors have previously performed to benefit HTY, a professional theatre company founded in 1955 and one of the state’s largest performing arts organizations.

The event is open to the public and information is available at

vendredi 17 octobre 2008

tv guide article darlton's spoilers

funny thing about the bet between damon and carlton, glad carlton lose lol i prefer to see him as indy than damon as iron man ^^
here we go for some spoilers about the ISLAND :)
read it or not it's your choice ^^


Kristin spoilers and andy's spoilers

hi guys i'm back ^^ sorry i didn't do update since fews days, i found something to forget the hiatus it's called twilight, i'm reading the third book so that's the reason i'm not here very very much ^^" but i'll be back soon so today little update and maybe more tonight :)

lundi 13 octobre 2008

Rebecca Mader's Interview with the Odi

You miss lost right ? My friend Odi had the opportunity to do an interview with our dear Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) there is some minor spoilers in the interview but it's more about the set, her first day to work on lost and others things but when you miss a show, you can take everything right ?
So enjoy ^^

Well as some of you know, Karen and I had the honor to speak with LOST star Rebecca Mader last week. Rebecca was awesome and we had a great time chatting with her. We spoke with her about getting the role on LOST and her thoughts on several different aspects of the show from the various cast members to the story lines.

Also, Rebecca answered several of the questions that you sent sent in.

NOTE: The interview contains some VERY minor spoilers about production and filming so feel free to listen.

you can listen here

source : the odi

dimanche 12 octobre 2008


LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY stumbled into acting while she was "doing a psychological exercise" by going to auditions.
The 29-year-old simply wanted to challenge her fears of acting up in front of the harshest critics when she discovered she had a talent for the craft.
She explains, "I had no intention for it to connect to a job. So when I got a job, I had to sit down and go, 'Do I want to be an actor?'"
Lilly reveals the job she landed was her role as Kate Austen on Lost.
Before her acting took off, the pretty star dreamed of becoming a flight attendant.
She adds, "I wanted to see the world, and I didn't have money. I was living on tea and peanut butter... so I went and I did the flight attendant training."
But her high-flying dreams didn't last long: "I did the job for one month and I quit."

source :

samedi 11 octobre 2008

New of the set by Jorge Garcia

wow i was reading Jorge's blog as usual and he told us something

vendredi 10 octobre 2008

Rebecca Mader joins 'Goats' herd

Rebecca Mader, best known for playing scheming redhead Charlotte on ABC's "Lost," is in final negotiations for the lead female role in "Men Who Stare at Goats," the George Clooney- and Grant Heslov-produced adaptation of the book by Jon Ronson. Heslov is directing.

"Goats" is set in Iraq and centers on Bob Wilton (Ewan McGregor), a desperate reporter who stumbles upon the story of a lifetime when he meets Lyn Cassady (Clooney), who claims to be a former secret U.S. military psychic soldier who was reactivated after 9/11.

Mader will play McGregor's wife.

Stephen Lang, who appears in James Cameron's "Avatar" and Michael Mann's "Public Enemies," also joins the cast that includes Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges, playing an intelligence officer.

Mader and Lang are repped by Innovative.

source : hollywood reporter

jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Marc Cherry reveals the real inspiration for Desperate Housewives twist!

i bought this magazine and received it today and i noticed this article about lost.
not new and we understood it quickly we saw it, but 'cause he told about lost, it's place for this article :)

Lost Intel: Learn Why the Oceanic Six Must Reunite

Lost's fifth-season premiere is still at least four months away, but I've just gotten some exclusive insight into next year's stories.

In particular, I can now tell you why it is that the Oceanic Six must all reunite in order to get back to the Island.

Want to know why Kate (with baby Aaron), Jack, Sayid, Hurley and Sun are going to have to put their differences aside and go "all for one, and one for all" this year?

JJ Abrams on Conan O’Brien

JJ told about Lost and Fringe on Conan O'Brien show :)
enjoy ^^

mercredi 8 octobre 2008

josh holloway magnum's poster in a street

yes yes again josh but god i could die to see him like that in my town *_*
thanks again to rcerione

Cool water advert, josh's bus

yes now there is also a bus lol
god i wish i could drive it lool
thanks rcerione btw for this pic:)

Lost Lilly Hangs Up Her Bikini

Evangeline Lilly has come to hate being seen as a bikini babe so much that she won't set foot on a beach. The 29-year-old Canadian actress says her experience as a sexy castaway on hit show Lost and being constantly targeted by photographers near her Hawaii home means she's now had to give up her love of the sun, sea and surf. "I've had to change my whole life," says Lilly of the unwanted attention she gets. "For the last two years in Hawaii I won't be caught dead on the beach. I can't go because I'm tired of seeing myself in a bikini on the cover of a tabloid magazine and being that woman. I'm not that woman. If I was that woman then great I'd go down to the beach every day and would wear the cutest bikini anyone has ever seen. But in order to kind of represent myself in the public eye, I've stopped going to the beach."

source :

mardi 7 octobre 2008

filming report about the O6

yes spoilers again

news spoilers

Sam in Detroit: Got any Lost goodies?
Yep, several bites from Jorge Garcia, whom I caught up with at the Emmys:

dimanche 5 octobre 2008

Jimmy Kimmel i'm f*cking Ben Affleck

hello guys :) i was uploading those vids in my daily account and i noticed i didn't put it here, you can see dom singing in the vid and here some pics of him :)


samedi 4 octobre 2008

New spoiler

here we go again lol

Spoiler BOMB or foiler lol

yes i could call it like that since it's not something we could have expected right ?
ok read and let's me know what do you think...

vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Lost promo s4 A1channel with Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell

yay !! so cool new promo of season4 in another country :) and guess who speak ^^
josh and lizzie :D so cool ^^
enjoy :)

news spoilers about the o6

yes again but i guess it's the continuity of the spoilers for ysterday