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lundi 13 octobre 2008

Rebecca Mader's Interview with the Odi

You miss lost right ? My friend Odi had the opportunity to do an interview with our dear Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) there is some minor spoilers in the interview but it's more about the set, her first day to work on lost and others things but when you miss a show, you can take everything right ?
So enjoy ^^

Well as some of you know, Karen and I had the honor to speak with LOST star Rebecca Mader last week. Rebecca was awesome and we had a great time chatting with her. We spoke with her about getting the role on LOST and her thoughts on several different aspects of the show from the various cast members to the story lines.

Also, Rebecca answered several of the questions that you sent sent in.

NOTE: The interview contains some VERY minor spoilers about production and filming so feel free to listen.

you can listen here

source : the odi

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