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jeudi 23 octobre 2008

First real lost promo season 5

i'm deadddddddddddddd

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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks sweetie!!
Now that's what I call a very good promo and... is it my sick mind playing tricks on me or does it sound skatey???? :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Lyly, Disney is going around deleting that promo all over the net.

lyly ford a dit…

don't worry mine is in private they can't do anything against me ;)

dorsey a dit…

oh this promo is very good. if you want more about chuck tv show .then visit this is very good site for tv shows.

Anonyme a dit…

Its great show, great cast and fantastic storyline. I like Lost TV Show very much. I think its one of the best and all time hit show on television. Thanks for sharing the video.