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mercredi 8 octobre 2008

Lost Lilly Hangs Up Her Bikini

Evangeline Lilly has come to hate being seen as a bikini babe so much that she won't set foot on a beach. The 29-year-old Canadian actress says her experience as a sexy castaway on hit show Lost and being constantly targeted by photographers near her Hawaii home means she's now had to give up her love of the sun, sea and surf. "I've had to change my whole life," says Lilly of the unwanted attention she gets. "For the last two years in Hawaii I won't be caught dead on the beach. I can't go because I'm tired of seeing myself in a bikini on the cover of a tabloid magazine and being that woman. I'm not that woman. If I was that woman then great I'd go down to the beach every day and would wear the cutest bikini anyone has ever seen. But in order to kind of represent myself in the public eye, I've stopped going to the beach."

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