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mercredi 1 octobre 2008

A little bit of hic's interview in lost mag#19

Lost: The Official Magazine - Issue 19

With those chillingly creepy whispers and the mysterious and terrifying smoke monster, Lost has its fair share of spookiness -- so with Halloween creeping up on us, we've made this issue a Dark Territory special! We'll be talking to special effect guru Mitch Suskin about the challenges of bringing 'ol smoky out to play, as well as tracking the trail of those mysterious murmurings. Also in this issue we sit down for a 'By the Fire' chat with Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), talk to Lost Director Jack Bender about his artwork and more, and take a closer look at the Orchid Station in our 'Beyond The Hatch' section. As always Damon Lindelof takes time out to answer fan questions and we bring you a report from San Diego Comic-Con. Read on for an extract from our Henry Ian Cusick interview.

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Love in Time
With his consciousness jumping all over different time periods, as well as risking his life to save his fellow castaways, Desmond has truly been a constant source of adventure, heroics and thrilling storytelling. During the summer hiatus, HENRY IAN CUSICK very kindly sat by our beach fire on the shores of Oahu to talk exclusively about the past season...

Season four was a huge year for Desmond, so were there any moments that really stood out for you or that you were particularly proud of?

Not really -- I'm a really tough critic on myself! There are so many things that I hate about my scenes when I see what I do on TV. But then I'll watch it again and see that it wasn't that bad [smiles].

As a fan of the show yourself, were there aspects of the fourth season that you really enjoyed watching?
You know, I really enjoyed Matthew Fox's work a lot last season. He gave some truly great performances. I think he, in particular, had a really great season.

Lost often does focus on the tragic and Desmond has certainly experienced a lot of it in three seasons. So it was one of the most shocking moments of the series when, in There No Place Like Home Pt. II, Desmond and Penny are finally reunited. Did you see that coming?

I was surprised at how quickly that get-together happened, yes! From having the phone call earlier in the season to seeing Penny, it was so fast and so sudden that I was really surprised. It also made me think, "Well, now that Desmond and Penny are resolved, where does it go now?" Because they could just sail off quite happily and that's it, if they wanted to.

For a lot of fans, these next few months are going to be panic-stricken before it's revealed whether Desmond will be back to the world of Lost anytime soon. Did you feel the same way when you read the season four finale?
Yeah, there was that feeling. There always is about whether or not you'll be back for the next season, especially for me with my story ending so nicely. But then you look at what else is happening -- especially with the 'Ben versus Widmore' story with the idea of "You killed my daughter... so I'll kill yours." There's a possible storyline there. So we'll see... [smiles]

Read the full interview in issue 19 of The Official Lost Magazine - on sale October 14.
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