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dimanche 12 octobre 2008


LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY stumbled into acting while she was "doing a psychological exercise" by going to auditions.
The 29-year-old simply wanted to challenge her fears of acting up in front of the harshest critics when she discovered she had a talent for the craft.
She explains, "I had no intention for it to connect to a job. So when I got a job, I had to sit down and go, 'Do I want to be an actor?'"
Lilly reveals the job she landed was her role as Kate Austen on Lost.
Before her acting took off, the pretty star dreamed of becoming a flight attendant.
She adds, "I wanted to see the world, and I didn't have money. I was living on tea and peanut butter... so I went and I did the flight attendant training."
But her high-flying dreams didn't last long: "I did the job for one month and I quit."

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