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samedi 29 décembre 2007

promo #4

it's not sawyer's fb scene, it's new

mercredi 26 décembre 2007

New promo !!

thank to Deej for this new promo !!

look this picture, you can see, sawyer, claire&aaron,hurley,alex,&karl and rousseau and redshirt people or like i call them pecno people lol
no sayid, no desmond, no juliet....
i think really it's locke team

i think my theory here was right !

lundi 24 décembre 2007

Mobi #6 and 7 ^^

i loved the mobi#6 room23 ! i was so sure this room was the same where they put walt but it seem there is different effect for him in this room...

mobi#6 : room 23

the second was funny with doc arzt lol
mobi#7 : Arzt & Crafts

Josh holloway cool water making of

awwwwwwwwwww can i say i love xmas when we got something like that ?? ^^

samedi 22 décembre 2007

Miss details is back ! update after i slept lol

Or miss obsession i dunno...
well, i was watching the promo in my ipod and i noticed something so i went to my computer i did a interesting cap...

all losties are here !

look here!

some losties are leaving o_O and claire too !
but locke is again with all losties look in the center you can see him with the torch !
i'm intrigued now it's the separation ? so why locke didn't leave too ?
or it's not locke in the center but it look like him, shirt, no hairs...
i need better size !!
i'm intrigued lool and obsessed too now argggggggg not good for me...

ETA 2 : it's me after i slept my mind is more clear, i don't think it's locke's jack team o_o more people i could believed ! i mean bernard and rose but if people will not leave i think could be same i mean with rose's cancer before the crash...

he said on the trailer they can't trust freighter people and he stays with jack ! o_O or maybe it's 'cause claire didn't want he goes with them...

so now i guess it's the locke's team like i thought before...

locke, danielle, karl, alex,ben,claire, hurley and saywer (and pecno people lol)

After i told with luanne, she noticed that in the first pic i posted, losties are looking at someone and i lurked the caps i did for the trailer and noticed they're looking at locke !

so locke is doing his speech and claire and others losties are leaving 'cause they chose him but others losties are still listening him.
then maybe others losties will leave with him ! maybe des too !
thank to luanne to notice this detail and think about this spec :)

vendredi 21 décembre 2007

josh and evie pics

thank to my sweetie gertie to give me the last pic of evie for tv guide may 2006 and also for josh candid ^^ (7th december) i hope she could find more soon i'm happy to see josh again !!

lyly's fanart^^

i'm back and i did new fanart 'cause god promo pics of the cast was so awesome !

jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Harold Perrineau Song

Harold did a song with daniel dae kim's help to do the clip !
you can see josh holloway too ! (he's alive x2 lool)
enjoy ^^

SAG nommination for Lost

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series

24 (FOX)

^^ lyly happy

just 'cause something happened today i just can put this pic to say my feeling

josh is alive !!

lol i'm kidding you^^
i mean i'm happy i found josh candid pic not in HQ maybe soon :( i hope
i'm happy to see him again :)
enjoy !
December 7, 2007: Lost star Josh Holloway is seen chatting on his cell phone in West Hollywood, California

mercredi 19 décembre 2007

Ausiello infos

Question: What do you think of Lost's new time slot?— Joel
Ausiello: I likey! I'd likey even more if I knew we were getting all 16 episodes this season. Oh, and before I forget, this is the final Ask Ausiello of 2007, so lap up every last word.

Question: Did you see the new Season 4 Lost trailer?— Nathan
Ausiello: You mean trailers. There are two of 'em floating around. There's the mucho-revealing extended trailer, which features a first look at some of this season's new faces (Ken Leung among them). And then there's a shorter theatrical trailer, which is essentially a 30-second adrenaline rush with a few mystifying images thrown in for us to stew over. And stew we have.

Question: Tell me you've got some good scoop on Lost! — Lynn
Ausiello: I've got some good scoop on Lost! One of the more hotly debated/discussed shots in the theatrical trailer also happens to be the very first thing we see in the Jan. 31 season premiere. And if you think you've got the who/what/where/when of this mystifying image figured out, think again.

Question: Scoop on Lost?— Meghan
Ausiello: Remember a few weeks back when I told you that there would be at least one death on Lost in the first eight episodes? Better make that two. At least.

other promo

other promo with locke footage ! go my johnny !! go ^^

kristin's spoiler

once again she answered me lol i'm elo lol i used friend adress^^

Vero in Budapest, Hungary: I'm so Lost in this long hiatus...Any news on Jack and Juliet?
Just that the two good doctors are still hanging out. In fact, remember those teams I told you about last week? Well, Juliet's on Team Jack, along with one other Lostie lady. Guesses on who she is?

Elo in St. Pierre, Réunion Island: Is a Sawyer and Kate baby on the way? Please, please tell me!
In honor of what is no doubt our first-ever question from Réunion Island—11,000 miles away, somewhere near Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean!—I can tell you that I used to think it was pretty unlikely, but based on what I now know about season four it's seeming somewhat more probable. That's honestly just a guess/hunch, but I'd put some money (at least a nickel) on it. Anyone care to counter-wager? Propose a baby name?

mardi 18 décembre 2007


OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGG i slept 3 hours this night !! i was like LOST IS BACK 'cause it's true in some way !!! abc did this AWESOME promo !! i did screencap too !!
OMG i love lost !!! and for skate's fan wow !!! it was angsty as i love even if it was so sad too !! poor claire and hurley about charlie's fate :( god freigther people look very BAD !! and naomie is alive o_O

and at least 80 screencaps !