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mercredi 19 décembre 2007

kristin's spoiler

once again she answered me lol i'm elo lol i used friend adress^^

Vero in Budapest, Hungary: I'm so Lost in this long hiatus...Any news on Jack and Juliet?
Just that the two good doctors are still hanging out. In fact, remember those teams I told you about last week? Well, Juliet's on Team Jack, along with one other Lostie lady. Guesses on who she is?

Elo in St. Pierre, Réunion Island: Is a Sawyer and Kate baby on the way? Please, please tell me!
In honor of what is no doubt our first-ever question from Réunion Island—11,000 miles away, somewhere near Mauritius and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean!—I can tell you that I used to think it was pretty unlikely, but based on what I now know about season four it's seeming somewhat more probable. That's honestly just a guess/hunch, but I'd put some money (at least a nickel) on it. Anyone care to counter-wager? Propose a baby name?

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