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lundi 31 mars 2008


ok guys, i contacted one of my source to get some lost infos for next episodes and i'm allowed to say it :
the spectacular kiss that damon told for finale season is NOT a simple kiss...
THIS SCENE will change EVERYTHING on lost...
you remember the last scene of finale season 3 ? who were on this scene ? if you remember that, you know who will share this kiss
and yes the word SPECTACULAR is perfect to talk about this scene..

i don't know what do you think about it right now...i think after this scene, many shipper will lost faith in their couple...


Josh Holloway New Pics in Hawaii

Josh Holloway in Florence, Italy, 2007

samedi 29 mars 2008

some news about the set

some pics of the set to filming a hospital scene.
thank to Ryan

damon spoiler about finale season

Will there be any emerging romances on or off the Island?
I feel the guys need some love! "Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And just for you, I hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you've ever seen on the show in this year's finale."

Source: Lost Magazine

my opinion : sawyer and kate 'cause we'll see separation scene in this episode for many couples and i think could be a goodbye kiss.
could be desmond and penny BUT...the problem is about their story, if there is reunion for them...what will be their story after that ?
that's why i think could be sawyer and kate.

vendredi 28 mars 2008

new vid by me

I made this vid this night when i couldn't sleep
it's a short vid
enjoy !

lost epi 4x09 promo pics

The Shape of Things to Come" - Locke's camp comes under attack, and Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore, on "Lost," THURSDAY, APRIL 24 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“LOST” returned to the Windward Community College campus in Kaneohe today to film another scene at the “Santa Rosa Mental Institute.” A sign was set up in back, fronting a sometimes soccer field, and Jack’s old pickup truck was parked nearby. Filming took place inside Hale Kuhina, the continuing education/employment training building, with Jorge Garcia and Matthew Fox. A man dressed as a doctor (Dr. Stillman, perhaps, given recent casting calls) and a couple of burly orderlies were also sighted milling about.

Hale Kuhina is within a stone’s throw of the Hawaii State Hospital building and shady tree that served as the Santa Rosa lawn where Hurley received a mysterious visit from Charlie.

lost spoilers

I'm a Lost fan currently living on Maui, and yesterday, Wednesday, my girlfriend and I were visiting her uncle on Oahu. We were driving around, looking for past Lost filming locations, and happened upon where they were currently filming.

So I'm sure you already know this, and it isn't particularly helpful, but on Wednesday, from at least 10am till noon, there was filming at Dillingham Lodge. Or should I say, all the traffic was going in and out of the Dillingham estate through the entrance/exit with the "Lodge" sign overhead. We drove by it a couple of times, and once stopped to ask the big security dude what was going on. He said that they were filming Lost there, but that of course we couldn't go on the property.

And while certainly not any new news, we heard from a YMCA Camp Erdman staffer that last week they had filmed there. He told us an interesting story of how the production crew built a new barracks/house just so they could blow it up. He said the first explosion wasn't big enough, so they did it over again, finally getting the explosion they wanted. One part of the camp certainly had the ashes all over the ground to prove it!

Source: Matthew@DarkUFO

jeudi 27 mars 2008

some spoilers for next episodes

and Jorge Q&A at the fuse
they're working on 409 and 410.
We will see definitively smokey this season

Source: The Fuselage

mercredi 26 mars 2008

Elizabeth Mitchell photoshoot Hawaii Modern Luxury magazine

awwwwwwww this woman is beautiful more and more with the time !
enjoy guys !

ausiello spoilers

Question: How about you answer questions about other shows besides Lost and Grey's Anatomy?— Holly
Ausiello: You're going to make me choose between those two? OK, I pick Lost. In their weekly podcast, Team Darlton announced that the code name for this year's season-ending twist is "The Frozen Donkey Wheel." Interpret as you like. Oh, and here's the kicker: It's not even the last scene of the episode!


Question: Jack is my constant. Will my constant get a centric episode this season? — Laura
Ausiello: Yes.

Source: TV Guide

Episode 4x09 and 4x10 - Filming Updates

4.09 - The Shape of Things To Come

Ryan in Hawaii (The Transmission) let me know that filming wrapped today on Police Beach. This means we will see the beachies, as well as camp Locke.

There are some rumors from a reputable source that GI Jack (aka Through the Looking Glass Jack) was in action. Is The Shape of Things To Come a multi-character flash forward? (Ryan's info does not corroborate this rumor.)

Locations used for The Shape of Things to Come: Papailoa (Police Beach AKA Camp Jack), Camp Erdman (Otherton, Camp Locke), Heeia Kea (The forested valley where Karl was shot), Honolulu Community College (Iraq), and Diamond Head for the Otherton interiors and anything secret they may have filmed. Altogether they filmed two solid days on the Iraq set, and another day for pick ups. Definitely enough footage to cover the flash segment, throwing the GI Jack rumor under the shadow of doubt. (Thanks Ryan, again!)

4.10 - Untitled

Dominic Monaghan suggested that 4.10 is a Kate Centric episode.

4.10 Is being shot tomorrow(ish) and there is a TON of interior shooting going on at Diamond Head Studio (thanks, Ryan, again.) I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that 4.10 is going to show us the interior of "The Orchid." But that's nothing more than a guess at this point.

BEYOND: There is a nasty nasty rumor floating around that there will NOT be a Sawyer centric episode this season. That just doesn't seem right.

Source: DocArzt

Oh My God! Those Bastards! They Killed ****!

Oh, ****, we hardly knew ye.

A genuine fan favorite got shot in the heart last night on Lost. Why? Because heartbreak is this show's middle name. Read on for the dish from the dead...

(SPOILERS INSIDE, TUBERS! Don't click in if you haven't seen the end of last night's Lost!)

Blake Bashoff was kind enough to speak with me this morning about the death of Lost's Karl. He shared a little dish about a deleted shot from the final scene, his gut feeling about the fate of Rousseau, and who might be pulling the strings—or at least the trigger.

vendredi 21 mars 2008

promo 4x09

i don't want to wait a month snifffff
awesome promo !

jeudi 20 mars 2008

spoiler epi 4x09 or 4x10

I have a set report today (sadly no pictures to confirm it) but there was some filming action going on @ YMCA's camp erdman (THE BARRACKS) today when i went to go to the area for a swim. I was able to see Sawyer, Locke and Hurley on set. They were filming a scene with Sawyer where he was talking to a group of kids? But here's the best part. They were filming a scene where one of the barrack houses were ON FIRE, and tons of men dressed in military uniforms and war paint and guns stormed the barracks. PRETTY AMAZING?! what are military soldiers doing on the island?

Source: TheReporter@DarkUFO

spoilers 4x08

Start from the beginning!! And explain how you came to be on this boat!!”
“The same guy who sold all of us out so he could get off the island??”
“What wouldn’t a man do for his son??”
“I thought we were going on a rescue mission!!”
“I’m sorry!!”

ABC says of tonight’s Michael-centric installment, “Meet Kevin Johnson”:

Sayid confronts Ben's spy on the freighter, and Ben urges daughter Alex to flee Locke's camp in order to survive an impending attack. Guest starring are Cynthia Watros as Libby, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Blake Bashoff as Karl, Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit, Ken Leung as Miles Straume, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Kevin Durand as Keamy, Anthony Azizi as Omar, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Grant Bowler as Captain Gault, Jill Kuramoto as female anchor, Galyn Gorg as nurse, Starletta DuPois as mom, William P. Ogilivie as Gus, Francesco Simone as Arturo and James Locke as mechanic.

mercredi 19 mars 2008

harold and dom interview with kristin

spoilers inside the vids of both so i post together :)

spoilers for epi 4x08

Meet Kevin Johnson. Well, now that we know who Kevin Johnson is, our good friend and Ana Lucia/Libby murderer Michael (Harold Perrineau), the question is no longer who, but how the hell. Michael left, by island time, a little over a month ago; not nearly enough time for him to have convincingly adopted the persona of Kevin Johnson and successfully infiltrate the ranks of Charles Widmore's freighter. So what are some of the things we can hope to learn this week?

some spoilers

Anything on Lost?
For starters, I'll be heading out to Hawaii next week to hit the set.

Also, I'm hearing that Evangeline Lily has another Kate-centric episode coming up (holler!) which I think may work out to be episode 10, and for you who are wondering about her highlighted-hair look from the opening of Dominic Monaghan's photo gallery exhibit (stand by for much more on that!) , it was a wig, yes, but she hadn't "pulled a Britney" and shaved her head, you silly ducklings. I saw her the night before while interviewing Dom, and it was just as brown and long and purty and real as ever.

Lost dish, please!

A little casting dish on the 11th episode: They're casting two teenagers (a boy and a girl) and a 5-year-old boy. And here's an interesting thing: The teenage girl needs to have red hair. Could it possibly be a flashback for Charlotte? Hmmm...

Source: kristin

One of them will die in epi 4x08

mardi 18 mars 2008

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan happy accident videos

Lost cast members told about michael return

lundi 17 mars 2008


FINDING A LOST FACE: Coty Prestige has signed Evangeline Lilly, the actress who plays Kate Austen on "Lost," to front its Cool Water Woman scent worldwide, except in the U.S. The first print ads and TV spot featuring the actress for the scent, launched in 1996, will break in July. Last year, Coty signed fellow "Lost" star Josh Holloway to be the face of the Cool Water men's scents. It's the first time the Canadian actress has fronted a fragrance. Cool Water Woman "definitely represents the juxtaposition between purity and sensuality, and there's that sort of fresh newness," said Lilly. "On top of it, there's strength that's underneath it all, that is where sensuality comes from — versus just pure sexiness."

dimanche 16 mars 2008

Episodes 4x10 and 4x11 - Casting Calls

LOST, Episode #410
Producer: Jean Higgins
Director: Stephen Williams
Location: Hawaii
Shoots: 3/20 - 4/4

Female, African-American, late-30s or older. An intelligent, caring doctor who is not adverse to putting in long work hours to help her patients. NICE CO-STAR - 2 scenes.

LOST, Episode #411
Producer: Jean Higgins
Director: Paul Edwards
Location: Hawaii
Shoots: 4/2 - 4/15/08

Caucasian, green eyes, sweet, shy, tentative and smart. Has to take a test and becomes nervous about passing. NICE CO-STAR.

Plays as 16 or 17, Caucasian, green eyes. Angry, a little nerdy, defiant and rebellious. There's a lot more to this kid than meets the eye. Tries to fight back against older, stronger boys but is pushed into a locker. NICE CO-STAR.

Plays as 16, Caucasian, red hair (or willing to dye hair red). Emotional, prone to dramatic gestures, passionately in love and fights with her Mom about it. NICE CO-STAR.

some infos epi 4x09

- Sayid is indeed in Episode 4.09
- Sayid is one of the Pallbearers at his former love, Nadia's, funeral
- According to other sources Ben was also seen "close by" and ties in with recent spoilers and photos posted here from Ryan in with Michael Emerson was spotted.

samedi 15 mars 2008

pics of the set epi 4x09

sneak peek epi 4x08

the locke and the sawyer i love are back ! i can't wait to see more of their locke team reunion !
and the second it's not funny but i'm here to die make me laught anyway lol ^^"

vendredi 14 mars 2008

vodcast epi 4x07-4x08

mike is back ! look to see others actors to tell about it !

goodbye jin !

sad episode and anyway i'm not sure if he's dead or not... i mean maybe he's on the island and they lied to say others people are dead so jin is in the part ot this lie...
we can't be sure with darlton so for now yes he's dead but maybe not forever ! we need to wait darlton interview or next jun episode...
anyway i wanted to post this video to watch the summary of this episode!

promo 4x08

jeudi 13 mars 2008

Cuse and Lindelof Discuss Season 4

UGO: What episodes have you guys written so far?

CARLTON CUSE: We're working on 11, 10, and 9 sort of all simultaneously; we've got those 3 out of 5 in the works.

UGO: When you were out on strike, did the process stop for you mentally, or were you sort of writing in the back of your mind ?

DAMON LINDELOF: We were sort of processing more about the episodes that we'd completed then we were looking forward. There is always a period about half way through the season - in this case that was episode 8 - where you kinda say what's working, what's not working, what could be working better, are we moving fast enough, is it too confusing, what storylines should we hold off on doing, what storylines do we want to move up. So we were sort of thinking about the episodes we'd completed versus thinking about what we were going to do when we came back because 'when' we would come back was such a huge question mark.

CARLTON: We didn't really talk about the show at all. Creatively it was a pretty complete break so when the strike ended and we started back I think we were really kind of refreshed. It's the longest stretch we've gone without talking about, discussing, or processing the show since it started. When we first came back it was sort of all about trying to remember ...okay this is where we are, this is where we were," and sort of replanting where all of the characters were in the landscape of the world of the show.

Lost's Juliet Kisses Jack and Tells

It was a genuine, tender moment that all but made up for the somewhat silly "Stop the nerve gas!" antics that preceded it. Lost's Juliet, haunted by Ben's obsession, shared a rain-soaked lip-lock with Jack. Luckily for "Jacket" fans, more of the same seems to be on the horizon. Elizabeth Mitchell shares with us what's ahead, names the episode she deems "perfect" and talks about returning to work after the strike. (Lost airs Thursdays at 9 pm/ET on ABC.) What was with that bait-and-switch you did for the TV Guide cover shoot? I saw you and Naveen [Andrews] and thought, "Oh, Sayid is going to pop up in Juliet's flashback or flash-forward" and... no such thing.
Elizabeth Mitchell: You know, it was more wishful thinking, wasn't it? I called it "a little fantasy episode." It was a hot photo shoot, though.
Mitchell: It really was! Naveen and I have known each other for a long time, so we're comfortable together and we were able to play. It was very film noir-ish, and we both enjoyed that tremendously.

Doc Jensen's - Tease for Ji Yeon

At exactly the 30-minute mark in tonight's episode, the strike-shortened fourth season of Lost will reach its halfway mark. At the 31-minute mark, we'll have seen more Lost this year than we will see for the rest of the year. And by the 60-minute mark, we'll have just six more episodes of Lost left until the show waddles into its cave for another nine-month nap. This kind of thinking makes me kinda sad. Didn't this season just start, like, yesterday? As Kool and the Gang taught us long ago, we should cherish the time we have. So I invite you to savor this, our sixth-to-last tease of the year, an enticing tidbit about ''Ji Yeon,'' tonight's Jin/Sun-angled installment of Lost, brought to you by executive producer Damon Lindelof:

''Yes, we know you have all figured out who Ben's man on the boat is. But once we've confirmed that for you, there's still TEN MINUTES OF SHOW LEFT.''

some spoilers for next episodes !

Nestor Carbonell (richard alpert) will be back in the 5 last episodes of season 4 !

More Jack and Juliet Kisses to come !

mercredi 12 mars 2008

spoilers for epi 407

With the first part of Season 4's episodes rapidly dwindling, expect major revelations from the upcoming "Yi Jeon" and "Meet Kevin Johnson." For a spoilerish look at "Yi Jeon" read on.

mardi 11 mars 2008


i'm not great to do vid, and it's my first with vegas and 'cause dailymotion rejected it...i created a new account on youtube...
i hope you'll like it it's about sawyer&kate relationship but also kate and claire&aaron relationship too

darlton podcast

you can hear them here

thank The ODI for the transcript
1) Scripts 9 and 10 are done and 11 is almost done.
2) Two Hour Finale will air in two episodes over two weeks
3) Iron Man Trailer was cool

4) The Other Woman - What is the use of the Tempest?
D&C: Joke about Arrow, but Tempest is very important hatch, their way of telling some of the island history. To show how the Dharma Initative gassed. Dharma was not necessarily.

5) Is Widmore really be the man behind the freighter?
D&C: Yes and this is a BIG reveal and Ben knows why Widmore is trying to get to the island we should know by the end of the season and Ben is lying.

6) Will we see Harper again?
D&C: Yes we did not kill her and she is still on the island.

7) Who is Ben's Man on the Boat?
D&C: Find out this week in Ji Yeon (Episode 4x07)

8) Canon of LOST? Mobisodes, Find815, TLE, Via Domus and Orchid!?
D&C: Good question, Mothership is main canon and it is tricky to keep our eye on everything. Mobisodes are, so is Orchid video which will come into play. Certain elements in other items such as Hanso perhaps in Bad Twin. At the end of the day main thing to follow is the show.

9)Lost and Gilligan Island
D&C: Answer several joke type questions. Lol, Skipper borrowed Minnow from Libby and is a member of Dharma. :)

11) Mobisodes CS appears in Mobisode 13, CS appears in Episode 4x01 in Jacob's cabin, will we see more of CS in the future of LOST.
D&C: Yes, we will him several more times and good question to ponder of CS in the lives of Jack and the other Losties.

12) Will we see Smokey?
D&C: Yes we will this season. Try to show us smokey at least once a season.

13) Locke favorite character in Season 1, but actions are getting tougher to defend. Will his actions be redeemed?
D&C: Locke is on a journey and in journeys there are periods of doubting and frustrations. It is cool to see a character struggle, but by the end of even this season Locke will have some better moments. Man of faith might doubt and have struggles, but will emerge as even a bigger

14) Via Domus Ending, was it a dream or Des like time travel?
It wasn't all a dream, some moments had little dreams. The game is outside canon so it does not really matter and then they laugh.

15) Podcast host, Chris, really have a job?
Yes, he works at ABC, Disney channel and marketing.

16) Will be back after episode 8 Meet Kevin Johnson, who is Kevin Johnson? We will meet him.

Yunjin Kim: A Find on 'Lost'

LOS ANGELES -- The end is nearing, and for the cast of ABC's Lost, that means planning for life off the island.

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate) ended their real-life three-year relationship when his character drowned in last season's finale. Some of the cast have put their Oahu homes on the market. And all are wondering if their characters will make it to the show's spring 2010 series finale.

Just days before returning to Hawaii to begin work on this season's final five episodes, Yunjin Kim (Sun) kicks back during an interview at the Olympic Spa in Koreatown. She and on-screen husband Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) take center stage in Thursday's episode (9 p.m. ET/PT).

Lost's season kicked off with the announcement that the series would end after three shorter-than-normal 16-episode seasons. Then came the writers guild strike, which shortened this season (the fourth) to just 13 episodes.

"Most of us felt good about having an end date, and I know the producers really needed it to figure how to get there," says Kim, 34. "Now they're really moving along with the story line. Each episode actually answers one or two questions, which I really like."

kristin spoilers

Nate in Long Island: Anything worth looking forward to on Lost?

Cynthia Watros (Libby) is back next week! Not in the present, of course. But still, I’ll take it. And she reappears the same week that Michael (Harold Perrineau) really reappears, so that’s all kinds of awesome. Also, did you hear there’s a funeral this week? Oops. If not, I may have said too much...

Franci in Paramus, New Jersey: Any news about Lost?
You know what I said in the Watch with Kristin Show about taller ghost Walt being explained in episode eight? Sometimes I talk crazy, and time travel will not explain Walt's wanderings (at least not anytime soon). Walt does appear in episode eight, but 100-percent-trustworthy sources tell me that during his blink-of-an-eye appearance, "He is exactly the size that a nine-year-old should be." And Walt's Island visitations are alluded to in episode 10, but that's it for explaining the mysteries of Walt for the rest of this much-shorter-than-it-should-be season four.

lundi 10 mars 2008

4 sneak peek

i liked very much even if i felt sad when i saw jin and sun told about baby's name 'cause we know one of them will die in this episode :(
sound like kate changed her mind about boaties too, i don't think it's just 'cause of charlotte but also miles...
kate gave nickname too ! red hair like sawyer called charlotte red lol it's funny ^^ now you do like your man lol
sun teach me and sawyer too but sun is better lol well sawyer is a kind of teacher but not general english jin it's normal ;) but it's great you learnt with him too say with me SON OF THE BITCH :D
desmond knows widmore is evolved in the fake plane crash...even if i think people don't think it's a i would like to know if ben was right about the fact he wants to find the island for abilities or if there is something more...
aw thank you kristin the lack of spoilers was hard you made my day :)

elizabeth and naveen tv guide interview

samedi 8 mars 2008

2 sneak peek epi 4x07

sneak peek 1 : desmond and sayid and the mysterious ben's spy (tell me you don't know who is he lol)

sneak peek 2 : kate, sun, jin and juliet

vodcast lost epi 4x06

awwwww can i say i love more and more lizzie ? emerson was great too anyway ^^
enjoy the vodcast :)

vendredi 7 mars 2008

lost 4x07 ctv promo

jeudi 6 mars 2008

lizzie photoshoot with her son and husband

her son is cute !! very cute photoshoot !