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lundi 10 mars 2008

4 sneak peek

i liked very much even if i felt sad when i saw jin and sun told about baby's name 'cause we know one of them will die in this episode :(
sound like kate changed her mind about boaties too, i don't think it's just 'cause of charlotte but also miles...
kate gave nickname too ! red hair like sawyer called charlotte red lol it's funny ^^ now you do like your man lol
sun teach me and sawyer too but sun is better lol well sawyer is a kind of teacher but not general english jin it's normal ;) but it's great you learnt with him too say with me SON OF THE BITCH :D
desmond knows widmore is evolved in the fake plane crash...even if i think people don't think it's a i would like to know if ben was right about the fact he wants to find the island for abilities or if there is something more...
aw thank you kristin the lack of spoilers was hard you made my day :)

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