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mardi 11 mars 2008

darlton podcast

you can hear them here

thank The ODI for the transcript
1) Scripts 9 and 10 are done and 11 is almost done.
2) Two Hour Finale will air in two episodes over two weeks
3) Iron Man Trailer was cool

4) The Other Woman - What is the use of the Tempest?
D&C: Joke about Arrow, but Tempest is very important hatch, their way of telling some of the island history. To show how the Dharma Initative gassed. Dharma was not necessarily.

5) Is Widmore really be the man behind the freighter?
D&C: Yes and this is a BIG reveal and Ben knows why Widmore is trying to get to the island we should know by the end of the season and Ben is lying.

6) Will we see Harper again?
D&C: Yes we did not kill her and she is still on the island.

7) Who is Ben's Man on the Boat?
D&C: Find out this week in Ji Yeon (Episode 4x07)

8) Canon of LOST? Mobisodes, Find815, TLE, Via Domus and Orchid!?
D&C: Good question, Mothership is main canon and it is tricky to keep our eye on everything. Mobisodes are, so is Orchid video which will come into play. Certain elements in other items such as Hanso perhaps in Bad Twin. At the end of the day main thing to follow is the show.

9)Lost and Gilligan Island
D&C: Answer several joke type questions. Lol, Skipper borrowed Minnow from Libby and is a member of Dharma. :)

11) Mobisodes CS appears in Mobisode 13, CS appears in Episode 4x01 in Jacob's cabin, will we see more of CS in the future of LOST.
D&C: Yes, we will him several more times and good question to ponder of CS in the lives of Jack and the other Losties.

12) Will we see Smokey?
D&C: Yes we will this season. Try to show us smokey at least once a season.

13) Locke favorite character in Season 1, but actions are getting tougher to defend. Will his actions be redeemed?
D&C: Locke is on a journey and in journeys there are periods of doubting and frustrations. It is cool to see a character struggle, but by the end of even this season Locke will have some better moments. Man of faith might doubt and have struggles, but will emerge as even a bigger

14) Via Domus Ending, was it a dream or Des like time travel?
It wasn't all a dream, some moments had little dreams. The game is outside canon so it does not really matter and then they laugh.

15) Podcast host, Chris, really have a job?
Yes, he works at ABC, Disney channel and marketing.

16) Will be back after episode 8 Meet Kevin Johnson, who is Kevin Johnson? We will meet him.

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