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mercredi 22 octobre 2008

Terry's words about season 5

it's nothing really spoilers just it's the hiatus and it's always great to have some news by actor don't you think ?

Q) HEY TERRY!!! so i was watching the season fanally for season 4 and i about wet myself when i saw you in the coffin. whats gonna happen next
A) You will be suitably frustrated and amazed. Enjoy season 5.

Q) how is the season 5 filming going so far ? are you enjoying this season more than the others as the story continues to progress?do you think Locke fans will be happy with what John Locke has been doing to date on the island(or off it !)
A) Season 5 is progressing well………and I think Locke fans will be……………stunned.

source : terry at the fuselage

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