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mercredi 4 mars 2009

Lost Preview: Who's the New Woman in Sawyer's Life?

This Wednesday on Lost (9 pm/ET, ABC), Sawyer, Juliet and the other time-trippers cross paths with, among other people, a woman named Amy — and boy, is she about to make a special delivery. 24 alumna Reiko Aylesworth gave us a tease-filled look at her multi-episode turn. How has it been for you, basically a New York City gal, filming in Hawaii?
Reiko Aylesworth: It does feel like another country, but it's great. It's also weird because I got there and everybody looks like me and my family, which never happens. It's that whole mixed Asian thing! [Laughs] So first things first: Who is Amy?
Aylesworth: Good question. I'm trying to think of how I can describe her without giving anything away... . You come upon Amy in the midst of the biggest crisis of her life. Actually, two of the most intense moments in her life are in this first episode.

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Nerd E. Librarian a dit…

I'm so excited for Sawyer and Juliete! I've been waiting since season 3 :D