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mardi 31 mars 2009

'Lost': Exclusive interview with Sterling Beaumon, Part 1

Sterling Beaumon has been blowing away "Lost" fans with his portrayal of young Benjamin Linus. Now, his character has been apparently blown away…by Sayid. In light of these shocking developments, I had the chance to speak with Sterling about his take on acting on “Lost,” the character of Ben Linus, and being at the center of one of the show’s biggest cliffhangers of all time.

Now, I take pride in keeping a non-spoiler blog here, but I will state up front that while Sterling doesn’t give any definitive spoilers, he does talk about a few things that seem to point in a certain direction. I'd say these answers are akin to many given by “Lost” actors that neither confirm or deny future events, but give a few hints as to what might be waiting for us a little down the line. Nothing we discuss covers events that happen in episodes that have yet to air. Whew. Disclaimer done.

I’ll be airing this interview in two parts. In today’s half, he discusses his start as an actor, why he used to actually hate “Lost,” and shares a few of his own theories on the show. Tomorrow, I’ll share his thoughts on the end of “He’s Our You,” and what it might mean for both his character and the show as a whole. Enjoy!

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