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mercredi 17 février 2010

Kristin's scoop on Sawyer and the flash-sideways

Will Sawyer Stay With Fake Locke? Or will he go back where he's "destined," on Team Jacob?
I asked Josh Holloway himself whether his character is ultimately good or evil in the end, and he tells me: "Sawyer is both. He is good and evil. He walked most of his life towards evil, but now he more comfortably walks toward good. But he can always cross the line. It's a very interesting place to play this season, because of the loss of Juliet and the anger, frustration, sadness that's here has brought him back to his original personality of being angry at the world and keeping everyone at a distance." Still, I'm hearing rumblings from reliable sources that Sawyer probably will not be on the dark side of it all at the very end. Phew.

The Flash-Sideways Losties Will Start Getting Some Memories:
You didn't think the "Safe 815"-ers would be left adrift forever without any consciousness of what's happened on the Island, did you? They all belong there, after all.

source : kristin eonline

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