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dimanche 21 février 2010

Ryan's podcast

Thanks to Samy for the summary.

- Filming last week at police beach, big explosion, lots of dead temple others, flocke takes someone on his shoulder and goes off in the jungle. Ryan thinks it's Miles but could be Jack.
- Kuola ranch they were building some sort of house/cottege. Ryan posted a pic. He doesn't know what that house will be used for.
- Filming at rehab hospital Jack, Locke, pregnat Claire, Helen, Cooper.
- Filming again at hospital, with pretty much the same characters but no Claire and Jin instead was there.
- Scene near the submarine, a man and a woman. He helps her out, the woman could be Sun.
- Always near the submarine Kate, Sawyer and Hurley and someone else, maybe Claire are running on the dock towards the subamrine, Kate and Sawyer with guns, shooting. So they were probably escaping from somone
- Also flocke was filming at the submarine and he was carrying with someone else help a big box, probably a coffin. and was loading it on the sub.
- Quick filming with Hurley and sawyer on the beach then they moved on Ajira plane set. Group of losties (Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Claire, Sun?) came out of the jungle towards the plane.
- Flocke is there, he says something then Claire, Sayid and Sawyer follows him but he says something to Jack before (i think). Ryan said they filmed this scene at least 20 times.
- Scene for episode 15. Jack brings Sawyer out of the wate, he is unconscious and tries CPR on him. Then Hurley arrives helping an injured Kate and the two of them then collapse near Jack and Sawyer.


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