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dimanche 14 février 2010

Ryan's podcast

I've made a summary.

-Locke in an office building with two women.
-Jin and Sun reunion.There's also Sawyer,Kate,Hurley,probably Claire and Frank.Sun and Jin hug but then Others attack all of them.
-At Submarine station,Desmond and Faraday.Also Sawyer was there,not sure if he was on the submarine though.
-Jack,Hurley,Sun and Claire running through the jungle.Later even Kate and Sawyer were there.They were filming nearby but also on the "Elizabeth".Alone.
-Jack and Bernard.In Bernard's office.Jack talks to Bernard and he listens to him,intently.
-The main cast:Jack,Sawyer,Kate,Hurley,Claire with Widmore at the Temple.
-Page of script has been found.Sawyer is watching TV and sees the Ajira Plane.On Call Sheet,Sayid goes to Nadia,he tells her that it'll be the last time they see each other.Miles comes in,Sayid runs away from the wondow,but Sawyer catches him up and arrests him.For killing Keamy.And there was also a scene with Kate and Sawyer watching a video about Keamy's death.They were at the Police Station.


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