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jeudi 11 février 2010

My review on LA X

I asked on twitter 'cause my review can't be very interesting and also i've shipper heart even if i don't show it often on my blog since it's LOST blog and i love LOST not just a couple, LOST is an amazing show and for me the shipper part is the bonus of all of it. so don't take my opinion like offense to any other couple, it's just my view and i can be kinda "crazy" sometimes (blame the writers and the scenes they gave lol) and also i can joke a lot, i'm not serious especially with Jack and Locke relationship, blame Terry and his reply on the fuselage in s2 to my friend lol since this day well even before, we've this "fantasy" in our head.


After months LOST IS BACK !! WOW that’s all i could speak about for the last month, speaking of the countdown to people who don’t give a shit about LOST lool, watching the promo with new footage again and again, crying too, well i told you i’m weird then here we go ! LA X is here

I don’t know where to start first i wanted to say Darlton made an amazing job with the season premiere, they made me laugh, cry, it was the LOST i cherish since years and even if i know it will end in fews months, I just enjoyed those 2 hours with all my heart.

I wasn’t surprised about the two AU since I stopped to read spoilers 104 days ago now (except some exception but since LOST is back i stopped everything)

The first part was very great with the Flash Sideway, I think it’s the part I loved the most, Sawyer and co WASTED an hour to put juliet down the hole and even if i’m sensitive girl well, it was little too much for my taste. The part with Flockey (yeah it’s not Flocke anymore but for me Flockey), i was shocked, amazed and scared but god bless Terry and his acting !

Ok now let’s talk in details about this first hour

LA X part1

I’ll speak first about Flash Sideways and then the island stuff

I think the most important thing in this storyline was with Desmond and the fact he was on the plane, i’m not sure right now if they want us to believe Desmond knows more than we think or if it was a “coincidence” he was ont he plane but since the Island is under water, it clearly mean he never went to the island, but what about ben, juliet and all the others people who lived on the island ? I think it will be very interesting to see what happened in this life for them too.

Jack has memory of what happened or like a “deja vu” effect ? I think yes and no. Desmond don’t seem unknown to him but i think it’s really another life and the island is like what we can call “previous life” or maybe i’m wrong but for now i think it’s possible.

The most shocking moment and at the same exciting for me it was the island was under water, it has been my scenario since s2, the atlantide, this show was just amazing in many way 'cause it brought me good memory too, i'm not theory girl but in my mind i was all time, why if they can't find it's 'cause it's kinda like the atlantide. But why do i think too, the fact the island is under water could be related ‘cause juliet hit the bomb and it’s the consequence of her act but instead of dying, they created another life maybe ‘cause of Jacob but at the same i think it’s kinda weird to think it and another part of me think it could be simply what we saw now, it what it will happen at the very end, but does it mean the island really disappeared and our losties are in this new life ? I think it’s more complicated like that and it’s the reason LOST is the show of my heart.

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amenazamenor a dit…

Great review, Lyly! good job! I hope that you keep doing these :)

Anonyme a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

Oh! This is great! Thanks for countering many
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Anonyme a dit…

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