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mardi 9 février 2010

Michael Emerson interview

ABC’s ‘Lost‘ (Tuesdays at 9/8c) kicked off its final season by yes, answering a question here or there, but it also introduced a slew of brand-new players and sure-to-be-bedeviling mysteries. We coaxed some Season 6 insight from Michael Emerson, who deliciously portrays the mightily fallen Benjamin Linus. Plus, which on-screen moment did the Emmy winning cast member find to be “unbelievable” in its shock value?

After “NotLocke” (aka the Smoke Monster) orchestrated Jacob’s death, why didn’t he just turn around and kill Ben?
That’s a good question and I wondered it myself. But there is a reason why he can’t do that.

Does Ben suspect he has done a bad thing by killing Jacob?
I really don’t think Ben indulges in regrets. We’ve seen him make huge, possibly bad choices all through his life, but he just keeps moving forward. It may not be a good trait, but it is his.

We like to assign the trait of “good” to Jacob, in contrast to the apparently evil “Man in Black.” Yet Jacob, with his dismissive “What about you?” comment to Ben, came off as, well, a uncompassionate tool. Maybe he’s not quite as good as we believe?
That’s what I think, also – or at least his agenda is more complicated than we can know. It’s certainly not as simple as we thought. And yes, [Jacob] rather begs for his own death in a way.

Watch a preview of Tuesday night’s episode:

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