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mardi 9 février 2010

Tv guide interview : Emilie de Ravin about Claire returns

You’re playing a skewed version of Claire this season—much like Terry O’Quinn’s not-quite-Locke. What’s it like?
I come back in a unique fashion, so to speak, which creatively has been amazing. One of the things about doing a television show for six years is you’re playing that exact same character every day—whereas you really can’t get bored on Lost.

What’s your favorite part about being back?
The best has been scenes when we’re all together—like it was during the first season—which doesn’t happen a lot. Just hearing Naveen [Andrews, who plays Sayid] and Terry playing guitar in the jungle and hanging out in the middle of these beautiful banyan trees, swatting off mosquitoes…

We hear one of you Losties may turn out to have an extra-special connection to the island.
The ongoing question has been, “Why am I there, and what is my purpose?” This season brings out a lot of good and evil in people, with people being excited, nervous and scared when informed of their possible destinies.

What would you wish for Claire’s future?
I think Claire should be reunited with Aaron. That would be great. There has been so much theorizing about Aaron [being] the key to everything. I really don’t know, but I think there must be something special with him.

source : tv guide magazine

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Ah, This is great! Clarifies
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Ah, This is exactly what I was looking for! Clarifies
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Ah, This is great! Puts to bed
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