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jeudi 11 février 2010

Magali's review on "What Kate does" episode 6x03

Here another reviewer for the Blog, I can say she's very nice girl and I always loved to read her review on forum so i thought, why not to post it here too ? let's me know what do you think of Magali's review :)


The recap idea started when Lyly asked Helena who asked me, over on the Outlaws forum. I balked at it initially but figured that what the heck? If anyone online can write a review than so can I. So this is purely a fan’s perspective on the show. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, I’m just a huge fan of Lost. Since so much goes on into one episode and I can spend hours talking about it, I will just pick the central character in the episode and go from there.

This week we saw more dimensions to Kate, so I figured I would try to tackle her and leave the mythology stuff with Jack and Sayid to other, more experienced writers.


When we first met Kate, she was a cute-as-a-button fugitive who killed her father and was pretty good at running away from law enforcement as well as her emotional issues. Now, five seasons later, we see Kate still has maintained some of that desperate need she had to run away. On-island, Kate runs away from Jack, only this time, she is also running to something—Sawyer.

Armed with her persuasive skills she brags about to Lennon, Kate sets off with Jin (also running towards someone, his wife, Sun) in order to find Sawyer and drag his grieving-for-Juliet ass back to the Temple, because apparently it is “very important” that he stay there with them. I don’t know if the Others know this, but if they just maybe tell everyone what is the frak is going on with the Island, then perhaps our Losties would be more inclined to listen. Ignoring Dogen’s quiet request to stay, Sawyer runs off to parts unknown, opening the door for Kate to hunt him down.

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