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mardi 16 février 2010

My review on "What Kate Does"

Here we go again, sorry i didn’t make it more early, i’m sick since days and i’ve no real energy to focus on a review but today i’m better (of course i’m LOST DAY uh ? Maybe i got some magical meds don’t you think ? ;) ) well anyways I’ve rewatched this episode so here my review !

What Kate Does wasn’t a favorite episode for a lot of people, maybe ‘cause since years Kate isn’t one of the favorite characters, I never understood that but that you like her or not, since Darlton do so i’ll say only you’ve to deal with it or skip her episodes and be lost a little more ‘cause you’ll have missed a lot of clue about the FS or even why Sawyer left, why Sayid is “claimed”, Why Kate chose to leave the temple or helps claire or even More, missing the return of Clairourou uh ? So yes Now i think you got why you can’t skip it.

Last episode we left our losties with the Kumbayahers and also SAYID IS ALIVE !! Is he ?

Well that’s the question we still wonder, i mean yes he’s but it’s him ?

Well i’ll try to explain my theory on this review maybe i’m wrong (of course i’m lol) but here what I thought.

One line Sayid said to Jack and Co remind me a year ago when Ilana asked Flockey what do you remember

He said I remember dying

We thought he was speaking of Locke’s death but now we can assume he was speaking of something else maybe the fact smokey was maybe more than a smoke monster at first, maybe he is dead at first before to become what we know for years.

So when Sayid said I remember being shot, of course he can mean himself but a little bird told me it’s maybe more than that, future will tell me if i’m right.

Now why Sayid who almost killed Ben Potter was saved and why not Juliet like Sawyer seems to be angry about ?

I think our losties didn’t crash for nothing on the island, they’ve mission and until it’s not done, they can’t die or at least they can’t live in peace. So why Juliet wasn’t saved and Sayid was ? Why Jacob didn’t save her life too or chose her instead of Sayid ?

I think the answer was given when we saw WHO jacob visited off the island, he never visited Juliet, Juliet was mean to come on the island and probably hit the bomb and maybe allow us to see this FS at some point if this reality wasn’t here before, afterall it’s LOST we can’t never know. So why Sayid and why not Juliet, that’s the reason I think.

Did you hear Hurley when he said “it worked” ?

We assumed when Juliet wanted to say to Sawyer “it worked” it meant the “reset” maybe it wasn’t that afterall maybe it was the fact Sayid survived and she saw Jacob and he told her or maybe Lyly is on drug with her meds today too, well whatever i guess we can’t know and it’s fun to speculate (sometimes lol).

It was very “funny” to see the way they used to make the test, they put ashes on him and then tried to electrocuted Sayid, It remind me Star Wars at some point, when they don’t want to know anything to Han and just tortured him and then Sayid’s line was also Han’s line “they didn't ask me any questions” so Jack was his Leia at this moment and Chewie Hurley ?

Sorry i watched episode 4 yesterday and as i said early, maybe it’s my meds.

The fact he put some ashes on him give me a flash of the fact this ashes protect against smokey but if Sayid is already infected/claimed what should do the ashes ? I think the fact he put the button higher it’s ‘cause maybe Sayid should have die at this point of the test so it failed. I think he tried to save him with the ashes like a kind of exorcism, you see what i mean no ? the ashes could be used like that but it failed ‘cause it’s too much inside himself so killing Sayid could kill this darkness part in him but at the same what kind of poison he wanted to give to him ?

Anyways now I think all our losties can be claimed BUT not before they’re killed or dead on the island except I think too Dogen is wrong to say Sayid should die because afterall it’s Jacob who “bring him back” to them. I think maybe Sayid is claimed but also he can be saved because Jacob helped them, maybe also the fact Jacob touched them off the island is a way to protect them, except Locke isn’t anymore but Locke was supposed to die and Jacob brings him back to life but the others losties were alive when he met them so maybe it’s the difference.

Now Back to Jack, Jack said he can’t trust himself so he can’t trust Dogen and his Kumbayahers, a lot of review I read said Jack started his redemption and everything, i don’t think he did yet, the man of science is still in him, he can’t trust people because of course it’s miracle Sayid is alive and there is no real explanation but someone told you, you’ve to give this pill to your friend because it will redeem yourself. Jack was destroyed on the FF, he saw he was wrong, he shouldn’t leave the island so what is he waiting to get his redemption ? Do you think Locke couldn’t have give this pill to Sayid ? That’s the reason i think Jack isn’t ready yet, he can’t trust the island completely, it’s only the beginning of his journey but he’s not ready to listen the island yet. And i think it’s great because as i said i don’t think Sayid should die but at the same for me it shown Jack’s redemption is far away too.

Now let me leave the temple to be back on Kate’s journey, it was her centric afterall just I wanted to speak of Sayid and Jack first even if I prefer to speak of Kate, i’m weird don’t you think ? lol

We all know Kate went back on the island to bring Claire back to Aaron but on this episode we saw her journey just started (in contrary of Jack).

On the FS we saw a lot of this new Kate, she’s different, we could at first say she has no heart, she didn’t care of anyone but herself except until she saw the “orca” don’t it mean Kate has a “deja vu” of her other life ? Sometimes people experiemente themself this “deja vu” effect, does it mean we saw another life we already lived this moment before ? Or it was simple the fact she felt guilty to abandon a pregnant woman. Maybe both, guess this season will tell us that.

So Kate’s journey started on the FS with helping Claire and on the island it was on helping Sawyer.

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