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mercredi 19 novembre 2008

Lyly analysis of the poster

well here we go, what i missed those moment to say, hé there is something i need to talk with you guyssss
so we got the poster now i need to TALK lol
first awesome i love the dark side with the o6 and the light side with the losties
then sawyer and jack the leader of two team now, it was pretty clear sawyer was destined to become the leader on the island since hurley spoke about it in LB at least for me lol
Juliet and Kate the two lead women too, no surprise and i can't wait to see the dynamic between sawyer and jules next season, i think they'll be a great team.
well now let's me talk about...LOCKE
recently i told with a friend (hello josh lol) and i said i could see locke in the middle of the two team, yay i was right ^^
no jin ? well to keep his fate secret i guess
and now little details of shipper aspect, usually there is no so much but here the thing i noticed kate and sawyer look eachother and well i guess it's logical they put it this way 'cause afterall they're one of the separated island lovers now (with jin and sun) i found interesting they're the only one to look at eachother.
I like the title too, we've had for s3 find yourself, then the wait is over if i'm right, now it's destinity calls, yes their destiny is to be back on the island and the destinity of the losties are to (i guess) discover the real island and understand why they're here, everything happens for a reason ^^
then i found miles interesting looking at something or someone in curious way, dan thinking of something, hurley looking around to see if there is someone here, as a ghost bouhhhhhhh lol and to end my johnny looking happy, it's funny 'cause now we know his fate but i can understand this thing, it's Locke come on, on the island, his home and also 'cause well jack you finally listened him lol so yay, awesome poster seriously, better than in s4 not for you ?
now easter egg, i wonder if people noticed it (i didn't but my friend did lol so here look ^^)

yes still the number 6 as to say O6 i guess
so guys, talk with me, tell me what do you think of the new poster :)

4 commentaires:

sawyer840 a dit…

great insights, but have you noticed there is a lot more in:
so look where Ben is standing and where Locke is standing, both are the leaders of the now both seperated groups: so on the left side there is Ben with the O6 and on the right side there is Locke with the Islanders or the Left Behinders!

the next we have the Oceanic 6 and now 6 on the island!

lyly ford a dit…

wow well done about ben and locke, i didn't see it, but it's totally true, leader or the people they know more about the island i mean locke will learn he's the ONE there now and ben was the ONE too
o6 yes but not really 6 people off the island lol
very great sweetie :) i love to share analysis ^^ we can see thing differently or complete things :) thank for your post

Anonyme a dit…

Lyly, i'm soooo happy! I love you analisys about our ship Skate: they look each either!! ohhhhh my God!

Anonyme a dit…

Well written, Lily.

The two groups seem to be through the looking glass. They are mirroring each other.
And I noticed too that both Locke and Ben are at the left side, in similar positions (espiritual guides perhaps) of both groups.

Sawyer and Kate are totally looking for each other S2

Poor Jin and Claire!