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vendredi 6 juin 2008

lost magazine#17

little sneak peek about the new issue

Hello and welcome to ABC's exclusive sneak-peek at the brand new issue of the Official LOST Magazine!

Still reeling from the adrenaline-charged season four finale? Us too! With the hiatus once again upon us, we've lined up another action-packed issue for you to help fill all your Lost needs!

Tapping the vein of Lost's dark side, we develop a cabin fever of our own in our exclusive By the Fire chats with Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Michael Emerson (Ben), two of the islanders blessed/cursed with the ability to visit Jacob's place.

Hatch fanatics keen to gain a closer look at the island's subterranean machinations will love the behind-the-scenes feature on The Tempest, and our 'The Others' sections are also looking pretty special this issue, including Director of Photography Cort Fey's fantastic appraisal of his role on the show.

Co-Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis return to our New Transmissions zone, and Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof takes a break to answer eight of your questions down in the Pearl station. There are also posters, news, and much more besides to keep you going on the long road to season five. Read on for an extract from our Hugo Reyes (Hurley) interview.

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To Absent Friends

First Libby, and then his closest friend on the island, Charlie... Hurley has had a hard time losing the people closest to him since he survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. But with season four's revelation that he is one of the Oceanic Six -- a survivor who gets off the island -- further stresses affect the loveable Hugo Reyes. Actor JORGE GARCIA talks exclusively about playing one of the show's most loved lost souls...

Lost Magazine: Casting Cheech Marin as Hurley's father was a coup...
Jorge Garcia: Cheech was great! The way the exit was set up, we had a lot of moments where we were just hanging out at the dining room table, or at the psychic, so we had a lot of down time to chat. He had stories about his Cheech and Chong days so it was cool.

Before Charlie's passing, were you happy with their goodbye on the beach?
It was kind of melancholy. Someone called it the end of an era. That was a bit sad. There is a clever way they are able to take a lot of the overly dramatic stuff out of the sad scenes. They do it for a lot of the other kinds of scenes too. I liked how they showed that only Charlie knew the dynamics of this final goodbye. I thought that was a really nice touch. It was reminiscent of how all Hurley could say to Libby when she was dying was, "Sorry I forgot the blanket." Those are two great moments and those are the choices the writers make which are very strong and real in a way.

Charlie tells Hurley he loves him but Hurley doesn't seem to get it... or does he?

Yeah, I just brush it off and go, "I love you too, you weirdo." That is it. It really set up well the moment, later this season, where Hurley finds out not only what happened, but that Charlie volunteered for his fate.

Why do you think those two characters clicked?
I don't know. We are no more opposite than Shannon and Sayid. When you are thrust into a situation, you just find who you cling to. In a sense, they were not cut out to be heroes or villains. They just find each other. I love that scene when they are going through records in the hatch and it's basically like a dorm-room scene between two roommates.

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