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lundi 19 octobre 2009

more details of lost bonus dvd s5

11:20AM more infos

Because You Left Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof
Hes our You Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (writers)
Deleted Scenes:
"No Police" Sayid and Hurley in the car (22 seconds)
"Jill the butcher" Jill tells Ben where Penny and Desmond are and gives Ben a picture of Penny (52 seconds)
"Where's LaFleur" Juliet and Miles watch sawyer on the security tv (50 seconds)
"I think he's one of Ben's People" Christain, Sun and the yahoo open a door (gee I wonder why that was cut) (1 minute)
"breakfast time" Jack/kate discuss the weirdness of being in the 70's and Kate says Jack sounds like Locke (50 seconds)
"Locke's Promise" Sun asks Locke why he didn't come to see her. Locke says he promised Jin he wouldn't bring Sun back. Locke says he in bound by honour to protect Sun (2 minutes)
"Phil's theory" Horace wants Sawyer to put together search parties to find ben (kid ben) Phil says it was an inside job. (1 minute 30 seconds)
"Stones and Boulders" Daniel says they can't change the past. Creek metaphor. Daniel/kate/jack scene. Daniel's back story really. Pretty interesting. (5 minutes)

Other things:
"Beyond Buildong 23" Michael Emerson takes us behind the scenes at the writing stage, etc.
"Making Up for Lost Time" Cast + crew talk about time travel and how this season has time travel and other things.
"Mysteries of the Universe" An episode of a tv series that inspired Lost.
"An epic day with Richard Alpert" Hosted by the guy who plays Richard, a day in the life of filming the last episode.

only two commentaries "because you left" and "he's our you" not with cast members too !

Lost On Location: The Lie (flaming arrow attack)
The Little Prince (boat in a storm, filmed in a swimming pool)
The Life and Death Of etc (car crash)
Namaste (the Dharma Initiative)
He's Our You (Burning van driving through Dharma)
Whatever Happened, Happened (Young ben being shot aftermath, surgery etc)
The Incident (sawyer/jack fight scene, building the pit/swan station, the shoot out scene with the drill and magnetism basically the whole climactic scene)

And there are eight deleted scenes.
source : thedrunkenelf

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