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mercredi 28 octobre 2009

From Kristin...

New Lost Regular! Executive Producer Damon Lindelof tells USA Today: "Yeah, Lapidus is defintiely a series regular this season. Jeff Fahey was just a recurring character up through last year. Now, whether Lapidus makes it until the end of the season is anyone's guess, but he's defintely one of the A Team this year." Lindelof also says there is no premiere date yet for the new season, and it's possible the show could move from Wednesdays to another night.Matthew in Seattle: Kristin, Did you see that Maggie Grace is returning to Lost? Was she the holdout you were talking about? It seems like she said no at first (because she was shooting movies) but now changed her mind and they are going to insert her into previously shot scenes.Whaaaaa? That's a crazy theory! On another (totally unrelated, of course) note: Remember that time Michael Cera resisted joining the upcoming Arrested Development movie (because he was too busy with other movies), but then some diehard fan/TV columnist outed him and he end up signing on? All I'm saying is, you're welcome, TV fans! In all seriousness, I'm just happy we get to see Shannon/Maggie again. Flight 815 would not be the same without her. Here's hoping this time around she'll get to grow old with Sayid and have some ridiculously hot babies.Anyone else counting the minutes till Lost returns?


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